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uk to join the europeansinglecurrency congratulates the workforce of
governance the introduction of thesinglecurrency implies closer economic and
and policy implications of thesinglecurrency in scotland a contribution
and policy implications of thesinglecurrency in scotland a contribution
believe that membership of asinglecurrency is in the economic
say in the way thesinglecurrency is managed i hope
undertook an inquiry into thesinglecurrency on behalf of our
sterling remaining outside the europeansinglecurrency s1o 1498 3 lord
more distinguished expert on thesinglecurrency than me he was
to eventual entry into thesinglecurrency that does not mean
suggesting the creation of asinglecurrency the proposal was well
treaties to allow for thesinglecurrency there would be two
do not yet have asinglecurrency we are moving towards
although the parameters for asinglecurrency were laid down in
notes and coins for thesingleeuropean currency on 1 january
the objective of achieving asinglesocial tenancy what is the
as the provisions for asingletenancy also much of the
for the introduction of asingletenancy for some time and
the same rights through thesingletenancy improving the standard of
the crucial thing about thesingletenancy was rights we wanted
relates the introduction of thesingletenancy we believe and have
bridging girders have gone thesingletrack has been converted into
ended as it joined thesingletrack line to the pile
including the high number ofsingletrack lines and level crossings
no space to site asingletrack much less a double
snow we go to edinburghsingletrack on a90 back by
in glenelg not along thesingletrack road to inverness [laugh]
and improvement of the remainingsingletrack sections of the a830
has to upgrade the remainingsingletrack sections of the a830
sutherland s recommendations on thesinglebody and point of entry
of entry for services asinglebudget and a single body
range of services from asingleentry point and more co
single body delivering care asinglepoint of entry for services
single commissioning budget and asinglepoint of entry those positions
coffee cream beat ¼ pintsinglecream ¼ pint double cream
1 pt milk ¼ ptsinglecream ½ tsp mustard powder
chicken stock 1 ½ tablespsinglecream 1 oz butter chop
juice salt onion powder milksinglecream cream only leaves it
olive oil seasoning tablespoon ofsinglecream fresh parmesan pine nuts
2 oz soft brown sugarsinglecream halve bananas lengthwise and
pepper pinch paprika ½ pintsinglecream or milk 1 tablespoonful
conference to bring about thesinglemarket a political event upset
to the completion of thesinglemarket and the removal of
has scotland benefited from thesinglemarket and the social progress
of scotland out of thesinglemarket and the united kingdom
successful idea of creating asinglemarket by 1992 by suggesting
the emphasis on securing asinglemarket for trade a key
united kingdom thus restoring asinglemarket in the sale of
united kingdom thus restoring asinglemarket in the sale of
to language development in asinglemarket in which it is
it was introduced as asinglemarket provision before it was
directive which is a europeansinglemarket provision much of the
of the media within thatsinglemarket raises serious concerns about
and the creation of asinglemarket the declaration recognises that
in the circumstances of asinglemedia market has ash undertaken
to the labour market forsingleparents and so on in
level there should be asinglebody delivering care a single
a single budget and asinglebody responsible for commissioning the
that there should be asinglecommissioning body with a single
single commissioning body with asinglecommissioning budget and a single
defilement guiltless unsullied having asinglesound or a single tone
a single sound or asingletone a four letter word
every friday so f1155: everysingleweek f1154: every single week
every single week f1154: everysingleweek [laugh] cause it s
of single words since thesingleword approach learning the technical
phrases rather in terms ofsinglewords since the single word
got 1 double bed 1singleand 1 fold up bed
1 double bed and 1singlebed and one fold up
tatties either a double orsingledreel at a time and
show three and four loopedsingleor double lined strokes and
there should be a newsinglesite acute hospital and that
location of the proposed newsinglesite hospital for the forth
put the school on asinglesite is essential to provide
scheme to bring about asinglesite school at an earlier
fife the creation of asinglesite school for madras college
for it to have asinglebudget and to carry out
is a need for asinglebudget if the local authority
as being part of asinglebudget rather than coming from
proposal to move towards asinglebudget that would include development
