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being electrocuted ya daft cuntshoutedgraham angrily he turned to
christ oan a bike grahamshouteduncle murray s bein electrocuted
place and the bolder bairnsshoutedafter them tinkie tinkie tarry
noe never mind aboot itshoutedspeccy he fuckin did he
you re the mad cuntshoutedspeccy with this a teenage
the day i looked andshoutedand poked aboot the frosty
you a moose a mooseshoutedsanta an whit use is
knocked me ajee scotticism maconochieshoutedfor aw ye try man
tae the britherhood the giantshoutedreleasing maconochie in order to
marks at the end ofshoutedcommands or comments creates an
duck race the starter heshoutedon your marks get set
had the mad woman thatshoutedat us m941: do you
laughter straightening stocking seams theyshoutedfor lemonade better still a
the pan an so heshoutedoan ma nan aw christ
above them the polis ishoutedwithout thinking and in a
top of byres road hashoutedthe goyle and shot me
lights and the lexical choiceshoutedthe punctuation feature exclamation mark
hey andy c moan inshouteda hoarse voice i didn
his life when a voiceshoutedhalt who goes there just
in fact the use ofshoutedand cried twice each by
occasionally he turned round andshoutedwhat as though someone had
whistling he wis robby ahshoutedti um aunty berna wis
if the school bairns whoshoutedat me as they came
slacks through the side windowshoutedllamen a un medico es
tyres haud on boys heshoutedwe re gaun through the
look where you re goingshoutedmrs mccoll as katie morag
without pausing for breath heshoutedoh fuck i don t
oh god oh no ishoutedand threw myself in a
his sleep last week heshoutedoh god at about 1
the person whose name wasshoutedhad to try and catch
his hands laughed kept glancingshoutedin fact the use of
a soam gumf tumpfie heshoutedhe didn t know what
was out at work ishoutedno one came aw jeeze
down her face and sheshouteddown the road at him
friendly glint in his eyeshouteddown at them ye re
effect of speed and urgencyshoutedjumping up and down calling
re tae get fou bobshoutedand then we re tae
to town after he hadshoutedthe final farewell through the
doon deep i the openinshoutedit s jist aboot richt
tae hide oh no heshoutedwould ye like me tae
in a minute lads heshoutedhoping they d stay out
then again we were beingshoutedat and chatting up the
again this time auld eckshoutedere s naething there gaed
rather that the staff hadshoutedlouder and sooner the tradition
as frank mcaveety has justshoutedout they had only 18
everywhere and then er youshoutedaleevoy and then you were
s new to us adrianshoutedbut old as time you
will you be ma witnessshoutedthe hooker to the normal
for swither was and theyshoutedprevaricate and hesitate neither of
the imperial war museum somebodyshoutedingles if it hadn t
are selected e g hairshoutedenvelope and the players have
oot this very meenit sheshoutedronald thocht the lum is
paddling to our guide sshoutedinstructions left forward stop all
see wha s here nicolshoutedwi delight hit s mitten

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