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back again want longley heshoutswant longley want longley mum
rodé shouts hoy ho koolyghinshoutsfare ye weill at the
go off glancing back rodéshoutshoy ho koolyghin shouts fare
round the garden fareweill treesshoutshoy thare a pause cheerio
low goes out with solionyshoutsof hey ho yoo hoo
the same i the feinishshoutsof yoo hoo and hey
soud be lyke thir treesshoutsof yoo hoo hey ya
us in the chippy windaeshoutstaxi kirsty gittin a taxi
daein does stretching exercises bjshoutstaxi kirsty wis gittin a
away hame wi kirsty jillyshoutswhere s mah pizza mah
ll end up like patshoutsan whey s gonnae look
could apply for custody sadieshoutswhey don t ye talk
wae ah um silence leeshoutswhey made me the wae
does some stretching exercises bjshoutsif yur detached fi what
lee he hud depression leeshoutsa man should be strong
heid up stae wi leeshoutsan you ll end up
listen ti um lee leeshoutsdon t you tell me
tell yursell the truth leeshoutsget off mah back bj
it happen ti him leeshoutshappen let what happen jilly
bj holds pat steady leeshoutsmake um say sorry pat
wi us lee sorry bjshoutspat face up ti um
lee yi wanted the truthshoutsstill want it jilly yi
try talking noh hiting leeshoutswhat lies what secrets jilly
got ti be uncovered leeshoutswhat secrets what lies jilly
fur the truth silence leeshoutsyour truth or mine jilly
help dad long silence leeshoutsyur dad left took off
hur whisperin in mah earshoutswhat wis she sayin taxi
up starts to leave bjshoutsah said what did yi
at each other music bjshoutsjilly take another step ah
jimjams pizza oot the bjshoutsthe look yi gave pare
her here jilly didnae askshoutstelt her ti be here
shoes take his place jillyshoutswill yi stop believing what
mah brother pat aye beejshoutssave mi save mi save
hisell dinnae hit um cammyshoutsdimps git oot here pronto
yi wanti ti be patshoutsit s noh what ah
starts to move away patshoutssay yi didnae mean ti
beside steve cuddles him stewshoutswhat ur yi daein yi
happened aw they years agoshoutswhat really happened long silence
sadie agnes is gettin itshoutsagnes you gettin that the
to close curtains beth standsshoutssadie sadie turns against window
the man o the hooseshoutsstrong enough ti play dada
he really must selfies selfiesshoutsandy grabbing the plastic potty
sticks her head through andshoutsandy robb is no good
knickers on again oh noshoutsmother for andy s stink
ye talk aboot it carolanneshoutsback i did something wrong
door flings it open andshoutscaird haud back the indian
the door of his officeshoutsdesperately beaumont caird stop the
awa oot the door heshoutsi ll be back for
mother from downstairs yes heshoutsrushing down headlong have you
in the suit turns andshoutsback over my head neeeeaaaarrright
we ll be aw rightshoutsgordon you got that back
word pause jist yin wordshoutsmoooooooother seconds enters in the
him up for firewood sheshoutsit again and again and
girn as he bawls anshoutscome oot come oot wherever
ones come and rise tessshoutsfrom the bridge tess della
until either dusk or parentalshoutsto come in out of
she came down and sheshoutsto olive you come here
this old punter passes andshoutssuper sex and the old
m1007: yes f1009: er equalshoutsyes [laugh] m1008: that s
thrill o sodden feet wishoutso delighted grief october each
don t be ridiculous heshoutsat me shut up fiona
til gae see for yeirsellsshoutshelp wauken up awbodie macbeth
an i wish i wisnaeshoutsthrough to hall gordon run
forget my daddy he nevershoutsat me or spits in
my arms very tightly andshoutsat me right in my
lyin on the saet forshoutsdinna you daur aunsir me
of a good notebook heshoutsscribbling on it like a
thick clothing george appears heshoutsorders they all start training
behind the bush and heshoutswee i can t wait
seems to hear but sheshoutsrock buns which takes his
involving sight touch hirquitalliency delightedshoutsvisuriency desire to be looked
doing it sometimes the jannieshoutsat them but as soon
on time fin the lassieshoutso k jonsar it s
like a cup o tayshoutsthe wifie fae the hoose
you in a meenit jonsarshoutsmeg the voice comin fae
anither room shoutin but theshoutswere muffled as if in
veterans of vandal wars toshoutsof fuck it fuck it
bag intae the cuboard anshoutsi m hame mam there
dogs bite bee s stingshoutsmooooooother light fades on actors
the soap poodur slip byshoutspittin the supermarket near the

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