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heids turnin fae side taesidean a sharp caal stare
and that has a goodsideand a bad side you
two nations exist side bysideand engage in political and
side the teachers up thesideand he started to talk
side dae it tae thatsideand i ll dae it
as the glasgow bar associationsideand the court side i
frozen solid from side tosideand the minister mr peter
look at this side bysideand they ve been doin
side upon ma mither ssideas weel o heroes there
wee andy from side tosideas well as up and
until we sat side bysideat the counter of bar
world ere wis twa classroomssidebe side wi mixed classes
masell fu fifty year ayesidebi side we bore the
an back up the faursidebut up the faur side
side but up the faursidebut whan i reached the
since the two nations existsideby side and engage in
they can look at thissideby side and they ve
placa borne until we satsideby side at the counter
both parcels are lying theresideby side dod there we
then walk down the centresideby side followed by the
i saw the two thingssideby side m608: right m078:
handlebars ducks and diamonds danglesideby side pigeons are tinned
meantime both those objectives runsideby side ross finnie s
two by two choristers standingsideby side the effect is
csd as sitting close togethersideby side we re all
in the car we satsideby side what right has
s attentions an humour sitssideby side wi daith an
state of palestine existing peacefullysideby side with the state
tha an t side tsidecho blàth [neo-shoilleir] f982: chan
and dae it tae thatsidedae it tae that side
are lying there side bysidedod there we are at
hold one side then twosidef1105: on your slippers they
this side now m1110: thissidef1109: ah there m1110: it
s away over to thissidef1109: away over that side
side o it m1110: thissidef1109: fitt s that is
side i m in thissidef1135: [?]what's that?[/?] f1136: [pedalling noise] who
side had tae go thatsidef643: aye there was two
filled m1098: that s thatsidefilled hey [inaudible] side full
side f1109: away over thatsidefitt aboot the reefs what
down the centre side bysidefollowed by the 4 marys
chun shankin up afore himsidefor side the twa gaed
that side filled hey [inaudible]sidefull f1097: [inaudible] cars for
we had tae go thatsidehad tae go that side
[child noise] i m in thissidei m in this side
association side and the courtsidei think that mr higson
side tae my faither ssideit was either nan or
that wobbled from side tosidelike drunken skippers in convoy
no try it the othersidem1096: other side oh [snort]
the two things side bysidem608: right m078: ehm there
shelt chawed frae side taesideminnie began tae straik daisy
going away over to thissidenow m1110: this side f1109:
aside the brown door thissideo it m1110: this side
side that was on onesideof the water on the
the other side m1096: othersideoh [snort] oh look f1095:
the power side the watersideor whatever it did not
and diamonds dangle side bysidepigeons are tinned even the
heids peerin fae side taesiderisin an spreadin oot ay
those objectives run side bysideross finnie s discussions have
fhios agam tha an tsidet side cho blàth [neo-shoilleir]
tae separate my mother ssidetae my faither s side
updracht eir heids turnin faesidetae side an a sharp
o the shelt chawed fraesidetae side minnie began tae
ye like heids peerin faesidetae side risin an spreadin
were flooded from side tosidetatties neeps and crops were
other side try the othersidethat s it that s
m608: right m194: [inaudible] thatsidethat was on one side
two choristers standing side bysidethe effect is sometimes improved
were all sitting up thesidethe teachers up the side
up afore him side forsidethe twa gaed doun on
report is from the powersidethe water side or whatever
up if you hold onesidethen two side f1105: on
bervie was frozen solid fromsideto side and the minister
am bouncing wee andy fromsideto side as well as
waddling birds that wobbled fromsideto side like drunken skippers
the haughs were flooded fromsideto side tatties neeps and
aye that bit no othersidetry the other side that
ancestor on ma mither ssideupon ma mither s side
fifty year aye side bisidewe bore the dunts an
sitting close together side bysidewe re all sitting curcuddoch
car we sat side bysidewhat right has anyone to
an humour sits side bysidewi daith an sadness as
wis twa classrooms side besidewi mixed classes in ilky
palestine existing peacefully side bysidewith the state of israel
good side and a badsideyou know obviously challenging authority
your arms out to eithersideand if somebody was going
kids go running from eithersideand it s f718: [laugh]
with the road on eithersideas a guide to people
person on your left handsidecan either shake her head
to his base on eithersidefor either of the legs
on the agenda by eithersidei think that that is
chiels o monks sat eithersideo t wi a strang
either i went oot thesideo the hoose and that
between thomas and isa eithersideof gangway johnston the other
lady seven lamps light eithersideof the altar of the
in common use on eithersideof the border such as
off the road on eithersideof the bridge where on
a black nothingness on eithersideof the door are the
common back lobby on eithersideof the door are the
at least two on eithersideof the door with a
of two lines on eithersideof the field f965: yeah
terraces which survive on eithersideof the old sandstone hospice
trees which grew on eithersideof the road as i
to his base on eithersideor either of the legs
7 years to allow eithersideto opt out of the
sittin yonder on the roadsideafore ane gangs awa oot
workers hooses on the roadsideit the fit o the
more on the road safetysidems macdonald my point is
e main road at esideo a fairm track wi
keepit quairt an intill esideo e road nae tae
106 119 on the tapsideo the laich low road
ma bade at the ithersideo the road an we
an stops on the faursideo the road by the
onsteid ligs on the boddomsideo the road juist doon
tae stack them at thesideo the road m608: aye
he poued ower tae thesideo the road rowed his
