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commendations pinned to his lapelsshuffledup to the bus stop
at my supper ronald brickyshuffledhis feet an says weel
bar as pimp n hookershuffledup to my cab door
the skis and slid andshuffledthrough the forest tracks for
and remaining students will beshuffledup the hill to macleod
no sooner has medal manshuffledback to his pew than
endings and the strips areshuffledand dealt out between the
closing time when a pensionershuffledup her hair was dyed
up the backside he onlyshuffledhalf a dozen steps each
a pail of water andshuffledbowl and mouse together into
the stone itself a queueshuffledoutside presumably to pass within
cook himself a familiar figureshuffledin daniel what are you
up about forty students thenshuffledin [censored: forename] then introduced a
i never had my uncleshuffledhis feet and looked away

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