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emerges from cover it isshotor killed by a bird
emerges from cover it isshotor killed by a bird
emerges from cover it isshotor killed by a bird
o the watter like ashotfae a gun an frae
projectionist in his wee roomshotfilm frae camera gun across
s a collie s tailshotfrae the gun o her
valid visitor s firearm orshotgun permit and c where
o clubs an cutless theshoto a gun the rypit
s gun that he whylesshotpheasant wi in kilrogie wids
order that it may beshotor killed by lawful means
either be dragged out andshotor killed with a blow
on this f1135: want ashotdown the chute f1136: nope
surely would you like ashotin a boat f1136: mm
f1135: would you like ashotin a boat f1136: what
ready do you want ashoton anything else f1136: nope
f1136: eh f1135: want ashoton the big swings f1136:
f1136: [laugh] f1135: want ashoton those big swings f1136:
did you not get ashotthis week f1136: erm maybe
f1135: you ll get ashotanother time won t you
maybe i ll get ashotnext week f1135: you ll
f1135: right you havin ashoton anything else before we
where a wild mammal isshotand injured that person takes
a hare which has beenshotb locate a wild mammal
a hare that has beenshotor looking for a wild
or hares that have beenshotto locate wild mammals other
captivity if they are thenshotto locate wild mammals which
bigger he can hae ashoto my red shoes every
pink f1127: you wantin ashoto the red m1128: he-
through a red stop oneshotsent the fur head bouncing
i let it lowse itshotaff e airt o e
ballater near hid her hatshotaff mither groaned syne we
themsels ower it whan theshotgaed aff no faur ahint
aboot a meenit afore theshotwid gae aff then he
standing watching them take theirshotf1122: mum can i stand
i f1122: i f1121: myshotf1122: my sh- mum it
back do you want ashoto the duster f1122: can
shot that was a goodshotwasn t it f1122: can
put that you want ashotmum [singing] i can feel
s your towel want ashotof the playstation then eh
m1098: aye f1097: want ashoton the racing car m1098:
school do you want ashoton the swings before we
there you ll get oneshotand then we re going
f1121: can i get ashotbeing the shop assistant then
and have you had ashotdid you not get a
would just get get detentionshotdoon in flames so my
seats doon good guys getshotin the shoulder ally was
f1113: can i get ashoto the rolling pin f1114:
f1113: can i get ashoto your snakie that s
that oh you get ashotof [censored: forename] s shoes if
and did everybody get ashotto go and get the
that s good mum sshotno f1114: it s my
a passion that frightened meshotthrough as it was with
said the words the coldnessshotthrough me till ah felt
1987 and prices have notshotthrough the roof as was
a granite church predominantly greyshotthrough with silver a third
trunks of the birch wereshotthrough with silver on a
and the sky was intermittentlyshotthrough with the savage lightning
unstable i got my tetanusshotlast week by the way
tae he was a bigshotin the infirmary ye kent
re bloody clever mr bigshotwriter i suppose you thought
ll give it my bestshoti m too late for
as well give it ashoti still miss carole a
or please give me ashotmadam president i am just
go ah hid a goodshotin me ah wiz chist
two but good guys gettinshotin the shoulder is the
look at that mannie sshotthat was a good shot
agreed wi gee this anothershotdimps fuckin too complicated aw
i think i need anothershotof the colour therapy and
tae spain jist like ashotbut then we d moan
come down then for ashotokay [laugh] f1049: right [laugh]
injured and which are thenshotor treated the introduction of
flush foxes which are thenshotthere are currently 28 fox
her completed questionnaire his eyesshotup then lowered again you
f1113: so you got ashoto [censored: forename] s one eh
f1113: i ll have ashotto press it f1114: yes
after it is located andshotas soon as possible after
after it is located andshotas soon as possible after
which ever one of themshotdown the wooden pigeon was
and how many birds wereshotunder each licence broken down
ll gie that a weeshotand it ll maybe cost
felt the wind of theshotas it blasted past my
my eh that s myshoto a please takes by
re makkin him cry f1142: shotof my new boots all
patronisingly you may have ashoton my bicycle if you
so that they may beshotagain the preparation for that