elrig bike shed on thesideo the road wey up
juist hunkerin doon bi thesideo the road wunnerin whit
the hooses ower the ithersideo the road wunnerin whit
thair piece sittin on thesideo the road yonder uz
road ahint on the maisleesideo whit wis the stane
innermessan farm on the southsideof the latter road this
had taken root into thesideof the road and caused
of control towards the wrongsideof the road and fear
between log hovels on onesideof the road and modern
the bus in to thesideof the road and opened
has been removed from thesideof the road and the
just sat down at thesideof the road and would
i mean stood at thesideof the road f643: stood
get back onto the rightsideof the road i knew
without going onto the wrongsideof the road my entire
dumping household goods at thesideof the road or just
buildings left standing on thatsideof the road the other
and are abandoned by thesideof the road the trip
we were sittin on thesideof the road the two
sets of flowers at thesideof the road will i
pulled the bus into thesideof the road within earshot
153 ligs on the roadsideon eer ker haund juist
poued up on the ithersidean they aw got aff
damp near need the ithersideaw tae hursel a wunnert
yer uncle bade at ithersidebut fan that f1043: aye
e shooders een at aesideeen at e ither till
harbour an oot the ithersidef606: [tut] ah m822: an
like girse at e ithersideo e palin slackent e
cavers estate on the ithersideo hawick toun it wusna
wi maun jeedge yon ithersideo his prophecy fin we
till it reached the ithersideo tarland an yon wis
wheech staunds on the ithersideo the borth ick waitter
seems to be on hersideon the ither hand she
braid holm on the ithersidesawn this year wi barley
ran roon till e ithersidetae nab it as e
ower tae see the ithersidethen picked it up an
big wumman ower the othersidea mean a shuge big
wee well on the othersidea the dyke so s
pushed in from the othersideand the pole heads were
of seeds first to onesideand then the other a
other m608: uh huh m1163: sideand then you changed in
steeply out on the othersideare strangely silent through soft
the mountain on the samesideas the pyramid were other
the story from the othersideas well we cannot make
orthodoxy some on the othersidecalled it hyper orthodoxy and
[laugh] fell doon the othersidedidn t she the fairy
pits big and wee allongsideeach other producing much coal
and cleopatra on the othersidef1023: he s got his
put that bittie to thatsidef1101: mm so in other
you re on the othersidef643: uh huh you re
the baby on the othersidef889: [laugh] f890: and the
lights fade on the othersidegeorgie chrissie and teenie are
wasn t and the othersidehad more planes he was
to go to the othersideif i can call it
formal manner girls at onesidein rows boys at other
for something while the othersideis costing it there is
other way round over thissidelook m1092: [?]must be it[/?] f1091: that
[exhale] f1095: try the othersidem1096: nope [panting] f1095: aye
scramble one egg on othersidemix together pepper can be
was ane at the othersideo that bridge there f643:
m1163: but for the othersideo the coin you re
noh fair auld man othersideo the loch hearin mah
the children on the othersideo the street were not
who passes on the othersideof a drystone dyke hola
right in front the othersideof bridge no 2 can
thrifty always looked the othersideof fifty one year she
him over to the othersideof his mother but no
to meet her on othersideof loch scene 6 mary
joined by the queen othersideof stage the lady in
all approach presumably the othersideof the argument is that
the way to the othersideof the bay and threw
last house on the othersideof the bay but it
pick up on the othersideof the enterprise budget there
old chairs on the othersideof the fire so you
made up on the othersideof the fireplace wearing a
to find on the othersideof the hatch in lost
tv sponsorship and the othersideof the job was merchandising
the gate to the othersideof the lane the chimes
of conventional foods the othersideof the matter is that
from fornalutx on the othersideof the mountain she travelled
to drive to the othersideof the mountain then it
here here on the othersideof the mountains i discovered
the high sierras the othersideof the mountains i knew
will give us the othersideof the picture in some
my mother on the othersideof the room my mother
backed off to the othersideof the shelter you just
girls playground on the othersideof the spiked iron railings
victoria appears at the othersideof the stage and smiles
up also in the othersideof the stage for the
fade back to the othersideof the stage georgie is
well lit on the othersideof the stage muriel is
tight spot at the othersideof the stage ronnie and
to someone on the othersideof the street in the
to argue that the othersideof the universal provision bargain
other m608: uh huh m194: sideof the water they built
floor m1096: in the othersideof there f1095: no the
realised that on the othersideof this love of money
of gangway johnston the othersideof thomas all stand straight
by metro to the othersideof town we found the
you can do the othersideokay that s them turned
the peaks on the othersideon the bus back one
s in at the othersideon the floor m1096: in
thin ain and the othersideopen the other door f1116:
other important roads such assideroads bus routes and roads
dangerous zilla on the othersideso m762: there is there
s good on the othersidethere are people who say
this chap says the othersidethey call him grandad they
squeezing through to the othersideto find a whole host
f965: there is the othersideto it and when you
across the page from onesideto the other the class
m1096: aye f1095: mmhm othersideturn it roond does it
no right down the othersidewith it f1112: [laugh] f1111:
see something on the othersideyou know it s it
winter abeen it up esidea bittie ere s a
laich bit on e eastsidean a gran place for
e slope till e burnsidean ben e burn passin
line on e left haansidean e yard on e
if ye stan at esidean tak a sichtin across
