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them to sit where memberssitchristine grahame were they naughty
you stop touching that pleasesitdoon aye sit doon f1104:
that please sit doon ayesitdoon f1104: sit down mum
wait a min- sit doonsitdoon oh watch yer knees
f1127: sit oh come heresitdoon on mummy look hey
sit doon wait a min-sitdoon sit doon oh watch
[censored: forename] [censored: forename] [censored: forename] f1097: rightsitdoon then sit doon there
f1097: right sit doon thensitdoon there and dinna touch
will ye woah f1089: rightsitdoon wait a min- sit
f1114: [laugh] i sit downsitdown f1113: stand up here
doon aye sit doon f1104: sitdown mum [inaudible] the little
are you goin sit downsitdown no [censored: forename] s had
down [inaudible] f1114: [laugh] isitdown sit down f1113: stand
f951: whaur are you goinsitdown sit down no [censored: forename]
no sit here m1098: isithere f1097: right [cough] here
just sit here you justsithere i m gettin a
play with your cars nosithere m1098: i sit here
sit there and i llsithere m1128: why mummy mummy
hey hey look you justsithere you just sit here
i [?]hate[/?] to sit theresit[inaudible] f1141: right lift your
doo nemo it s f1127: sitoh come here sit doon
put this on top seesitoh do these sit on
thing for a puddok sitsiton an the r a
okay f1111: come on andsiton me sit on my
on and sit on mesiton my knee f1112: no
see sit oh do thesesiton there no er what
mochie thing for a puddoksitsit on an the r
ye re alright you yousitthere and i ll sit
i sit there f1097: yousitthere aye m1098: dad look
f1097: the flair m1098: isitthere f1097: you sit there
you gonnae jist sit theresitthere sayin nothing dimps he
whee f1142: i [?]hate[/?] tositthere sit [inaudible] f1141: right
stew ur you gonnae jistsitthere sit there sayin nothing
committees have invited them tositwhere members sit christine grahame
doun tae downing street taesitamang the warld s elite
you an bid our guestssitdoun an we ll get
an seemed gled aneuch tisitdoun at the brod alang
come up the stair ansitdoun auld jin reddit up
birlin ah think ah lsitdoun for a meinit morag
til awbodie syne a lsitdoun gie me a drap
civilian suit irena lat ssitdoun here for a bit
him bade him in tisitdoun i the abbeymaister s
sydes is even a lsitdoun i the middle here
embleizont she bade lu dasitdoun i the midmaist place
anfisa coldly hou daur yesitdoun in ma presence git
wee ye maunna dae thatsitdoun man draw in a
protest and cries of wheishtsitdoun man soliony the r
she s owre sair tisitdoun nanse ah daursay an
you d come this airtsitdoun said tam on this
crossly wul ye lat mesitdoun sumwhaur jumbles up the
wad ye no lyke tisitdoun syre macbeth here anaith
in oor informations and synesitdoun tae let my colleagues
up here that they soundnasitdoun thare but they juist
door for ye ye cansitdoun thare on yeir hunkers
door for ye ye cansitdoun thare on yeir hunkers
an cairriein afore we cansitdoun til oor wark an
inti the hostlar hous ansitdoun while ti the elder
him an invytit him tisithimsell doun at thair taibil
gaed the auldest quyne tisithirsell doun ootby i the
an in he gaed tosithissel doun cryin out guidman
ti tak ma knittin ansitmasell doun in the kailyaird
yirsel doun inben maister owrancersitnaethin rairs lu da gin
gaun til irena lat ssitoorsells doun thegither for a
ye maun thole the consequencessitye back doun and we
an nithert wi the frostsitye doun a whylie ance
ranks an places here saesitye doun accordin frae the
sae disjaskit in speirit butsitye doun an lat me
an peyin his respecks sayinsitye doun guidsir and dae
ye hae chynged irena pleasesityeirsell doun sir we r
wul ye aw cum ansityeirsells doun please the denner
drappit his wark an sayssityirsel doun dominie an ye
apent his door an saidsityirsel doun inben maister owrancer
she had been frightened tositbeside any boy in her
wee seat that you couldsitbeside f718: mm ingle nook
then motions for tess tositbeside him tess gae sair
yes you gon- you gonnasitbeside the dolls f1112: [?]but there's no room, look[/?]
