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ony warnin he stuid upshoutitc moan puggie jump an
time whit dae ye meanshoutitpuggie an whit are ye
don t listen tae himshoutitpuggie awa ye go c
geordie foster the craik hindshoutittil um yer gittin gey
a wee mole an dashoutithelp my wife s watters
jine in e bairns wisshoutitin for eir denner we
em a gweed sweel anshoutitoot eir greetins till s
the train they waved anshoutittae ony body or beast
the tap da pintit anshoutitheh lookit that we follaed
conversation wi hir is ooshoutittil ither athort the gap
mark s at willie ishoutitup till im willie spak
whan ane o the gethernshoutitben til hir wuid ee
leg ower e saiddle anshoutitweel weel aan an left
dae next luik son ishoutittryin a wee bit o
back till e hoose anshoutitpit in at hen afore

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