so that they may beshotmany of these methods are
aye can i hae ashotof the brown one m1090:
potentially lethal even the oldshotto the shoulder can look
mammals that can legitimately beshotwould not come under the
the spray an wi aeshota polished off the _________
when somebody lets off ashotit s for real and
soldiers are said to haveshotoff the obelisk at heliopolis
into the waving fern ashota bounce a flop caught
really was a well aimedshota perfectly executed cab window
faa tee efter he dshota pucklie birds or a
have the chance of ashotat a bolting rabbit with
ready noo tae hae ashotat it tae write a
bawd it wis a cleanshotat pynt blank range the
iver forgot twis a langshotbit it wirked jude anderson
you know just a longshotbut just to see if
about it this term sshotby although it seems a
mornin her guid man wisshotby some chiel wi a
for suicide 98 peter cullenshotdead in a paisley drug
she grew hoarse bit heshotdoon her sang wi a
of site of his bloodshoteye elusive as a cretan
trousers like a snotty comeshotfrom a dubious german skin
arresting crack like a pistolshotfrom behind the tree startled
just a sort of sightingshoti would like to hear
a reemish an a reeshleshotin anaith e grey mist
guid poseetion for gittin ashotin at the attackin plane
all a bit of ashotin the dark because so
the biscuit cuboard like ashotintae the tins o shortbreed
play it like a bunkershotit wad be a peetie
[pots ball] f1107: wow what ashotm1108: did it go in
that s a cushty weeshotm1108: will i pot the
ha shouted the goyle andshotme a look he said
me a helpin hand oneshoto handlin the commode an
for tatties northies socht ashoto ma shaavin machine tae
a p- gie me ashoto that john f643: [laugh]
shark i d prefer ashotof lark i would fly
in cathkin and a dailyshotof methadone i didn t
that we would have beenshotone at a time three
were sent packin wi ashotor twa fae his double
raja is blind a singleshotrobbed him of sight such
the door stunned like ashotsow in a slaughterhouse she
sportin days an whiles ashotthat earned some frienly praise
twalmonth syne on hogmanay anshotthe loun deid like a
thump m1019: smack it ashotthump it thump it m1021:
neighbours gathered together and ashotwas fired into the air
it was bliss a freeshotwi every drink you bought
a stack o bibles ishotyon bugger fair an square
the mammal is captured orshotonce it is located or
he d bin shelled orshotor bayoneted his name in
an hour or so weshotthe video it had to
granite that glistered like sillershotthrowe wi fireflauchts o quartz
mune and as tall yeshotup like ragweed in simmer
that the time alexander holmesshotoot o his bed at
the first o the rubbitsshotoot o the ae unblockit
oot the baddie wi wanshotwhile the air round about
retreived the necessary documents ishotover to the embassy where
where the pig stays upshottibby s hand i ken
stramash when the bishops wereshotat his name was associated
fur his uncle cammy wisshotbi the state sodjers in
his university post tried andshotcarnival for bakhtin was freedom
he calmly wiped the moneyshotfrom his trouser leg with
of his captured comrades wereshotin cold blood five were
[laugh] m1055: yeah m1007: wellshotthat s one that would
retrieve rabbits that have beenshotwould continue to be allowed
yes f1009: mmhm m1007: wellshotm1008: [inhale] we- i ve
no doubt to be wellshotpresiding officers and speakers in
harry i doubt the lastshots no been fired yet
left the others had beenshotwe were in there and
as weel for oor firstshotas it gied us the
mean it s really nicelyshoterm and in fac- itv
long as the dog isshothumanely it does not constitute
i hit the rubbit firstshoti didna enjoy it the
f1054: gie it their bestshot[laugh] f1144: patio f1145: only
suit and he and heshotthe thing but it wasn
mitchel him they say thatshotat the apostate james sharp
gairden kail an juist aeshotwill cowp him heid ower
in embro an cammy wisshotat the fittach wids bappy
i cauld bluid bot heshottwa rouns intil the lift
was glad i hadn tshotstraight from the church to
their cut afore the pricesshotsky high is that no
sewers fur the pooshion theyshotup their veins sookit ooto
working lives the dogs areshotthat in itself is not
out of the gleaming sunshotsea onto the rocky shingle
its tip toes an pirhouettedshotten fit intae the err

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