on and i used tositbeside the switchboard it was
anyman s surveillance it maysitbeside you murder on the
whit s c mere hensitdoon beside me she held
i thought he was gaunnysitdoon beside us earlier i
kind o fancied it wouldsiton the mantelpiece beside the
bibbed apron father and daughtersitpeacefully beside the black leaded
thomas first okay want tositup beside mam here m1110:
doon the glen della kristasitberna ower there aw wi
is gaun tae hiv taesitdoon an come up wi
jenny wad gar the chielsitdoon an hae the wee
pittin on fower cardigans tositdoon an watch television he
sausage right come on andsitdoon and we ll mak
and down and up rightsitdoon and we ll start
feed them some haye thensitdoon aside mi as long
eh m1090: heh [child noise] f1089: sitdoon cause that s aa
she can help it georgiesitdoon chrissie sits on one
doon i m going tositdoon f1113: that s your
an god sake fin yesitdoon for a start at
up billy let d bueesitdoon fur oany sake i
this a minute f1114: mummysitdoon here f1113: are you
little georgie ye d bettersitdoon here gi e me
move ower tess let lorisitdoon hur legs are fare
f1113: whee f1114: let ssitdoon i m going to
enjoying the sun come andsitdoon i m just gan
a cloot fu o wattersitdoon jed the auld wummin
mummy wipes the table thensitdoon m1090: i can t
a got a hardly couldsitdoon ma uncle said that
weight aff yer shoudders hensitdoon maggie sits agnes i
gloves on mum i cannasitdoon mum i ll have
ye can rub it offsitdoon now m1090: okay will
s right and your trouserssitdoon on mam s knee
you re evil will yousitdoon on your bum [?]like you are[/?]
in your feet [inaudible] nositdoon on your bum that
[inaudible] like that for mesitdoon on your seat what
phoney as his english onesitdoon oor doactor said ye
we go right come andsitdoon sunny days f1104: mm
tea dod jean an donnasitdoon tae dine on a
s why kin ye naesitdoon tam yer troos are
cauld hoose na i cudnaesitdoon that wadnae be jean
this ain come on thensitdoon then and dae it
i locked my door f1101: sitdoon then f1102: [laugh] it
is it too hot rightsitdoon then i ll put
[?]sit on[/?] my microphone [laugh] f1125: sitdoon then that s it
no need a bin finesitdoon there okay f1114: [child noises]
ging an get it gladyssitdoon there s nae hurry
see m1128: [child noise] [child noise] f1127: sitdoon till ye see this
s her hair i llsither doon dinna think we
f1104: yeah f1103: aye rightsitit doon there and i
flashies showed us far taesitled on like miners doon
needs hauf the passageway ehsitye doon it s jist
ower the auld brig haddingtonsityersel doon tam hae a
the tradition krista pause heresityursell doon aside me we
the nicht ah l juistsitan watch ah m no
suin hae ti flit yesitan watch the dwynin loanins
ai she did lyke tisitan watch the trees throu
if you really want tositand watch f631: yeah yeah
day we don t justsitand watch the same crap
look they pay people tositand watch travellers go down
from you know go andsitand watch you re not
that friendship it wants tositback and watch westminster shape
finds a parking space tositneighbourhood watch how close he
f1121: [?]we could[/?] f1122: we couldsiton that and watch him
s a girl watch yourselfsiton your seat and be
that s yours m1110: isittae here and watch me
and watch me f1109: ohsittae here and watch you
winter i couldn t justsitthere and watch her pining
on my feet and isitdown again on the floor
question i am willing tositdown and allow her to
south so they made mesitdown and do all these
people to shut up andsitdown and do what they
go to my desk andsitdown and eh i went
of it then you cansitdown and figure it out
yes f1113: oh right yousitdown and i ll make
bullied h- he got tositdown and read a book
but it s hard tositdown and read it if
f746: i would never probablysitdown and read that normally
i m gonnae need tositdown and read the books
course and then she wouldsitdown and she would just
rodé enter the ballroom theysitdown and sing quietly one
being caught they got tositdown and the second person
eh m815: really had tositdown and work at it
books i ve got justsitdown and you can read
whip krista helps her tositdown berna awa wi yi
krista move by the bridgesitdown della casts the runes
i would say stop thatsitdown etcetera but really we
just sort of f1038: yeahsitdown f1037: take this from
the bridge with them rightsitdown f1114: [child noises] me f1113:
found the animals right yousitdown f1114: we ve found
f1118: now i have tositdown f1117: right now [inaudible]
her mother and daughter theysitdown for a rest after
playgroup f1121: okay let ssitdown here and we ll