that is in reality asinglehousing budget that is used
to consider it through thesinglehousing budget the convener thank
supported the idea of asinglehousing budget which is a
local authorities even within thesinglehousing budget you have to
seeking to comment on everysingleaspect of the european union
do it [laugh] f835: everysinglecross country and they never
books up and down everysingleday as well as what
day time [laugh] f1150: everysingleday f1151: [laugh] every day
i started uni and everysingleday i drive up from
in the car and everysingleday i m one of
commonplace to hear it everysingleday like [inhale] oh the
that m608: yeah f637: everysingleday ye got mental arithmetic
and colour co ordinate everysingleitem in his office when
free car away to everysinglemember of the audience f810:
to intercept the post everysinglemorning till it comes the
talkin about it er everysinglenewspaper in scotland picked up
been caught out on everysingleone [laugh] yeah [laugh] f1049:
squashed the whole packet everysingleone of them and look
going to fit into everysinglesituation and eh it was
he always knows everything everysinglething without taking any part
they come up and everysingletime we come up to
[inaudible] m941: it s everysingleweek it s about oh
the bill that deal withsingletenancies the introduction of the
be of the introduction ofsinglevaccines for measles mumps and
to the solitude of asinglebed bert was her strong
done it years ago thatsinglebed s gien me the
bed and one fold upsinglebed so we can put
two daughters lived in asingleend with two bed recesses
aye m999: eh whaur thesinglefeed men would hae bed
bed is cauld welcome taesingleparent lan he s gane
2000 this met within asinglebody and involved the representatives
that there should be asinglebody to some extent the
scanty at some places thatsinglemen aften hid tae steal
collect them there were threesinglemen at leys o auchmacoy
to dee with feedin thesinglemen eh or helped tae
or helped tae feed thesinglemen ehm aye that s
it and one of thesinglemen going home to the
[note: photo: 'typical family group in 1920s - arch and janet middleton, brakes of barras.] [note: photo: 'mrs riddoch, parkneuk, feeding the hens.] [note: photo: 'hen with chickens, parkneuk.'] [note: photo: 'couple howking tatties in their garden, early 1930s.] [note: photo: 'bothy billies at haremuir, benholm in 1915, including william middleton (killed in 1st world war) on far left and arch middleton snr on the far right.]singlemen lived in the bothy
pigeon if one of thesinglemen was lucky with the
at there were two unclessinglemen who always turned up
time when men were eithersingleor married a time when
about ring fencing in thesinglehousing budgets alan ferguson that
into what were then calledsinglehousing plans now called local
situation whereby fit and healthysinglepeople are excluded from housing
s political leaders on asingleconclusion that the european union
is what happened in thesingleeuropean act of 1985 because
approach the negotiations for thesingleeuropean act the maastricht treaty
qualified majority voting because thesingleeuropean act was seen to
really the creation of asingleeuropean economy we do not
we would operate under asingleeuropean state the convention should
of service delivery through thesingleregulator enhancing the local authority
authorities being replaced by asinglewater authority for scotland whether
the possible creation of asinglewater authority s1o 3777 21
the establishment of the newsinglewater authority s1o 3863 3
water rates by the proposedsinglewater authority would have on
i never ever heard asingleswear word never in in
to read or write asingleword of it in scotland
away couldn t understand asingleword that we said they
name if that is asingleword that would clearly contravene
week however two brand newsinglebeds had been delivered to
and diagnosis services within asinglecentre people will have better
that drives us within thesingleframework of regulation is getting
unify these budgets within asingleorganisation and put in place
leith and there was foursingleends and two room and
the waiting list for asingleroom as i m eligible
duration he s got asingleroom i got another couple
in the maggie with asingleroom is going home to
two of us in asingleroom perhaps 4 paces by
railways splendid i had asingleroom which was bigger than
90 mph feasible on asingleline a number of major
the latter this was asingleline but recompense for expensive
building was erected the temporarysingleline from rubble bank was
m642: and they kept thesingleline open for aboot what
fishing means fishing with asinglerod and line with such
white cane and walks asingletear of water runs crookedly
squawks of parakeets not onesingleelephant at home contrary beast
at home father living onsingleparent handouts he wasn t
