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sun soaring beyond the highsierrassmites windows in the old
the slopes of the highsierrasthey introduced irrigation their wells
inky backdrop of the highsierrasas i approach the house
backdrop of the mist encircledsierraseach small square represented the
mountain backdrop of the highsierrasthe other side of the
mind tripping over the highsierrasi alight in a particular
and weight of the vastsierrasa terrain so steep that
harsh winters deposit on thesierrasan increasingly rare phenomenon as
the far side of thesierraswhose theatrical moods witnessed from
to glower over the highsierraslike great angry gods and
the mountain range of thesierrasblue grey and silent across
mountain range of the highsierrasto the west the dramatic
with a view of thesierrasbeyond the plate glass window

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