will i be- right yousitdown here hello hello f1114:
m1098: [splashing noises] [child noises] f1097: rightsitdown i ll get you
hitting a wall i wouldsitdown i would stop m642:
i think you d bettersitdown if i return halifax
that conference me and beastiesitdown in front of the
discriminating wireless listener he wouldsitdown in his comfy armchair
i ll i [inaudible] f1105: sitdown in the bath properly
kitchen and being asked tositdown in the wooden armchair
[laugh] of course stutterin ohsitdown [inaudible] cairry on so
ye puir thing makes hersitdown juist rest yeirsell a
i appeal to members tositdown keep quiet and listen
starts coughing she has tositdown krista and tess comfort
given vitamin pudd tablets andsitdown like christians and less
food and had a propersitdown meal or bannerman s
glassily with a disapproving eyesitdown now dear said the
tae hissel and though isitdown now the time will
it round there right yousitdown okay f1114: th- f1113:
safe an soond the puddoksitdown on the cushion reluctantly
do without conscious thought isitdown on the futon and
clever m1106: i want f1105: sitdown on your bottom properly
says right come on insitdown sat in front of
got tae go down andsitdown the pier m608: mmhm
as i was about tositdown the young romeo brushed
balls f1113: [inaudible] okay yousitdown then f1114: bounce it
chair helps the king tositdown then serves him wine
the register and said justsitdown there and my my
f1113: are you going tositdown there are you tired
f1113: no it s okaysitdown there that s okay
f1114: mum you go andsitdown there this seat f1113:
it on there right justsitdown there we ll play
his admirers throughout the worldsitdown to pay tribute to
know they would employer yessitdown uh huh mhmm yes
ve been asked ever tositdown with a a german
knocked against the wall andsitdown with a bump but
down to a burn andsitit in the water to
down in the bath properlysiton your bum on your
right push it down hardsitup while you f1114: i
blonde hair david you justsityourself down here and read
bowls on a white tablesitapart and yet each is
e room an ye cdsitat e table in e
o ye or ye llsitat thon table aa nicht
baith at the same tablesitgrace an poverty solo flight
out and the longer isithere at the kitchen table
wee andy to the tablesithim on my left thigh
space for everyone to tositround the table f639: so
hands stood still now theysitround the table guests in
anybody else but if peoplesitround this table and five
yi set the table couldnaesitthere though pause you an
wait a minute though andsitup at the table and
right just wait a minutesitup at the table m1096:
[child noises] [child noises] f1097: right behavesitup at the table m1098:
you you have to re-sitan read it an think
ye get them just tositan read it to themselves
that just would love tositand read a book m964:
closed or anything you couldsitand read the big boxes
oh hey you want tositin a corner and read
right come on up andsitm1108: no can you read
like when you used tositthere an you d read
here at ma desk asitan brood aye seekin somethin
go here we go yousitbonny there s another one
better than her actually isithere and i don t
the parliament and she shouldsithere and listen particularly since
how aboot that we kinsithere and no know the
it so much better tosithere and turn our backs
i ll get them yousithere aside your microphone look
here look we ll justsithere cause it s cosy
up because i m gonnasithere cause that s too
f1097: [exhale] right i llsithere [cough] [?]what's this lorry, it goes into a mannie[/?] does it
here aside your microphone looksithere f1126: no no f1125:
mummy [exhale] mum you cansithere if you want to
s rude an sae asithere in ma place an
biggest man in the burghsithere in splendour happy powerful
you sure you want tosithere it ll be chilly
ll do here i llsithere mummy [inaudible] f1103: batten
oot and we ll justsithere okay wait till i
ye dinna see it yesithere on yeir erses seein
bill we should not justsithere rubber stamping sewel motion
me afore i canna jistsithere watching television for the
away ma fears as ahsithere wi ma ankles in
dander up jist let misithere wi mah tonic silence
here carolanne i couldn tsitmaggie right i came in
here we go will shesitoh right f1114: look all
i ll s- i llsiton here i think m1106:
right f1125: right if yousitover here a bit f1126:
f1126: [exhale] f1125: come onsitower here be a good
want to mum look cansitower here f1101: [censored: another customer speaking] f1102:
f1113: right come on thensitround here leave that okay
s aa the puppies theresitup and see here and
or are you going tositup here f1112: i am