wallflooer an antirrhiniums at ilkysidean up e middle i
planted em first on hissidebit e rinners cam through
barley aa set at aesidee grun lay on e
watterin troch at e farsidee watter jist a raised
e burn at e bogsideere wis a lot o
a wee holie in esideey were aa teem nae
gaan burn rinnin alang aesidehere be day e weemin
em yowies at e widsidein e early pairt o
an we stoppit at esidelookin at e trailin bits
at ye dinna knack esidemirror on e frame o
jist tae begin at esideneesht e tatties maybe ye
drap o ile doon esideo a bottle an clean
hid been cut fae esideo a branch or trunk
shelter wis stuck on esideo a park like a
as well kent e richtsideo a penny he had
or even half o esideo a post awa at
beer in t at esideo e byre biggit as
an fite strips o esideo e cheer e broon
wife kirsty sittin on ilkysideo e fireplace canny as
fower flooery tiles at ilkysideo e grate ye cd
anaith e weer on ilkysideo e heid o e
at ye fae e iddersideo e howe mixin wi
landin stage at e laichsideo e island nae far
iverlaistin lump on the leftsideo e middle finger o
thing tae knack intill esideo e neep an haal
till i peepit roon esideo e nest an saa
yer pair een on ilkysideo e pole e blade
on a grun at aesideo e ruck an pitched
i set till e farsideo e toon newsed a
jist craalet doon at esideo e wechts weighing machine
at e back o pittiessideo e wid faar i
wis tae look at iverysideo life in e village
last in e wye atsideo pig dis sae i
been some disturbance at esideo t e same s
nibs wid dig intill esideo yer finger as ye
e waa ootside framin aesideo yer picter i ve
e being on the wrongsideof the fence a clean
to mean just the officialsideof the government i e
e richt till e leftsideswappin airms bit e pilla
like i turnt till esidetae haal on a bit
o e faces fae esidetill e middle ye can
e deep pot at aesidewis clean beeriet an gey
a deep ditch at aesidean a bank wi a
ahint him twa tae aesidean twa tae the tither
heid ay cockit tae aesidean wi slivvers that hung
ae degree gran day countrysidebegins tae dry spring or
wee thin split doon aesideit hid bin a quarry
wee cruikit smile at aesideo her moo fin she
waa i hae smeethed aesideo t made o t
wi seats up ilky langsidepulled be ae horse the
ye wid ken on aesidesyne it raise stretched itsel
gaed doun tae the burnsidetae gie yid ae hertnin
o the horse on aesidethe warld o the machine
thaim biggins on the borthauchsidewis ae horse troch whaur
long table on the leftsideadjacent to a tiny stage
wee window on the leftsideand a wall recess with
to the left the sinistersidedroop droop you may evolve
there on your left handsidef1155: i think there s
mm on the left handsidef1155: maybe recognise it uh
door at the left haundsideo the ha burstit open
brethren still left on thissideof time and knowing that
table on my left handsideshould be used by members
to much to the leftsidewere come out of the
kinsman on her man ssidea weel aff man o
this rib fae adam ssidean mak o it a
in one jock o thesidechild 187 he helps to
there was a 5 asidefootball match tug o war
richt look o the countrysidehe said tae some o
a boot thudded inta masidehey chist oot o eh
grandfather on ma father ssidehiv ye ivver heard o
them drawn up on eachsidehoo mony o the bitches
back he cowpit ti thesideo a muckle clinty stane
it wis jist a bigsideo a pig hung fae
mission here at the faursideo appalachia for you and
gale i lookit alang dasideo da hill an dere
oor s on the tithersideo daith itsel ay at
wiz hingin on till ehsideo eh crane dan buoy
ledder at ran doon ehsideo eh dock man dan
yit hidna a hope thissideo eternitie o bringin a
o mckays rinnin efter asideo fatty bacon an i
a man on the wrangsideo fortie is sprawled out
year or twa the wrangsideo forty miss mcfarlan an
stairs an knelt at thesideo her bed as she
a snaabaa crackin aff thesideo her heid her lug
warnin somebody wheechs awa thesideo her hoose fitna fleg
tho the meditators on aithersideo him yerkit him up
slivvers that hung frae thesideo his moo till his
on the table tae thesideo his plate afore he
en she saw the funnysideo it tho ah don
again comin through the fishersideo it was oor grandfathers
niver see da again thissideo kingdom come neist mornin
in passin that gart thesideo ma heid dirl an
didna care ava for thonsideo marriage mrs mcfarlane shrugged
hame craft anchored the tithersideo mars efter pucklies o
you re gettin the worsersideo me the day loretta
first kiss doon bi thesideo tarlan burn roon the
rude fartin soond at thesideo thair chowks thair mither
signal was away up thissideo that bridge at forbes
slide down the s- thatsideo the bath when there
she cowked aa doon thesideo the bonnie fite linen
estate ligs on the tithersideo the borth ick waitter
estaiblishment an on the tithersideo the burn frae the
o the stable roon thesideo the byre an throwe
an stampit aff roon thesideo the byre tae the
himsel doun by the faursideo the dam dyke while
and grace stood at eachsideo the door dusters in
she wis on the iddersideo the door makin her
the grog that wis hursideo the famely pause they
start the brew wis faithirssideo the famely pause when
cam frae joe sangster ssideo the family he wintit
twins is nae on hersideo the family we ve
we cud sclimm up thesideo the gap an luik
sea an hard bi thesideo the gap o a
tae ice on the derksideo the glaiss maist victims
at the burn ower thesideo the governess car watchin
wis biggit on the backsideo the greenbanks hill yonder
you could walk fae onesideo the harbour to the
the bugger crawlt alang thesideo the hedge an courit
doon it goes intae thesideo the hill f606: uh
like the hoose on thesideo the hill that s
it just goes into thesideo the hill ye ken
fur a fairm on thesideo the hill yonner the
tradesman s entrance at thesideo the hoose far a
them an skelpit inno thesideo the hull cowpin them
singin she booed ower thesideo the kist an touched
ower first teetin ower thesideo the kist tae luik
the high fence at thesideo the line sepia angels
o tarlan burn roon thesideo the mcrobert ha wi
seen him catch by thesideo the mooth sae aa