macdonald home complete with matchingsinglesheets pillow cases and quilts
would be like a cdsingleso you would come home
by scottish ministers when asingledog is used above ground
of the bill allows asingledog to be used to
be used upright to liftsingleheavy items or down on
ploughing and bindering leaving asinglehorse to be used by
yes i ve bought asinglem811: cause i used to
5 at end insert asinglenotice may be used for
long handled implement used tosingleturnips or weed potatoes tummlin
wis an unca thing asinglerose that ilkie day flooered
iverywhere in their offices iverysinglething frae the drinks cabinet
my cheek was the sexiestsinglething i had ever come
you can t change asingleyou can change a thing
revenue account expenditure and thesingleallocation under section 94 of
addition the use of asingledog under close control to
the scottish executive how manysinglepeople aged under 18 were
treated as part of asingleterm under section 27 5
which are treated as asingleterm under that section of
under the proposed legislation asingleuk edition of fhm magazine
sector targets rather than asinglearbitrary target will enable sectors
than a s- forty fivesingleif you remember that far
than advertising is the biggestsingleinfluence on tobacco sales in
at universities why did yousingleout msc places rather than
higher than average number ofsingleparents some 53 per cent
this may happen if nosingleparty wins more than half
than one dog by asingleperson to flush rabbits hares
s volume to provide asingleand supposedly definitive text avoiding
tryin to think of asinglearea in scotland next to
wirds an wark on asingleauchterless farm that i published
an strife a d bidedsingleaw ma life said i
nearly always killed by asinglebite to the back of
of the tinsel frost asingleblackbird bobs opens its yellow
we wadna daur lift asingleblade o gress gin ye
a disappointment there was asinglebrief stop in red square
by the light of asinglecandle set into a beer
a trunk road can besinglecarriageway the episode has brought
says it s a bigsinglecause she s from a
in order to establish asinglecentral medical register of diagnosis
key ones it is asinglecoherent framework they re looking
card we therefore promoted asinglecommon standard partly for reasons
degree of convergence upon asinglecomprehensive nexus of ideas this
on heart that not asingleconstituent in any of the
on you i am asinglecorridor away only a few
aggregate roads projects on asinglecorridor such as the a75
the heart to watch asinglecrime programme somehow when one
lord byron niver missed asingledance in the gay gordons
yeah cause it s asingleday yeah m816: yeah m815:
the convention should produce asingledocument or a series of
located is despatched by asingledog or otherwise killed as
red and crinkly releasing asingledrop of wobbly dew and
wealth europe has become asingleeconomic entity we still have
roland furious make up asingleelegant complex sentence whereas the
a y ken s asingleen you think your nest
[laugh] m1019: we shared asingleend with four families f1054:
providin the occasion for asingleexercise or f785: mmhm m055:
cows have got a bigsinglef1054: [inaudible] [laugh] f1143: [laugh]
s just havin a bigsinglef1054: okay erm words for
later in the advert asinglefibre optic cable or in
very weary of being asinglefigurehead small comfort in being
o the caip stane insinglefile aboot hauf a fit
you are dealing with asinglefish species it appears that
was trying to get asingleflat near ina she has
of the contemplation of asingleflower in a highway pimpernel
option be part of asinglefranchise or would it stand
that the minister has asinglefriend in the chamber for
abolished and replaced with asinglegas and electricity consumer council
oor hope smashed inbye asinglehaimmer cloor punctual i m
curious impression that hugh macdiarmidsinglehanded created a language called
dryden a primary teacher virtuallysinglehandedly she revitalised the whole
involves the pursuit of asinglehare with a pack of
fae the cooncil bein asinglehomeless young person an aw
thraahyeuk ran together onto asinglehook that was being twined
painted ceiling dominated by asinglehuge chandelier we were in
not acquire information from asingleincome question the census is
executive should consider giving asingleindividual responsibility for managing the
keeping and reporting in asingleintegrated framework and supports the
s innovative proposals for asingleintegrated health service organisation malcolm
that it is necessarily asinglelanguage a very different language
what i thought was asinglelanguage zone i discovered that
a blue rectangle with asinglelarge window in it had
a traded martins fur asinglelaverock i da lift sheerlin
clunie trysts me doon asingleleaf drapt on the waves
of wider social policy asinglelegal framework for agreeing social
