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f1105: let me hear yousingingm1106: twinkle twinkle little star
stood let me hear yousingingm1106 : twinkle twinkle f1105: aye
[?]i ken that you do[/?] f1102: no i msinginga different song [inaudible] [singing]
f1105: [exhale] fitt was yousingingat playgroup today m1106: [singing]
[singing] [singing] f1113: are yousingingaway f1114: [singing] f1113: that
singing f1114: [singing] i wassinging[?]dire[/?] f1113: you were singing
[singing] [singing] f1113: are yousingingf1114: [inaudible] f1113: mm are
there you go are yousingingf1114: [singing] i was singing
f1114: [singing] f1113: are yousingingf1114: [singing] [singing] f1113: are
m1098: [singing] f1097: are yousingingm1098: [singing] f1097: oh you
[exhale] f1113: the dog ssingingand the cat s singing
singing were good since thesingingand the synopsis were in
singing and the cat ssingingare they oh what s
the doggy singing the catsinging[exhale] f1113: the dog s
singing f1104: mum fitt yousingingf1103: i dinna ken fitt
you singing f1104: i wassingingf1103: where does that bit
dinna ken fitt re yousingingf1104: i was singing f1103:
[humming] [humming] f1103: [humming] yousingingf1104: mum fitt you singing
f1114: it s the doggysingingthe cat singing [exhale] f1113:
impressive and the music andsingingwere good since the singing
singing [?]dire[/?] f1113: you weresingingwhat f1114: [?]dire[/?] d-d- [inhale]
bit go f1104: i wassingingerm the [inaudible] [humming] f1103:
then fitt songs was yousingingat playgroup the day f1102:
sing a song was yousingingat playgroup the day [laugh]
i m saying was yousingingat playgroup the day m1098:
right what songs was yousingingtoday at playgroup then m1106:
m1096: no f1095: hear yousingingaa your songs it s
mm f1141: so was yousingingany songs the day no
up the road 18 thursdaysingingfrench marching songs in line
accordianists in red suede shoessingingincomprehensible songs on the boardwalk
lad born in kyle learningsingingone or two songs e
or something f812: busted aresingingsongs about it so f813:
i think miss [censored: surname] likessingingsongs f1118: i think she
f1095: fitt songs was yousingingthe day m1096: a je-
in 1908 could remember hearingsingingcoming from it when she
music i like hearing yousingingin the car f1102: fitt
inspired by hearing a blackbirdsingingit s hert oot in
stars and hearing a highsingingnote this is it this
stotting a ball cleverly andsinginga stotting song watched by
me fitt song you weresingingand i ll tell you
vernacular tradition in their balladsingingand song composition although society
was that song you weresingingto mum the day f1114:
f1142: no f1141: heard yousingingcanna mind the name o
aye f1141: i heard yousingingf1142: farr at f1141: at
ken fitt i heard yousingingf1142: uh huh f1141: you
ken fitt i heard yousingingken fitt i heard you
your mouth fitt was yousingingm1098: happy birthday to you
fitt other ain was yousingingthe day f1102: you'v- nae
music was playing he wassingingalong to it you know
ur beatha which showcased gaelicsingingand traditional music f606: mm
music anna gordon s ownsingingbecame transposed to printed text
hot at night guitars andsingingcan be heard for hours
[child noise] f1109: i heard yousingingcan you sing it to
know i ve heard peoplesingingin this dialect f746: mmhm
slowly goes to his roomsingingis heard offstage a nurse
ve heard 50 fisher quinessingingthat at the taps o
have never heard the birdssingingthe british deaf association has
they must have heard yousingingthey ve jumped right out
mr froggie f1105: was yousingingthat mr piggy [inaudible] oh
da da f1113: are yousingingf1114: yes i need to
s doin f1113: is hesinginglook at this one here
[inaudible] f1113: oh she ssingingnow is she playing her
[inaudible] f1113: mm are yousingingto mum good girl are
ding ding ding i msingingthat ain aboot fimble f1103:
doing the po- i msingingthe pony ain noo f1103:
the staff were not allsingingdancing and happy with life
happy christmas day is hesingingthat f1107: aw [clapping] i
who had been learning andsingingduncan gray coming to me
long as it s withsingingor learning to play the
now and the congregation ssingingjesus remember me when i
concert molly cushnie can remembersingingmolly s tired of washing
you if they remember yousingingthat last one cause last
you can almost hear themsingingtoo but their s is
it s a log asinginglog though i ve never
to the dormitory talking andsingingthough she sleeps and sitting
changing scenery completely dwarfed thesingingwhich was good though opposite
at 3 a rare servicesingingby the boys very good
itsel tuik wing an soaredsingingevent it s good to
would have lift sky sheerlinsinginggöd good alick alike waa
to aberdour for midnight goodsingingmonday 25 car dripping with
mary had mentioned elena ssingingin her last letter the
was it that you wassingingthe last time wi this
