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given our earlier discussions perhapssimonwakefield could do some preliminary
term work i suggest thatsimonwakefield could work on that
do not want to givesimonwakefield extra work but in
suggestions for initial background researchsimonwakefield has suggested that spice
january rather than in februarysimonwakefield okay the convener are
inform our lifelong learning inquirysimonwakefield scottish parliament information centre
enterprise and lifelong learning departmentsimonwakefield scottish parliament information centre
senior research specialists barry winetrobesimonwakefield stephen curtis fiona killen
thought that that was agreedsimonwakefield the idea behind the
parliament information centre s researcherssimonwakefield who has done much
be correct is that rightsimonsimon watkins clerk yes that
leaders martin verity sarah davidsonsimonwatkins alistair rankin jennifer smart
be a good idea ifsimonwatkins and i produced a
have a covering memorandum fromsimonwatkins and me to suggest
meeting closed at 3 53pmsimonwatkins clerk to the committee
meeting closed at 15 31simonwatkins clerk to the committee
correct is that right simonsimonwatkins clerk yes that is
parliament familiarisation programme i thanksimonwatkins for his work on
paper el 00 30 2simonwatkins has made three recommendations
how we should address thissimonwatkins it is fair to
item 4 on research supportsimonwatkins members will recall that
executive with the questions thatsimonwatkins raised we would hope
to offer some input intosimonwatkins s paper members will
centre clerk to the committeesimonwatkins senior assistant clerk david
alliance clerk to the committeesimonwatkins senior assistant clerk judith
meantime do members agree thatsimonwatkins should pursue those questions
is not a good datesimonwatkins the last time we
the convener we can asksimonwatkins to check that mr
i suggest that we asksimonwatkins to write to the
agreement research support the convenersimonwatkins will introduce item 4
al study carried out bysimonclark and associates 2002 would
the social economy means seesimonclark associates 2002 it does
of autonomy from the statesimonclark associates 2002 mcgregor et
3 operational programme programme complementsimonclark associates limited 2002 the
simon says whan ye saysimonsays pit yer hauns on
try a scots version osimonsays whan ye say simon
constitutional reform bill 1990 91simonhughes constitutional reform bill 1995
tied in a bun unfortunatelysimonchisholm had not been the
him from behind their newspaperssimonchisholm looked coolly at the
gallery coffee shop that remindedsimonchisholm of the incident it
all that moment of revelationsimonchisholm s subsequent artistic career
too far gone to knowsimonchisholm shifted uncomfortably in his
hard and damaged that alertedsimonchisholm to the fact that
james thomson 1887 1905 josephsimon1907 mr rainbird however john
wyse james thomson and josephsimonall have their professions recorded
not doubt that my colleaguesimonhughes would have been at
heid they maunnae dae itsimonmicht say pit yer hauns
sue innes ellen raissa jacksonsimonjessop alison lang ian lavery
lavery polly mackenzie murdo macleodsimonmccartin ian methven diarmid mogg
them in real life forsimonreal life was the canvas
end of the song simplesimonsays the grand old duke
there s maybe john andsimoni can t remember it
bath with your socks onsimonhad answered after a pause
and drew paused and restartedsimonhad been totally engrossed drawing
ten mistresses twenty more likesimonhad just begun to sharpen
stinks like a brewery intriguedsimonhad sat back and watched
us purred the lecturer suavelysimonnoticed that he had a
comment but had remained silentsimonstretched out his hand to
committee will take evidence fromsimonharris petitioner letitia murphy petitioner
task for the first timesimonfelt some respect for that
the new estates bursar mrsimon[censored: surname] who has taken over
it s a guy calledsimonthoumire erm who is in
deprivation in all its horrorssimonglowered at his tormentor mr
o galilee saw twa britherssimonhecht peter and his brither
world turned upside down paulsimons you can call me
s one of them m605: simonhorobin m741: yeah i m605:
simply to sit alone likesimonin pleasant aesthetically uplifting surroundings
violet fetishist mid way throughsimons ruminations the lecturer clapped
production in english of neilsimons the fools by an

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