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coastguard station and boathouse schoolsidingswas also called claddyburn sidings
sidings was also called claddyburnsidingsas here the claddyburn was
the diagram five groups ofsidingsare shown amounting to forty
the labour force at exchangesidingsrock mcgibbon innermessan for the
last lap lay between schoolsidingsand rubble bank it was
have also gone rubble banksidingshave been tidied up since
are in private use exchangesidingsmarked by different heights of
from the lighterage and schoolsidingswhile the officers mess above
the jetty renewed a fewsidingswere built and the railway
waiting to return to exchangesidingsleffnoll was created to accommodate
small yard was named schoolsidingssomewhat ironically as the arrival
to make space for thesidingsthe very last lap lay
line it was designated exchangesidingsthe weather was very cold
the north end of thesidingsthe north police hut still
with the appropriate number ofsidingsserving the south deep water
shed have gone and schoolsidingshas become a car park

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