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ay a think sae taesingsquietly tarara boom di ay
chebutykin reads his paper andsingsquietly to himself tarara boom
bobik sitting in it chebutykinsingsquietly to himself tarara boom
thaim greit for a bittiesingsquietly to himself tarara boom
you and me laughs mashasingstara tara tara vershinin tum
pull away from jilly jillysingswhen the dog bites when
on a stool silence jillysingswhen the dog bites when
holds her and pat jillysingswhen the dog bites when
dimps play leap frog dimpssingshe aint heavy he s
play at leap frog cammysingsoh ah do like ti
stop playing leap frog edsingssomeones head resting on my
ti where ah feel jillysingsla la la la la
done pulls his sleeve backsingsburning burning stew so whey
taen place at berdichev irenasingssoftly to herself chebutykin ah
micht hae some tess bernasingsan bent doon the tallest
micht be seen silence bernasingsan mary spoke ti joseph
an real game silence bernasingson a hill far awa
diamonds an sapphires fur bernasingson a hill far away
core silence exit zeb bernasingsyes i ll cling to
ah um wi child tesssingsan joseph flew in anger
wi mah tonic silence tesssingsjoseph an mary walked thru
orm orm orm the poetsingsnaething but lees thorfinn sing
on we dimps cammy stevesingsgo his welfare is my
cammy dimps oudipeus shmeedipeus stevesingsmah mama told me if
they are swimming silence cammysingsoh i do like to
be like like stew cammysingsoooohoooohooooh ah wannae be like
stew holds him silence cammysingssome day i ll wish
cammy starts ironing sheets cammysingssome day i ll wish
back to his cushion cammysingssome day i ll wish
it silence cammy dimps stewsingssomewhere over the rainbow way
is she here silence jillysingsi get knocked down but
big yew trees silence lorisingsoh oh sad is the
chimaeras coorse the waukrife birdsingsderklin an in pitmirk widlan
at one another the birdsingshe said but it is
a moving ikon a birdsingsin a tree in the
long green grass a birdsingsin a tree in the
gaithir cherries fur thee tesssingsan up spoke babby jesus
he acts that way edsingsall i want is a
accommodates only one one edsingsbe it ever so humble
me go all weepy edsingsi would never budge till
arms open to steve edsingssomeones head resting on my
of heat lots of stewsingschocolate for me to eat
shine even during the daysingssomewhere over the rainbow skies
plays then f958: yeah andsingslike just by himself but
she starts to sing moragsingswhither i wander east or
never says anything but shesingsshe says we wish you
tree where knowledge sits andsingsin the windy ship of
child s dance the mansingson she steals shyly away
it gaes lyke this shesingsthe king o love my
o the ettil ti leevesingsto love all ages are
away slowly and goes teeniesingsslowly sadly unaccompanied i ve
in wid move us forwardsingswur off ti see the
while his food cooks agnessingsyou move it to the
f1103: does she f1104: shesingsa lot but she doesna
f1103: mmhm f1104: she [?]always[/?]singsf1103: does she f1104: she
an ti hansil oor mairriagesingso gie ti me an
spring day issa the gowksingsti me whyles til the
what he s entitled tisingsyes i ll cling to
about dulcet tones when somebodysingsf632: mmhm f646: and i
or treat when asian elvissingsfantasy rocks off on dragons
for you must be wearysingsthe chair when like a
to the bridge singing lorisingswhen ah wis a lass
out the lights the nursesingsto the baby off stage
end o it nou shesingsand so through all the
masha gets up as shesingsunder her breath a green
o fish aroon me shesingswith or without accompaniment as
an drums an the rowerssingsawa brawlie nou ah im
for you must be wearysingsthe chair like a draught
kid in which ricky rosssingsabout all the photographs that
gees us what wi dollsingsall i want is a
beautiful morning the tv setsingsout my phantom family whose
beware of the tempter whosingsof other delights than are
is f1118: special f1117: whosingsthat f1118: erm i don
chorister i e one whosingsthe same note as on
poem to the appalachians hesingsto his wife anna recalling
heid they say a robinsingsits best wi ts briest
if he s sad hesingscountry and western if he
honeyed here it flits andsingshumming delight with diamond flashing
a turnpike stair auld reekiesingsan auld sang tae a
lions an ye fa risessingsrins wauks boos plants shews
kirk on a sabbath naebodysingsas weel as da betsy
using key as a microphonesingsi will survive i should
manuscripts and stephanie shepherd alsosingsin a madrigal choir they
in the street the nursesingsin the next room natasha
little deeside girl explained daddysingsin the shower in welsh

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