and leavin t at thesideo the peat fire aa
the pot weel intae thesideo the peat fire bit
stanes that formed the thesideo the platform f606: uh
grave yaird on the tithersideo the praisent roadway i
he cried pyntin the lochnagarsideo the roadie yon s
s room an on tithersideo the stairs wis the
was private houses on onesideo the street and this
building bessie aye at thesideo the street on the
tae attention on the tithersideo the table facin wullie
dae folk o the southsideo the toun no the
best placed keekt roun thesideo the tree an gied
reets ran ben the derksideo the waa a buchan
courit doun at the faursideo the watter whan twa
the heich bank on oorsideo the watter while healthy
hud yon look in thesideo their een whun thay
wis comin frae the faursideo them juist a laich
tae dee wi the playinsideo things for a fyle
tae look on the brichtsideo things weel maist o
iver wis chippit ooto thesideo yon steeny seaside toon
see over the sort osideof the table [laugh] f631:
o the chiel on oorsidericht lads get the buggers
invited like sort o onesideshe d need to invite
o t a genteel englishsidethat s freemit gib ye
the kent scent o hissidethe chaumer hauds him gled
she favoured her mither ssidethe ross s o migvree
come in frae the tapsidethe thorntree wis oot o
part in rescuing jock osidethey gave him a wheat
o the puil tae oorsidewi anither man gruppin the
upright and made for thesidedoor a court officer arrived
grand idea calls through thesidedoor andrey you cum ben
nae practise drill the opensidedoor wis haufweys atween geordie
facing windows one at eachsideof the door about 2
2 rinks played 5 aside60 people mixed on green
one on my father ssidea gamma but that was
cauld cowpt ower on hersidealane she de ed by
tide it lay on itssideamang rocks that were slairit
granda on my father ssidean a papa on my
tryin tae get him onsidean everything ye know and
mairches wi meadshaw on yaesidean girnwud ferm on the
aye [laugh] on the torrysidean i was born in
howpasley ferm on the tapsidean philope ferm on the
gaed rowin back on aithersidean sae oot ower the
the ones on the northsidean we used to have
solicitor came down on oursideand agreed that the policy
plumply her head on onesideand dimples showing on her
and drink wine on thesideand for the first time
with the fault on hissideand i m not angry
jobs are on the distributionsideand one would assume that
and the moon on thatsideand someone said to me
still further on the linguisticsideand that craigie is right
get the sun on thatsideand the moon on that
a kerb on the farsideand they re trying to
youth and vigour on oursideand we had the smeddum
there s bings on thatsideand ye d tae hand
can put on the backsideand you i ll put
up that sort of whosesideare you on you know
ll get pushed to thesideas people concentrate on national
further down on the samesideas that m1078: uh huh
constraints looking on the brightsideat least i got the
busy at work lag pipessidebedroom must bash on regardless
they had right on theirsidebut organisation was poor and
golden letters stamped on itssidebuttons key pencil have never
a bit on the lowsidecarolanne you d fill it
half a mile on anysidechildren wandered up to the
f ps probably on farsidechurch entrance the secretary has
agreement is all on mysidecome to think of it
these on the higher portsidecould be used and because
on saturdays booked five asidecourts on sundays jakey wilson
guy on my right handsidedid sample a small evil
to be on the safesidedod affronted div you nae
and they were laid heathersidedown on the roof then
bit ower on the shadysideeh m999: [laugh] f1001: a
presence on my wife ssideer and who was the
you put on the backsidef1101: farr is it f1102:
look it s on thesidef1116: i know f1115: farr
f1122: some more on thatsidef1121: is that big enough
on stay in to thesidef1122: i want to go
platforms in on the soothsidef606: mm m822: they done
minnie lay quate on hersideface doon in the glaury
is potential on the consumersidefor business to exploit disabled
plans on the lifelong learningsidefor education for work and
lilac trei on the burnsidefornenst the saw mill whilk
what profits on the productionsidefrom the primary product right
lizzie on ma mither ssidefur we war aa gey
striker was poised bam onsidegame over good effort lads
the rector is on hissidehe and fiona finish their
grandfather on my mother ssidehe died in nineteen fifty
to err on the safesidehector currie one answer would
steve turns him on hissideholds him dimps fuck sake
to be on the safesidei dinna want anither sicht
came to rest on itssidei found myself lying on
an on my mother ssidei had a nana m1000:
in a minority on mysidei m absolutely convinced that
remaining flanker on the southsidei spoke about it to
spots like bawbees on hissidei threidit the line wi
s kinna been on thesidei- it s not been
which is on the southsideif any of you are
will you keep them onsideif they have already been
velux window blind on theirsidein case the moonlight bothers
were fighting on the samesidein northern ireland before the
hoose varneesh written on itssidein rough red letters good
dingy craiter on the distaffsideit might be she s
for aspects on the transportsideit seems to me that
support on the public sectorsideit will be up to
it wis lyin on itssidekickin an kickin its een
a walkway on the oppositesideleads intriguingly towards a covered
put that bit on thissidelook like that see give
capped and craggy on onesidelower and darker on the
papa on my mother ssidem1000: that s right noo
ll be broon on onesidem1092: mmhm f1091: okay fitt
f1097: sports cars on thissidem1098: aye f1097: right you
yeah coup on my mysidem608: mm f641: mm of
milan on my mother ssidem608: mmhm m1163: so we
i stuck it on thesidem608: uh huh m642: so
wholesome babs on the onesidem762: yeah f963: the kind
get aff on the soothsidem822: oh well [inaudible] m824:
bill team on the administrativesidemy statement will follow the
an analysis on the roadssidemy view is that considerable
