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committee of the parliament willshortlyconclude its inquiry into local
committee of the parliament willshortlyconclude its inquiry into local
need to conclude decision timeshortlyi intend to take one
was chopped off she diedshortlyafterwards but mrs aitken was
s for the english clubshortlyafterwards i got up washed
and anfisa attends to itshortlyafterwards natasha comes in and
lough arrived on the sceneshortlyafterwards they fared no better
extraordinaire will be in touchshortlychristian christian have you any
published in a student magazineshortlyafter the end of world
framework due to be publishedshortlyand how it intends to
the booklet will be publishedshortlyand sent to members our
printers and will be publishedshortlyi initiated that work more
prepared and will be publishedshortlythe spar chain of stores
standards which will be publishedshortlywill be mandatory on any
t remember him he diedshortlyafter i was born so
old brother george who diedshortlyafter the two graduated in
the new school was builtshortlyafter rev crystall s death
for helen s death butshortlyafter while the adults are
and revised the poem substantiallyshortlybefore his death c 1610
marked were to be markedshortlythe board was being given
department was supplied to mspsshortlyafter devolution in the form
norms of more recent timesshortlyafter his accession in 1685
of 2 march states thatshortlyafter his appointment the deputy
last letter from him writtenshortlyafter his arrival in france
courted our girls got marriedshortlyafter one another and got
she couldn t reach itshortlyafter she disappears there is
started one night in novembershortlyafter she had slipped under
absolving bruce from his sinshortlyafter the event and lamberton
might be completed in 1976shortlyafter the scheduled completion of
have gone abroad then orshortlyafter then f718: mmhm m1078:
unions it will be meetingshortlyto discuss the way forward
welcoming her in east lothianshortlyto discuss those plans further
on an winter cam anshortlywi a touch o frost
will return to that mattershortlylord james douglas hamilton asked
on both sides and willshortlyreturn to schools for embellishment
final cheque will be sentshortlythere have been 85 tickets
consult on the draft regulationsshortlyhugh henry i welcome the
meeting but will join usshortlyi welcome nicola sturgeon the
red f1113: mmhm all bettershortlyf1114: [?]and you[/?] red f1113: we
be able to move forwardshortlycreative industries 2 allan wilson
cam tee wintin tae playshortlywe won as far as
primary legislation will be introducedshortlyand that we will thereafter
finance and local government willshortlyannounce details of the group
total the registrar general willshortlybe consulting interested parties including
will be oot the schoolshortlyf1136: [sob] i want go
general will make proposals availableshortlyi refer now to ethnic
on that for the futureshortlyi will be joined by
is abolished which will beshortlyif you think that there
which the parliament will considershortlyin my view it is
that the scottish executive willshortlymake on limiting dredge numbers
the president and secretary willshortlymeet with compass the committee
paper that we will considershortlyon languages would require the
preferred bidder will be decidedshortlythe formal contract will be
which a decision is expectedshortlynotes that she was a
this important matter sarah boyackshortlythe issues that tavish scott
the labels would be availableshortlysome concern was expressed by
goin to paper in hereshortlyf1134: we got two up
for health and community careshortlybefore his elevation to minister
cosgrove s report came outshortlybefore the consultation took place
herd laddies at were abootshortlyaifter five blastin awa e
binder wi its binder twineshortlydid awa wi strae rapes
have a full progress reportshortlyi expect that to be
due to report to ministersshortlyone of the reports three
dunn had been placed wouldshortlybe called up and he
moon ll be comin ootshortlybut i dinna think we
fergus ewing should be hereshortlyorganic farming targets scotland bill
a review of the rainbowshortlyto be banned as an
that skint [inaudible] new batteriesshortlyf1104: fitt nee- fitt needs
consult on the new regulationsshortlywe have to do that
over there [inaudible] granny sshortlyanyway we ll need to
bill on a standards commissionershortlyare there any comments on
tae wi sugar i wisshortlyback tae some appearance o
nae badderin wi coal anshortlyget a gweed lowe i
go back to her workshortlyagain f1104: eh f1103: uh
have tae go for [censored: forename]shortlydon t we m1090: that
an index of housing qualityshortlypara 2 58 an announcement
span aye farrer on anshortlye blue wid get darker
not too difficult but slowshortlythe walls of aird block
14 are likely to followshortlyonce the minister has responded
didna caase ony disturbance anshortlyi noticet smaa birdies bluetits
is at it seems thatshortlycan mean at least a

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