cannot leave this evening withoutsingingthe last verse of for
words from the women ssingingand eventually printed them this
edinburghisitno yeah see the castlesingingda words as he faas
the words the thoughts allsingingthemselves by that there is
home knitted affair with carolsingingand an extremely enjoyable reading
his home made feta raviolisingingin a painful falsetto a
f1112: home f1111: you startsingingit- f1112: doesn t cost
to f- follow the ehmsingingthe norseman s home was
forward towards the other linesingingthe first line of the
which was still sore andsingingaway without any let up
christmas time and i lovedsingingat the christmas you know
a baby f1117: you likesingingdon t you f1118: yeah
gaia if you like mariasingingin the port s old
which you s- you startsingingm1106 : the bow and arrow
[censored: forename] s it s mysingingphone f1089: you goin tae
janet little and the balladsingingof anna gordon pagan s
n roll three old mensingingsweet little sixteen none of
we ll give them asinginglesson f1112: mm they re
oh was there much kindasingingan things as well or
was young went to asingingclass in mintlaw that somebody
from maurice thorez alla wassingingthe star of the show
spoons were common instruments andsingingwas also frequent on the
a tape o frank sinatrasingingi did it my way
recreated her ballads at eachsingingin the traditional way as
traditional way as opposed tosingingthem from a fixed and
she walks to the bridgesinginglori sings when ah wis
aye when f1107: is hesingingm1108: when a snowman a
a blind ear only whensingingoccurs the deputy presiding officer
s like when aabody ssingingtheir herts oot weel it
the rock groups that aresingingabout iraq of the big
tweet tweet the birds aresinginglouder now look perhaps they
smell o fish all aresinginglustily and cheerfully all plot
night and playing games andsingingat midnight gorbachev came on
already i think thon ssingingboyter at the garden door
sel would have been bettersingingdumb archie thought at half
some more miles the brazilianssingingmerrily till we stopped at
boyter at the garden doorsingingoch that s just the
s arm walks with hersingingbold and strong she goes
its branches by cool siloamsinginginside her head and she
sea endings she put asingingseal in loch na boune
and we actually got themsingingskyscraper wean in vaguely west
all the places where thesingingis i have been studying
dyke all fell silent thesingingshepherdess who stood amply in
been visited by tam reidsingingbothy ballads and reciting scots
in anna gordon s balladsinginghas been challenged by other
been drinking and jennifer warnessingingleonard cohen s famous blue
group appeared to be mainlysingingas led by mrs gray
affected by that dunt thesingingnote comes and goes too
valla yeitie inspired by thesingingof nichole robertson 12 11
to make folk well bysingingthey can soon dispel despondency
musicians accompany the animals cheeringsingingand dancing s teller 3
an open window someone ssingingevening will cover the sight
masha puts on her hatsingingwhaur ye gaun til masha
would work together for drillsingingand bible sometimes one class
group up on the tablesingingand one guy did a
the christian or the onesingingthe metal and er f718:
became tradition bearers in theirsingingof these ballads or in
rockholes after a storm stoppedsingingand approached salvador with a
it out neil marches insingingand carrying a small iced
packed church listening to distantsingingand incantations peering through the
miss paterson is interested insingingand is an eminent member
every success in his futuresingingand songwriting career s1m 3737
the distant sound of agitatedsingingand throb throb throbbing drums
that the great written andsingingculture that exists in scotland
the barrack door vera lynnsinginglili marlene and bluebirds over
had taken down from thesingingof a rev clunzie and
making some mistake and issingingso loudly that our chorister
the cornet and les wattsingingwith the big kilmarnock bonnet
and agnes raise cain bangingsingingyodelling sadie enters sadie here
just meaning wheesht they resingingagain boyter that ll be
the street lamp than eversingingas they whirled p 90
lik a like liltin vsinginglinn n waterfall lippen v
throaty murmur nothing like thesingingvoice the world knows so
baritone who led the unaccompaniedsingingin the family church in
on the brave sailor boysinginggames i sent a letter
the description of the birdssingingas shouting has the effect
quarters short stories 2000 thesingingbird poems 1998 the bonsai
sunday school children in thesingingof praise the reading of
vizzy the lift gowpin larkssingingtwo children study the sky
timber tuned tone deaf insingingtit tuft bunch tool towel
doesn t include a wonderfulsingingdove doesn t include a
supper haggis etc might involvesingingreciting dramatizing working for burns

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