sma boukit on the weesidena yer da s like
silence look on the brightsidenow you can save up
3 person seats on eachsideof a narrow aisle the
a portable stool on thesideof a pond fishing we
to put information on onesideof a4 paper indicating what
norwegians purposefully err on thesideof caution in respect of
way by erring on thesideof caution in respect of
i would err on thesideof caution on handwritten ones
comes down heavily on thesideof free will telling him
of hospitals on the southsideof glasgow and in east
mixed spice make cuts onsideof legs of bird mince
kept me on the rightsideof life a hair s
have come down on thesideof saying that christine grahame
rubbish are dumped at farsideof street and on belmont
is clearly on the wrongsideof that ill defined boundary
place apparently lying on eachsideof that watercourse professor macqueen
directly opposite on the westsideof the a77 a hundred
has to be on thesideof the angels f606: but
know who is on whichsideof the argument asda and
the gallery on the advocatessideof the bar their counsel
we come down on thesideof the careful regulation of
under the mattress on hissideof the double bed i
seems to be on thesideof the dreamer there is
dutch independence on the germansideof the dutch border where
galashiels is on the oppositesideof the economic coin further
issues from sitting on thatsideof the fence so to
of sewel motions on thissideof the house we have
natural harbour on the leesideof the isthmus climbed iron
the slightly on the wrongsideof the law ehm m1008:
have unfinished business on thissideof the mountains a desire
district church on the northsideof the parish the site
wishes of everyone on thissideof the parliament applause 15
still intact on the eastsideof the pile construction yard
the tories are on thesideof the public sector workers
the quarry on the farsideof the river the trip
behind the screen on thesideof the room andrey whit
behind the screen on hersideof the room it s
to be all on thesideof the scheme s administrator
f1117: there look on thesideof the seat f1118: where
on the basis of onesideof the story we would
two they built on onesideof the the loch ryan
up hairpin bends on onesideof the urubamba valley as
opened his eyes on thissideof time he was absent
there more pictures on thatsideoh aye what s this
got the expertise on oorsideoh i ken thae bastards
mak a crocodile s heidsideon so we can put
so we sat out thesideon the terrace and there
metal dropped on the docksidepast the straw roofed shop
turn the fish on itssideraise up the knife cut
on the writing and projectsiderather than the technical arm
you go on loch lomondsideright up f889: uh huh
tae whalp on the hearthsiderug an nou for ower
bein sheriff on the policysidesae the sheriff principal gaed
tourist walk on the wildsidesafer to stick to gin
places the jug by hersideshe cracks the whip on
gran on my mother ssideshe just died this year
table on my right handsideshould be used by members
i put him at yoursideso he he looks on
fanny on her father ssidesometimes stayed with them and
us a job on thesidestyle editing a book on
on another chrome and glasssidetable under a stylish plant
is evident on the farsidethe girders of both bridges
on us both from theirsidethe kent gas board as
tins on 13 miles eachsidethe land is fertile green
different lines on the scottishsidethe language began to evolve
independent kingdom on the northumberlandsidethe language came to be
drains me lying on mysidethe mountain range of the
press it on the wrongsidethe seams won t show
the soil heaped at thesidethe tatties were piled on
trees abune us on yaesidethe thorn hedge on the
they were kind of onsidethen i m just thinkin
that spoken on the dutchsidethen low german it becomes
grandmother on my father ssidethey moved over to to
parents on bo- on hersidethey never ever they always
cousin on her faither ssidethrow his mither s fowk
adversary was now on mysidetime to recover in the
secured on the higher portsideto break free and slide
painted cupids stood on eachsideto fan her her maids
s gales laid on itssideto nest in the grass
the boil sat on thesideto provide hot water later
hooses juist on the braesideup frae the ferm toun
robust as possible on yoursidewe are looking to you
the neighbourhood on the adversesidewe had reports from some
rather difficult on the physicssidewe have also been rather
decided stand on the wrongsidewe hope the publishers and
and the mountains on onesidewere deep red and on
whan a leukit it hirsideweys on in ahint hir
had set god to onesidewhile he lived on earth
on my old dear ssidewho split after a couple
pram wis cowpit on itssidewi big tam laggeran the
aa the onlookers on aithersidewir that feart for lu
through the window on mysidewith all these routine caring
the way on the enforcementsidewith the scottish drug enforcement
saving required on the productionsidewould be made largely by
ve had youth on yoursideyou know you re young
look m1110: ower tae thissidef1109: can you see it
s neen ower mild countrysideis jist fer soakin weet
f1109: no ower to thissidelook m1110: ower tae this
deep ower tae the faursidewhaur he fell heid doun
enjoy that f641: mmhm f640: sideof it but as far
square heading for the farsideof the city there you
accursed place from the farsideof the court he steeled
me back to the farsideof the sierras whose theatrical
is a street the farsideof which is lined with
ad lib fae adam ssidehe took a rib he
reek trails fae the lothiansidewid hing aboot cockenzie the
his head awkwardly to onesidea bit mair he obeys
to a maximum of onesidea4 primary and up to
with butted support along onesideand capped by concrete cope
looking at the baby onesideand christine was kneeling down
mime thomas walks to onesideand goes through the shoemaker
all the baggage to onesideand just just m762: i
with an oven at onesideand often a boiler for
taken one from the executivesideand one from the opposition
drops his head to onesideand sighs long silence doll
milk came out of onesideand the cream came out