chair here f1126: aye f1125: situp here f1126: [?]sit on[/?] my
here do you want tositup on this chair here
bounce it f1113: right yousitover there right are you
ll find another one yousitthere f1114: that f1113: there
f1113: another book right yousitthere i ll find you
there we go [inaudible] f1113: sitthere just to be careful
uh huh f1113: come onsitup at peace when you
this one f1114: [exhale] f1113: situp f1114: no no no
dad f1113: bye right woopssitup [inaudible] f1114: let s
s- [inaudible] f1113: now rightsitup there a minuty right
berna pause ah ll jistsitback in mah rocker starin
place jist ahin faar isiti ve got e bed
s nae jist richt taesitin ere s a tartan
ma cheer it d jistsitstarin s oot it wid
importantly teenie rises georgie jistsitstill a while lass till
s my order you jistsitthere an enjoy your tay
bessie no no jist yousitwhere you are close to
that plenty right then yousitin your chair f1122: that
beanbag right you going tositon the beanbag right [inaudible]
go oh you want tositon the beanbag right you
[inaudible] put up right yousiton your butt on this
in their right mind wouldsitout in the ye know
and [censored: forename] s going tositright m1096: okay mine s
i ll just hae tositright you pop them in
f1118: look [inaudible] f1117: [whistle]sitthem there right and farr
to granny s right yousitthere and finish your colouring
s needing a team tositthere and say right what
it it s okay yousitthere bonny oh right use
s okay you can stillsitthere right [censored: forename] [censored: surname] what
after right you want tositup on your bed and
f1122: aye for us tositon f1121: okay f1122: where
rocks can we go andsiton those rocks f1121: okay
saw the snaw ye wouldsitan say snaw snaw come
they have never come tositat my door before and
oops a daisy come onsitat peace when you re
at aberdour but come homesitin garden sunday 16 repeat
like it to come backsitin the middle of the
still come hirplin ben taesitlugs cockit heid asklent nearhaun
phone us we come roondsitoan yi if need be
would need to come andsiton the horse s heid
this daftness betty awa andsitootside someone ll maybe come
yeah m1048: she ll justsitand laugh all the way
him up the stair tisitat peace ma dochter ll
the next one we llsither this is your one
he ll be able tosithimself for his breakfast f1142:
ll need a place tosithunched over your writing where
f1141: he ll have tositin that one over there
that mannie s wanting tositon that bench we ll
pastries tae eat an llsiton yer knee an ll
the pieces ready wait [?]a wee bit[/?]sitthere and i ll take
corner will he want tisitwi us cammy he ll
she just said one wordsitand [laugh] so i just
in australia i d justsitat the computer and our
s fine you can justsitback if you want m805:
are just off to flatsitfor k k their water
i just get you tositforward a tiny bit further
m driving m1096: [inaudible] justsitin [inaudible] f1095: aye but
i m just going tositin the classroom and i
m608: mmhm yeah m1163: justsitin the hoose and get
it comes out and justsitin the house [laugh] f958:
couldnae ask you tae justsit[inaudible] a tiny bit [inaudible]
phase ehm but they justsitnational assessments at primary seven
were just not allowed taesiton it ye know [laugh]
chalk f1112: i d bettersiton something f1111: no just
a video out and justsiton the couch f810: i
just involve training people tositon the management board it
f1049: [laugh] just go andsitoutside [laugh] m1048: yeah what
ye feel mean ye justsit[swallow] i m better than
wait a wee minute justsitthere sheet first m1094: why
no thanks can i justsitwi you for a minute
you by surprise as yousitat your peaceful fireside together
aye that s true m1163: sitin your hoose for a
[laugh] f1142: me you gonnasiton my knee your brother
belt on f1102: aye f1101: siton your bottom please f1102:
f1102: and give it mum f1101: siton your bottom please f1102:
f1142: [inaudible] you should besiton your bum mum see
you want f1104: can isiton your knee f1103: oh
off so f1104: can isiton your knee mum f1103:
run widdershins three crouched monkeyssiton your mantelpiece we are
well away they will onlysiton your mantlepiece filling the
it has been seen tositon your settee complaining the
a good girl you cansitround again and finish your
a good job of itsitwith your finding that morale
a man want nor tisithis lane bebbin his tass
yeah [laugh] f812: want tositin silence f813: did you
it m1090: i want tositin this chair f1089: in
do not particularly want tositon planning committees and i
of the boys want tositthere it was miss wood
uh huh f1102: go onsiton the chair f1101: i