of the crowns in asinglelifetime after the union of
day ti strenthen hissel asingleman an sterk in his
aa ma freedom noo asinglemans s hoose it is
role of modest servant asinglemanuscript exists of the poem
employee remains employed by asinglemember and b the members
i have not heard asinglemember from the executive parties
after all a man assingleminded as smith should have
faither fur her sins asinglemum has lots o trouble
cultural integration that support thesinglenarrative of a unified british
next parliament to create asinglenational free concessionary travel scheme
whole and designated as asinglenational park they then suggest
focus on bedblocking and asingleneeds assessment all those commitments
for a move to asingleneeds assessment for each individual
to 180 kills in asinglenight from a pen of
that thare is not asingleoccurrence of shall in ecosse
the engineer s job tosingleout a man to dae
to work together on asingleoverarching task making the games
sheet amounted to about asinglepage of print and no
to make often in asinglepan and generally healthy store
in the excision of asingleparagraph which he presumably felt
concerned about that because asingleparent on income support with
state with- without getting asingleparty dictatorship and unlike the
together and not by asinglepeer iv the future the
pension the state pension givessinglepeople 75 50 and a
the various capacities that asingleperson may have at the
could be occupied by asingleperson or a family and
increased to 111 for asingleperson the level for a
so blank that not asinglephrase occurred to me then
international enforcement agencies having asinglepiece of legislation will assist
the information together in asingleplace that would create potential
once or according to asingleplan it will be built
the window s face asingleplate drips in the sink
it has not made asingleproposal and will take matters
you before i answered asinglequestion then i told him
is not necessarily only asinglerecognised olympic committee for each
and secondly it includes thesinglerecorded example of a permitted
mausoleum daily to place asinglered rose on the sarcophagus
punt here is a smallsinglerowing boat a punt down
on the catch of asingleseine net fishing vessel what
care and treatment on asinglesex ward section 36 mr
provision of services and accommodationsinglesex wards a health board
swim raja is blind asingleshot robbed him of sight
of history distilled into asinglesix hour period in one
sinder v divide singil asingleskail v empty skelp n
sinder v divide singil asingleskails v empties skelloch v
this section evidence from asinglesource is sufficient to prove
fit in neatly to asinglestandard industrial classification sic category
dementit fur in ma blessedsinglestate a ve niver felt
troch cut oot o asinglesteen twis aa one piece
and retain fife as asinglestrategic planning area supported by
snow the weight of asingletear is it leaden s
a pierrot mask with asingletear painted on its ghostly
all the quotations from asingletext at the same time
her thin flat chest asingletreelip o swyte tricklit ower
now lads there rests asingletruth yes yes the lasses
for strategic planing as asingleunit and therefore considers that
m moving rooms to asingleupstairs it s a nicer
to be done in asinglevisit and avoid an unnecessary
the timeless sang wie asinglevyce holy holy holy lord
because they re producin asinglewhich is at no cost
glory of heaven wt asinglewish that i had not
and weel she s asinglewoman whit mair does she
can often operate from asinglework station we can produce
thair youth tae mint aesinglewurd in t the day
starting work in may forsinglefarm workers there were two
it had to be twosingletakes of about 15 20
five deaths and is thesinglebiggest preventable cause of death
that smoking is the greatestsinglecause of preventable disease and
m talkin about well thatsingleend it was in advocates
july to end discrimination againstsinglepeople in respect of the
area strategy should be thesingledocument that directs tourism development
to 50 per cent forsingleolder people furthermore we should
to think that he wouldsinglehandedly make the scots language
new beds sadie she remarkedsingleeens an aa ye ll
have worked their haunting newsingleleaving new york is instantly
may in particular provide forsinglecontracts to be entered into
against trinity s 120 capacitysinglehall many functions may be
and community care yesterday onsingleassessments it is about leaving
greig alswa pleys about wisingleissue politics an issues o
people are saying the biggestsingleanxiety arising from this process
hear of people dying insinglefamily dwellings that are not
to provide support to youngsinglepeople who were starting tenancies
management for older people andsingleshared assessment for all care
s idea she knew thatsinglebedded nonsense it would have