frustrations were put to onesideand thousands of local folk
he takes her to onesideand whispers to her martha
and one from the oppositionsideare there any nominations mr
that one there f1135: whichsideare you going f1136: erm
f1026: i ve knitted onesideat the moment an it
will leave that to onesidebecause it is a different
muscles could become affected onesidebeing more strained than the
accumulation of dust to onesidebelow a peeling parchment cradle
sweep the matter to onesidedavid mcletchie it is not
as one that can causesideeffects all the indications are
difficulty is that only onesidein the affair is willing
little red stalks at onesideinstead of just one at
are interlinked bse is asideissue although a dreadful one
which housed numerous one asidematches between john or robin
push lentils over to onesidemelt a small piece of
of people moving from onesideof glasgow down to the
at me he twists onesideof his mouth into a
few minutes push potatoes tosideof pan and scramble one
men to sit at onesideof the hall and the
right m194: they were onesideof the jetty whe when
is the fact that onesideof the paper is blank
walk round together to onesideof the stage joined by
tree now stood at onesideof the stone fireplace susan
and that s just onesideof the thing you know
stands a little to onesideso as not to interfere
confrontational which is unfortunate onesidetends to be looking for
couples and part of onesidewas used as a sledge
my liking leaving to onesidewhat we think should happen
the poles through from onesidewith the ends splayed out
the executive had let thesidedown alex neil talked about
he ll be letting thesidedown if he doesn t
doesn t go down thesidei think it s all
that careful space down thesideof a park filled with
then runs down the eastsideof aird donald caravan park
f1111: right jump down thissideplease f1112: how f1111: cause
glasgow down to the southsidesimply because that is the
got to go down thesidesomewhere that s a corner
down to the lower starboardsidethus increasing the degree of
[cough] m822: doon the oppositesidem824: mmhm m822: ye ken
empty the water doon thesidethere that s it put
doon at the lochan ssidetwis nae mair nor a
thing in the kneive speensideup hannle doon it s
later stage from the irishsidehowever since none of those
jilly jilly stands to thesideof stage watching pat and
bj bj stands at thesideof stage watching pat pat
shoulder they walk to thesideof the stage and put
stands sulking at the oppositesideof the stage from him
let s go round thissidef1121: look there s loads
to do it to thesidef1133: okay i winna look
if you look at thesidelanes they are actually called
the top or at thesidelook for mair bits of
f1113: keep them at thesideright you gonna look after
fur stew look wur gittinsidetracked here should we noh
f1121: what s round thatsidewhat s there oh look
his twa ensigns at hissidean a thrie fower hunder
with built partitions at eachsideand a full length lid
full length lid at eachsideand a kind of runway
put him in at thesideand he sticks his head
the mouthpiece drops to hersideand she looks at sadie
young boys who banged thesideat each stop and yelled
and whingeing there at mysidebut i hated my ma
an apple tree at thesidebut there was only 2
goes in here at thissidedoes it yeah oh m1096:
haired young woman at hissidedriving slowly in first gear
tigger s over at thissidef1126: oh okay f1125: so
the last story at hissidegeordie is lounging easily with
inti the pouch at hissidehe gaes spoachin for five
two little stalks at thesidehe shades it all in
he s staying at thesidein case he gets knocked
awa wi em at eirsideit s maybe a peety
would pit them at thatsidem608: aye m642: and once
for for children at thatsidem608: mmhm mmhm mmhm m1163:
bin bind bink ledge atsideof fire birk birch birl
the basin lyin at thesideof the bed just in
will be kept along thesideof the building as at
the search to the irishsideof the channel at 1321
it could be at thesideof the entrance passage too
the oven or at thesideof the fire so that
which was built at thesideof the house alongside the
the small outbuildings at thesideof the house ye doo
or at least the appropriatesideof the north sea if
was that part at thesideof the of the canal
had a greep at eachsideof the passage at the
the yard or at thesideof the street the gow
pull it up at thissideokay [lifting blind] oh and we
lee lee stands at thesidepat ah telt yi jilly
carefully places them at hissidestew hus steve got a
with he also had asideswipe or two at my
with some screening at thesidethe existing fourth area behind
bed at the right handsidethe wheelie bins will be
okay but stay at thesidethen watch you don t
a young woman at hissidethere are said to have
yer wee frock at thesidethere was f632: mmhm f646:
the voice said at hissidethis puil is whaur we
understandable but there is anothersideto looking at the private
top f1095: or at thesidewell but it s a
with two brickies at thesidewhen the stuff was ready
the stones mostly at thesidewhere there is a lot
the garage is at thesidewhere we keep the car
grate with hobs at thesideyou could get a different
at this ains at thesideyou ll have to cover
his neb jist tae wansideeach time he looks he
been put off to thesideand have then got less
put that bittie to thatsidef1101: mmhm f1102: and you
ll dae it tae thatsidef1101: so i put it
you put it to thesidef1121: [laugh] now i think
you jink awa tae thesidean i think that s
tae see anither bi yersidean ill thing me be
as weel as tae thesidean thae yins wis gaun
would walk up the burnsideand throwe the parks tae
chapping the lacquered tabletop oorsideaye looks forrard tae it
whin i geng tae hissideda ocean sochs ithin da
then hear what the tithersidehas tae say dundas started
nod yer head tae thesidehim [laugh] an that s
atween twa warlds the nearersideis thrang wi sang tae
thair haunds tae monie ootsidejobs sic is leukin the
held its heid tae thesidelike that m608: uh huh
17 rainfall 1 16 countrysidenoo dis begin tae dreep