go can we go andsiton those stones f1121: that
lanes practising or go andsitsomewhere on a bale of
went had to go andsitthe exam wi the jannie
a chance tae go andsitthe exams tae go tae
i meant tae go andsitthe geography exam on a
that and so i dsitthere and i d go
would make the licensing authoritysitup letters should go to
fae school ah go andsitwi him and tell him
and off you go yousitwi ma behave a treat
aye their proodest boast theysitan freeze while up in
front of the stereo isitbeastie up against the settee
dear recovering to beth bethsitbeth sits sadie picks up
whistle they all get upsitby the bridge krista wind
cards she doesn t evensither christmas cards up f639:
i cross the floor isitlike a pebble washed up
lights up cammy and dimpssiton their cushions cammy holds
washed up on the shoresittill the moon comes up
me over i struggled tositup against the pillows irritable
the tailor who would willinglysitup all night doing a
the ancient drawings unless wesitup and take notice of
waukrif thay canna sleep thaysitup aw nicht lauchin an
the tip o hir tailsitup beiss quo the green
ma wallies a tried taesitup but this pain beltet
wood will tell him tositup in a minute but
fan i was plannin tositup late an michty look
the flip chart they allsitup stew writes sexual frustration
jotters then everybody has tositup straight enough to please
up tall in your- andsitup straight with a straight
wauken the midnicht oor ansitup strecht in bed gin
over and found i couldsitup to my neck in
mithir she gently shakes bernasityursell up show mi a
dae ye mean lat hirsitaboot tearfully na ah dinna
it s nae till yesitan think aboot different words
wul never ask ye tisitat a spinnin wheel again
monie oniewey andrey ye cansitaw yeir lane in sum
e peoples journal ye cdsitere readin as lang as
dunts an dirls as yesitin e cairt bit naa
an by bit gin yesitin the seelence there the
frae nou on ye cansitin yeir chair for an
all it s actually yesitoot an hopefully get a
ye know where ye cansitoot an it s quite
and his wife let yesitoot in the gairden ye
if ye re willin taesitquairt e wid sat like
thrives fare pyin punters dinnasitsae snod as ye taxi
ye got a chance taesitthat and i went and
an ye d still taesitwi a thick gunsey an
goin ye dinna deserve taesitwi the rest o the
aidders a nest o viperssitye an wheesht hissed the
jin ti cry honest freinssitye whaur ye are the
public in the galleries tositin members seats there is
oor solidarity an feenish thesitin oh there are bastards
flowing there an so isitlike a pebble on time
disabled people not wanting tositon planning committees but there
sau- [shout] i like tositon there f1141: oh whee
no f1112: [?]what is it?[/?] f1111: yousitover there f1112: no f1111:
book out and er isitthere for half an hour
is because you ve gottasitthere for no one every
somehow it seemed indecent tositthere in broad daylight lingering
silence chips are reliable theysitthere in yer hand you
of raucous offspring don tsitthere jim higgins like keats
ridiculous that the convener shouldsitthere like a schoolmaster saying
i d the time taesitthere like that pause she
would say and mother wouldsitthere looking white and miserable
those too m1007: you couldsitthere m1008: yeah f1009: mmhm
please f1071: [tapping] [tapping] yousitthere m1070: [censored: forename] what happened
response fae wally dugs theysitthere quiet by the fire
headland fiddle at my heelssitthere s good dog he
vanished so i had tositthere with my arms aching
m1096: i was going tositin for gordon f1095: portgordon
was going to have tositlike this when i heard
[censored: forename] are you going tositon my knee or no
is the baby going tositon the potty remember you
sighs then to beth bethsitbeth sits maggie to sadie
so so should wi mibisiteh ed then yi could
time for pupils to preparesitexams recover and then prepare
then back filled and letsitfor a few weeks before
on the settee then isiton top of the cushion
the middle of it tositquietly then i put a
and rizzio walk around thensitto dine lifting wine glasses
the bar their counsel couldsitwith them to confer then
for a tour [laugh] m815: sitand do a wee [inaudible]
comb it and you bettersitback on that [inaudible] no
ferlies born o the seasitill on lan a glimmer
off like a gazelle tositimpassively on the wooden dais
happened on any of thesesitins until bold and inventive
stiffly at the waist tositlotus fashion on his cushion
opus but i hope tositmy oral defence on aug
f646: this you had tositon a a chaise longue
what aboot the seat wesiton a long soft seat
wintin a dry lap taesiton afore they kent sae
