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effect be as satisfactory passensieauf frau präsidentin beeilen sie
sie auf frau präsidentin beeilensiesich es ist mein absolutes
howes o kirnel pouered unnersieboits at bene laed ti
warl weir crue fur unnersieboits the curmur o enorm
quhylis noy rang etc yesiethis word quhylis is repetit
the green wattirs o thesiean aw the bairns war
the quaet wattirs o thesiean in hir twa haunds
the swurlin wattirs o thesiean sailed fest awa on
gret tuim wattirs o thesiean the saumon ay asyde
wattirs o the mukkil tuimsiebi the forenicht thay cam
cauld derk wattirs o thesiebut nae suiner hae he
warld s wattirs whaur thesiekeing is lord sae that
gret blue wattirs o thesiethis island haed a keing
the green wattirs o thesieti the place ye cam
the wattirs o the mukkilsiewyde as the warld gray
the siller saunds bi thesies edge but thay war
the blue swaws o thesieslaistert onti the whyte saunds
the forelaund bi the mukkilsiean the craiturs o the
the craiturs o shore orsiehaed haird tell o him
an the craiturs o thesiethat he lykit sae weill
ma pleisir no in thesieno in the forelaund but
n certainty sicht n sightsiemaw n sea gull siller
v swing sib a relatedsiemaw n sea gull simmer
wi him intil the wydesiethat keltert in the wunds
sie itsell whaur bydes thesiefowk in the kinrik o
dyvin deep doun inti thesieitsell an he spak wi
the verra boddum o thesieitsell whaur bydes the sie
him nae langir war thesiebairns nae langir war the
bairns nae langir war thesieflouers in thair unco brichtness
empie warl bot fur thesiemews flaitin abuin the wytin
the kinrik o the gretsiekeing an shuirlie here wes
land an anither for thesiekinrik an for aw thay
sat the keing o thesiefowk an his thrie dochters
ava eftir a whylie thesiekeing offert callum the auldest
he no cum ti thesiekeing s kintrie juist at
lang dwam he saw thesiekeing sant awa his sons
frae the gret keing thesiekeing sat quaetlyke an he
ah wad raither follae thesiemaw or the aigil tovin
thay saw nocht but thesiean it a gret waste
his gait ti the gretsietakkin wi him the nettil
callum didna think o thesiefowk as fairies at aw
you nou callum said thesieprince cum you wi me
haundit til him the rosiesieshell fou wi a sowp
twa haunds she heild asieshell pink as a rose
on the ploy frae thesiecam a hyne bummin lik
staitiouneir ower the hyne norsiethan the derf renn ondang
droun aw mankeind polaris ablosieboit myndin its ain fell
an gauss ablo the norsiebot no afoir norroway gruppit
coud hear nocht but thesielaipin at the sydes o
s airie heich abuin thesiean vissiein ferr ower the
o thaim on land orsiefrae ferr or frae near
aw whuther frae laund orsiefrae ferr or near ai
promise ye wi that thesieprince brocht calllum intil a
his lyfe to lat himsiethe place quhair the prince
bankins luikin outower the dirkeninsieein mirren wes fou wi
he is wydin throu thesiean he is that heich
wi a rair intil thesiean wes seen nae mair
o hir whalps intil thesieshe winna want ti see
profit o the yird ansieverra suin thai growe inti
the naitiouns roun the norsiewesna verra joco at the
taikin he sould lat himsiehis belt of irone lyand
an awa ti the ferrawasiean here she saw a
aw the kinriks o thesiean thaim that leeves in
his lug ti tent thesiemuisic he loued ti hear
o corss fits on thesiebed at uiswal spede the
watch foraye the restless emerantsiean the outlin sterns in
hirsell soud byde in thesieae day she gaed back
mallorcans who address me könnensiebitte tries my patience and

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