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in the gate screamin andshoutinand hammerin on the door
all night and screamin andshoutin[laugh] f631: [laugh] [laugh] f689:
sc- she says she sshoutindid you hit our samuel
e lad wis walkin alangsideshoutinup at im tryin tae
fog and the voice wisshoutinnaw naw naw and ah
ye kin shout and keepshoutinbut nae buggar ll help
up an i hears demshoutinda wan tae da tidder
it anen we heard spencershoutinoot he hud wan an
finding the bitties f1125: noshoutinoh look here i don
beat wi a a hisshoutinhe wis a bittie hoarse
wood rivin at the ropesshoutinoot o her folk were
an awa up the streetshoutinfor us to follow her
but he wouldna he wasshoutini hae lived as a
i ve heard the wifeshoutinaboot the ither half right
rinnin aboot half naked anshoutinat ey were hungry grace
now hear the birdies againshoutinmum heard them this morning
i thocht he d beshoutinan sweerin i couldna understand
rifles abuin thair heids anshoutinhurrey thae high jinks wis
park an they they wereshoutinat me mrs [censored: surname] mrs
skweel wi us coorse nickumsshoutinay mickey doo ye re
bakers claes wi a kertieshoutinoot o him wid onybody
put them off fae theshoutinand bawlin m816: aw man
and then the headmistress wasshoutinat them all tellin them
had tae rin efter themshoutinit s aa richt we
the faur bank an staunshoutinnice words we cuidnae mak
far away in anither roomshoutinbut the shouts were muffled
[?]you said this one[/?] f1115: fa s heshoutintae f1116: for his dad
oh [exhale] m1106: i wasshoutinthe [inaudible] mr froggie f1105:

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