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of the auditorium as thesingeraccompanied by pianist gypsy violinist
s union by a folksingerof gypsy songs alla bayanova
often attributed to american bluessingerbig bill broonzy has it
power it is the bluessingerwith her wonderfully versatile voice
by mrs gray an ablesingerherself they practised in the
the early days were fordsingerand morris [note: photo: 'arbuthnott church choir outing in 1913; charabancs sitting outside bervie motors.'] buses peter
a non literate poet andsingerfrom muirkirk in ayrshire whose
m awake now the leadsingerof the us stadium rockers
hochdeutsch or dialect as asingerof burns s songs however
an old man s childsingerof songs as all his
of songs anne [censored: surname] thesingerwas a p e student
she was a professional jazzsingerin paris m815: mm m816:
the line is sung thesingercan rest after a long
the home of joe campbellsingerpoet artist and managing director
an oral folk poet andsingersuch as isobel pagan or
oh you re a goodsingergo and sing a song
song in a sense eachsingeris the author recreating the
to have been neither asingernor a song writer song
last year says the enigmaticsingerreferring to in time the
fringes spiked up like thesingerfrom the well cool band
the evening s hired folksingerreal cool man talking of
hens ye cannae judge asingerby his sang an if
the heroine a music hallsingervoices an opinion that could
eftir aw a copywriter saloonsingersquaddie and jyner dinnae represent
in slow motion an thesingeron the tape wis still
mcgranaghan on fiddle an folksingerentertainer tom sweeney bit i
s- a sami erm folksingerwon it last year and
i steek ma ee thesingerthat i hear is ye
she wis a music haasingerweel pyed fur her jaunt
sense here of a localsingeremploying the popularity of a
and obvious to me thesingerwill return with mills and
early gart me unnerstaun thesingers bit the barley s
lamp fell down on thesinger[note: photo: 'sunday school concert in the hall with rev. ian gough and mrs ethel brown, in the mid 1970s.'] the following is a
an said ah m naesingeran the best ah can
pain it s nae thesingerbit the thocht that draas
died the next morning thesingerspent the next day comforting
macaskill the well known gaelicsingersays we would be mad
never said i was asingeri said i was in
games f1121: what a goodsingeryou are aren t you
relationship with 10 000 maniacssingermerchant now he s come
contrast to that of theirsingerthey re kept apart during
know that you were asinger[?]you were well hidden there[/?] [laugh] [laugh] f1024: [laugh]
the door ajee as thesingerjyned wi a quine langsyne
clashed horribly like a cornkistersingerresplendent in nicky tams in
extant corpus repertoire of onesingerin anglo scottish balladry they
mostly augustan english and thesingerwho attempts it in the

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