different solutions there is nosinglebig bang that would suit
they would cycle on insinglefile collecting team members along
spring would eat sooricks eithersingleleaves or leaves put nearly
would probably have expired thatsinglesentence my lords tells us
confuses me is that thesingleallocation for finance and public
in 1424 there is nosingleauthorised text for legislation before
that the minister is promotingsinglebids for the entirety of
energy chaamer outside accommodation forsinglefarm servants getting meals in
date gas cooker suitable forsinglegirl with enamelled sides smith
as the scottish council forsinglehomeless and shelter were concerned
and the scottish council forsinglehomeless hector currie s work
and hooks for fixing thesinglehorse in front there was
the travelling expenses of 12singlejourneys for each financial year
authorities and provides for thesingleregulatory framework which is one
the call for evidence 3singlesex schools the committee agreed
keep her in nurses andsinglesheets for years margaret s
count by introducing the proportionalsingletransferable vote for local government
vote count with the proportionalsingletransferable vote system for council
wall is constructed of linearsinglebrick or breeze block with
or tantrum the scarcity ofsingleparent fathers in the district
long mane of greying hairsinglebeds are aa the rage
central heating provision is thesinglebest achievement of the parliament
os in favour of thesinglebut influential opinion of lcoal
tourism though there is nosingledefinition of the tourist industry
integration it is perhaps thesinglemost positive outcome of the
school and the needs ofsingleparents are regarded in legislation
launch of the bill itssingleremit is to advise the
which only approximately matched thesinglestage of enlargement allowed on
little bunches of flowers evensingletulips to his tomb and
of sufficient supplies of thesinglevaccinations to meet requirements supported
prompted his initial flight thesinglebiggest problem with the riding
getting fed up with writingsingleletters he seems to have
the distillery which specialises insinglemalts they will tour the
we heard andrew wilson ssingletransferable speech which we get
three ninety nine on thissinglewhich isn t that good
as well he is stillsingleand fancy free norman bobbie
habit price is undoubtedly thesinglebiggest influence on tobacco consumption
tea is hand plucked unblendedsingleestate high grown tea from
the scottish executive whether thesinglemeasles vaccine is as effective
plans to ensure that thesinglemeasles vaccine is assessed by
[laugh] f1018: i know m1022: singleends you were lucky [laugh]
been mentioned but i willsingleout john young and my
the ends splayed out thesinglepole was then pushed in
try out the public saunassinglesex mind in the swimming
on petition pe 217 onsinglegp practices the committee will
george galloway the man whosinglehandedly destroyed senator coleman on
on him ae nicht hesinglehaundit beat them aw an
mr keith harding s1m 3669singlemmr vaccines lodged on 2
be given to increasing thesingleoccupancy discount on council tax
government elections based on thesingletransferable vote system lodged 21
prestwick it ll cost 694singleand 724 return i doubt
will the executive implement thesingleassessment process and joint working
she s er she ssingleat the moment and er
grows lives and dies insingleblessedness in anthony and cleopatra
worryingly low and often insinglefigures compared to the large
flash touching base i navigatesinglehanded journeying less and less
m741: to be able tosinglehandedly change it and i
educated there to ensure thatsingleparents childless couples and older
the treaty followed up thesingleact s largely successful idea
s aye the same insinglebeds there s some wha
have to pay full faresinglethe travel agent isn t
drinking that yeah like masinglemalts yes m815: i m
the same as the oldsingleen but oh my it
he also agree that thesingleneeds assessment process that i
plural larick s so thesingletree became the larick like
let go website how manysinglevisits the website had over
i was any good atsinglehand bowls perhaps my faults
shouer an jacuzzi an twasinglebedrooms wi their ain lavvies
aye aye he did lassiesinglebeds she snorted derisively they
if ye d been walkinsinglefile we d hae thocht
face hitler s whale armysinglehanded but ae german sodger
drain nae winner yer stillsinglei wis telt ye ve
tug o war married versussingleladies tug o war long
this micht happen if naesinglepairty wins mair nor hauf
toun wis thrang wi junkiessinglequines fa cud faa wi
o meal an no wansingleslap wis run frae jeemie
short if he wis stillsinglewi nae bairns roon his
to fallow sites to maintainsingleyear classes however such an

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