have tae go he saidsidestepping the burly farmer mary
slithert doun tae the wattersidetae heid him aff my
aa raced ben the lochansidetae heist the tyres ooto
ringed puil while by hissidetae serve his needs a
accordion wi peggy bi hissidethey were tae leave their
weel eest tae fowk asideturnin took s in aboot
once ye come tae thissideye cudnae load any mair
fowk he disna favour mysideava they war aa muckle
my f- my father ssidecame over in the early
its roots with my darksidedid pleat you were created
take that from my englishsidef1025: aye that s right
i must inherit my poeticalsidefrom him yes the smeddum
dearest iver lay bi mysidefurthermair i will niver gie
wet black wall of hissidei pace and pace my
cutting their names in mysideif i wanted a tattoo
harried desk clerk by mysideit says desayuno will be
pearls and fishes in mysidemr poseidon i will not
police sergeant appeared by mysidemy hackles rose don t
granny for the the malesideof it f1027: my family
mum s yo- the femalesideof it like my mum
she comes round to mysideof the bed and with
i think my dad ssideof the family lived in
my wey up the ladesidepad frae the mill weel
sister josephine right oan thesidea the napper aye it
green right that s thatsidefilled m1098: that s that
eh f1104: right in thisside[inaudible] f1103: is there f1104:
about party politics or whichsideis right the debate is
the shoulder is the rightsideof it what would be
that sat to the rightsideof the fire billy went
d better come roond thissideright f1122: [inaudible] f1121: we
noo tank sits right alongsidethe iron hose leaves the
threads through to the rightsidevery often a picture would
he could climb over thesideand sit in it he
m1110: way over to thissidef1109: oh the parcels is
move it over to thesidef1111: i will f1112: [inaudible]
like cairn pike seat andsidehowever over half of these
design background and the coloursidebut m608: mm f643: all
the sort of the sportssideof things yeah m608: okay
favourite rod sits by hissidebeloved more than any bride
joe the rest of hissidecharging towards him circling like
just clones of his ownsideclad in different jerseys all
holding his head to thesidediv ye think sae ah
hurries to his mother ssidedod in terror ma georgie
gunnar pulls her to hissidegunlöd gunlöd haes the snaw
maclaurin held rigidly against hissidei ll tell you what
john s arms to hissidein a vice like bear
if his mister nice guysideis the sick bit carolanne
he lay back against thesideof his bubble laced his
more green rests head againstsideof his bubble whistles waltzing
a goth punch to thesideof his head nearly ripping
prince consort he holds thesideof his head ruefully ah
and no more out thesideof his mouth so keith
della luck wis oan hissideswear the auld man wid
precarious bowler hat by hissidewas a large black umbrella
his beige slacks through thesidewindow shouted llamen a un
he spied in a weesidechaumer the operatin theatre computer
all the sort of weesidejobs i did f631: mmhm
your wee f1027: aye f1026: sidething i don t know
ti walcome us ashore naesideti him ava this selsame
he also has a darkersideto him oberon refers to
of you know maybe wildersideto him that he s
weel earned leisure the kintrasidewill gie him pleesure mang
to do f1122: this thissidef1121: i don t think
we ll go roond thissidef1122: [inaudible] f1121: and we
the ticket room and thissidefor f643: aye that s
done keep them to thesideit s this ones you
f1097: [inaudible] cars for thissidem1098: aye no f1097: dae
that f1127: come roon thissidemammy cause i canna reach
bill to be enacted thissideof a general election if
will help tidy up thissideof gibson street as it
present proceedings though stopping thissideof idolatry will confirm once
pupils who travelled from thissideof the hill to the
the street and this oursideof the street was corporation
and i went round thesideof this lake and the
f1122: they go round thissidesee f1121: what s round
if the move is asidestep this is the fourth
the table come roon thissidethe snooker table you re
a reid come roon thissidethe table come roon this
ll move it to thissidethen there you go that
that there is the horrendoussideto this but there is
let s go roond thissidewe ve done them all
of the pike a greensideand a seat hill nearly
catch the nock by thesideand take it a little
organisation including its political ministerialsideas appropriate in much the
along er f- the samesideas barratts m819: aye m818:
the elements of the darksideas it were er kind
there is a powerful depressivesideas well and that the
the issues from the fiscalsideas well as the glasgow
lady with button up thesideboots that you had to
the gentle wumman by yersidebut chairge yer tassies an
and some cannot tolerate thesideeffects although up to 20
the indications are that thesideeffects are minimal there have
the incidence is of prolongedsideeffects following the use of
have been very few serioussideeffects from the flu injection
junkies of drumchapel use thesideeffects of heroin addiction to
educate the public that thesideeffects of illegal and certain
painted decoration and above thesideentrance a painted sundial and
kind of the more popsideer element of it er
s easier from the reportingsideer of of things and
very much into the rocksideer whereas dad and caroline
ain [censored: forename] [inaudible] by thesidef1101: [censored: forename] f1102: no no
it too that the commercialismsidehas crept in so much
just pop it to thesidehere f1122: i don t
to mean the whole executivesideie political ministers administrative officials
take responsibility for the productionsideif chicago continued with publication
in scotland against the republicansidein england he was captured
in scotland against the republicansidein england read by led
they had crossed frae oorsidein the furst place i
to support their own particularsidein the religious un- upheavals
of the hypotenuse the longsideis the sum of the
an heidit for the faursideit wis like yon scene
ll hug the cheery inglesidelest wi the ferlies in
