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an swankit an pit onsiclikeairs an graces kept minnons
lassies came alang an stymiedsiclikeploys an garrd the lads
remarkables o the vangell ansiclikethat s an auld sang
wullsome that birled aboon themsiclikethe septiles gaithered bi the
o the season an ithersiclikething wi the wine warmt
the remarkables o jesus orsiclikethe potestatur liggs shairly in
an wasters an wad walcomesiclikedirt frae onie airt at
on squid an prawns ansiclikethings he tellt o these
yellow smoked haddock kippers andsiclikeshe thought white fish was
ferlies o the faith norsiclikethe pooer liggs shairly in
sindrie o the wardens ansiclikeither fowk speirit the marischal
ou micht itherwise think asiclikestatement is pit across in
wu says it maun besiclikean it maun be sae

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