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nicholson 30 sunday snow sleetshowersall day bitter cold april
bed 28 saturday rain sleetshowersdon t get much done
at times sleet and snowshowersreduced visibility to a few
lather up with in theshowerseven the sweet echoes of
we started a rota forshowersafter our porters had cooked
the bathroom f1112: and theshowersf1111: mmhm f1112: and the
the muddy floor to theshowerssighed one shower had been
at a wedding suggested billyshowersof sparks spat in orange
of dorms plus restaurant andshowersbuilt to cater for trekkers
to peebles manor valley despiteshowersit is lovely see woodcock
do get like the oddshowersand or so you know
had to be caught betweenshowersand although the peats managed
with food 21 monday rainshowersthis morning start to paint
humiliation forcing jimmy into theshowerstrying to compensate the rest
sir kelly needs all theyshowerson he s only wettin
you don t have babyshowersand things here like you
be having at least twoshowersa day f606: mmhm m827:
in october we have wintryshowersforecast for the end of
house don moira in theshowerswell that s all for
or so you know thunderyshowersas well f1149: mmhm f1148:

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