to be beside the seasidelights fade lights up cammy
or the bottom or thesidem1096: mm f-f-f- oh f1095:
yey f1114: out to thesidemum f1113: [cough] f1114: i
dispenser machine basically in thesideof a bank i- c-
public parks or lining thesideof a motor way but
the hairbreadth crack in thesideof all that s real
called the madcap inventive quicksilversideof burns it is the
30 it was the wildsideof course that rls found
hillington in the the southsideof glasgow f606: mmhm m845:
up the enemy the seamysideof imperial expansion in the
you see the the newspapersideof it developing m1174: erm
it wasn t the commercialsideof it f641: mmhm f639:
the just the whole theoreticalsideof it f746: yeah a
he like toward the dawkinssideof it or is he
i was young the religioussideof it was very important
more interested in the literaturesideof it which there was
who prefer the light heartedsideof life any book by
and the happy ever aftersideof popular fiction and traditional
ye go up to thesideof tesco s that s
communities throughout scotland well whichsideof the argument is the
to all from the peacefulsideof the atlantic love [censored: forename]
the committee to keep itssideof the bargain with the
is a chair by thesideof the bed below the
the recess made by thesideof the box bed and
was built onto the westsideof the building in 1985
the dogs but the foxsideof the cases fell the
elements in improving the supplysideof the economy i will
turnout it was just oursideof the family that wisnae
investment mr davidson from yoursideof the fence how long
but em like the westsideof the island that i
lounge to the higher portsideof the main passenger deck
wooden plaque bolted onto thesideof the mill and made
dope and had bought darksideof the moon bought another
the true merit of darksideof the moon until i
much more so than darksideof the moon which had
that is the political ministerialsideof the overall devolved government
both the political and administrativesideof the scottish government it
would want to promote thatsideof the sector we have
particular principal assessors know thatsideof the system inside out
is quite into the mysticalsideof the trip led four
na gaia from the oppositesideof the valley alice came
the puddok jumps onto thesideof the well takes the
see can you do thatsideof the window sill then
involved in the whole politicalsideof things and even even
actually editing the the papersideof things as well because
scottish literature than the welshsideof things definitely f1037: definitely
doing badly but the literaturesideof things has lost its
it a little to thesideoff the perpindicular and he
ve to keep to thesideokay f1122: mum mum f1121:
gloves throws them to thesidepat she s walking your
the sting by beauty ssidepu me friens i ll
anderson bappy wis in asideroom the brawest siller cud
auntie berna mind the brigsides stanes ur loose pause
new no nothin oan thesidethank you just ma bag
s away the west coastsidethat i would think f1054:
the gree better nor asidethat is croose an cantie
three curving grooves in thesidethat you pressed against the
the sharp sheers in hersidethe latter image suggesting both
fir a square goes ootsidethe royal anyways he hud
he jinks aboot the wattersidethen deep aneath the current
f1135: bus coming into thesidethen f1136: maybe that be
the buildins for the northsidethey the buildins are still
but would prefer the stirlingsidetony gallagher we will share
they were a premier leaguesidetoo they pressurised from the
jilly jilly stands to thesidewatching lee and bj lee
more interested in the languagesidewell they did make us
lived furth of the southsidewere aboriginal [audience laughter] and no
time before we see whichsidewins the struggle a schoolgirl
s [inaudible] stay into thesidewith mum f1122: oh hey
the pad by the wattersideye cuid see nae mair
he stude awa ti thesideyou ye tink ye are
in yon roch blast countrysidedries up sae bonny an
zeb s bag from hersidedella fine big bag that
of glenfiddich from by hersidegrow old disgracefully she said
ere s nae denyin fitsideher hairt lies an she
her arm around bj bjsidesteps lee lee aye you
readily agnes stretches rubs hersideto ease pain in her
mother fiona has a badsideto her she s irregular
might even have a ringsideseat come here you and
calls them and from oursidesuspicion has shifted from bruce
age a fragment of asideblown horn page ii music
of cattle floats with opensideflaps is permitted s1w 14592
cackle laugh loudly haffets aresidelocks of hair reid een
is not without its comicsidefor marshall bulganin and mr
seen to have its darkersideyour wrongs do set a
it so there s thatsideas well you think well
i uise i yon tapsidefer back corner stuid whit
died was there a sinistersideto vyborni s death as
darin wid dive off ehsideintil eh murky depths bit
suddenly became more upper eastsidethan east kilbride and don
nan ye kent whae ssideye were talkin aboot that
he had a a topsideand did a cartwheel and
horse drawn cart which hadsidefacing seats is also remembered
s that f814: ehm southsidedo you know holyrood is
if you can do thatsidem1110: that s it f1109:
it s f958: [?]through[/?] thatsidem959: an if it was
i m gonna have asidepartin an it s gonna
chesterfield working block fireplace insidebedroom 15 tuesday as above
said no cause they havesideeffects i was like okay
information relating to mercury levelssideeffects potential long term effects
mmhm f640: i enjoy thatsidei still enjoy that f641:
redemption hus ti stand alongsideit ed needs must stew
similarly innings wicket crease legsidemedium pace bowler relate to
economy pets have their positivesideour boa constrictors need feeding
ticket table beyond a smallsideroom whose blazing olive wood
tess richt here bi yursidesilence berna takes a swig
it coodnae bide fair countrysidesoakin weet in a plowter
authority has a very goodsideto it otherwise we d
little cold we vice pressidewin 94 93 although 2
sure many a premier leaguesidewould like to poach has

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