thing for a puddok tisiton an the r a
the shade for bessie tositon are you sure you
s a gey cheer taesiton bit it s handy
cammy dimps and steve allsiton cushions dimps fuckin tell
thumb stew cammy and dimpssiton cushions long silence cammy
fae da aester ayre tasiton da briggistane broch at
tae gyang wi them taesiton daisy s back as
think it s that yousiton i can t remember
we were not allowed taesiton it f1043: oh aye
aye m1042: only visitors couldsiton it f1054: what s
aye fear i would s-siton it or stand on
got a minor exam tositon methods next friday fun
johnson would only need taesiton monboddo and he d
f637: handit and made mesiton my hand and hut
he is he allowed tositon my knee when he
gunzey e used it taesiton pickin a hummocky o
are no good if theysiton someone s shelf and
sae lang that she cudsiton t her een war
her cup with her tositon the armchair by tutankhamen
chair he brings while isiton the bed with my
burns their airse has taesiton the blister are two
not we make those whositon the boards directly elected
had to get out andsiton the bonnet but facing
that s a sitting roomsiton the chair look at
committee of the regions isiton the commission for culture
legacy paper for whomever willsiton the committee after dissolution
s two scissors let ssiton the floor and we
no smiles if no chairssiton the floor mr grant
[laugh] no way did yousiton the [laugh] cooch f1043:
representatives from the tourism industrysiton the nicholson committee and
through to the lounge andsiton the settee where it
of the street used tositon the shop windowsills and
and stuff he made mesiton the sofa stay and
taking over ed returns tositon the stool silence ed
nearby where his inquisitor wouldsiton the thin blue carpet
an the other yin wouldsiton their back an as
silence stew cammy and dimpssiton their cushions ed sits
believe especially when they cansiton their old arm chairs
4th kirkhill hotel as isiton this bar stool my
say a i meant wassiton till you re mairriet
deep it was made tositon top of a coggie
now in scotland to actuallysitoutside f1145: on the patio
roses where a greying pairsitpicnicking on sandwiches his and
on and embraces her theysitpray play harp and flute
crucial own goal everyone willsitquietly on the benches quietly
leave the room certainly notsitstill e teacher geed on
me mibby it will besitin the hoose an look
widna ve been allowed taesitaboot at hame a day
wis a fine place taesitat it wis a solid
tattie chapper an left taesitby the fireside so that
its nae sae fine taesitere e later in e
an shuin were left taesithe d try for troots
bath and da used taesitin the bath an we
tae katmandu an skeely surgeonssitlike weans while ian lectures
sheer torture o haein taesitloon aside quine at ilky
sadie you wanted her taesitmaggie she s not a
lang as she mindit taesitsidesaddle an nae stridelegged like
wi bandages he hid taesitupricht an nae move for
agnes ah m gaun taesitwi carolanne gordon to agnes
door tae the stable taesitwi daisy a whyle she
tuik it in turns taesitwi her in fit queer
convener mr flynn would yousita little closer to the
one time you had tosita test to drive a
don t actually have tositand draw plans if you
f1129: aye but you cannasitand eat yoghurt when you
you don t need tositand suck an empty pipe
you must have somewhere tositand we could not have
the unit so you cansitbonny f1140: yes f1139: will
echtie yin olga juist yousitdou for a whyle nannie
car so you ve tositf1025: mm f1026: with all
world 1 do you eversitin a public toilet and
doors f1101: well you cannasitin the car you ve
were silence stew you kinsitin the day practice yur
even if you had tositin the park you were
i do actually you knowsitin these tutorials and think
was quite dauntin cause yousitin this wee room an
car you ve got tositproperly in a car or
each and you need tositunder them for an hour
the bottom of escalators peoplesitwatching you enter a block
wairned cormac sayin the nichtsityou in the shaidaes ayont
sheltered bank where they couldsitenjoying the open air mains
shade the place where isitlapped round with sea sound
the sea terrace where isitmemory reinvents my childhood house
where icons dwell they maysitquiet as a cell of
pools the terraces where wesitwith a sweep of his
all shapes and sizes isitas an msp and can
santa claus noo we cansitback an listen till a
binny house my wife cansitback and relax and know
weekend i asked we cansitby the stove have a
i can now do 20situps and 12 press ups
that christine boch can nowsitwith the committee and comment
wi ootstreitcht hauns we dsitan talk an warm oor
d sooth whiteness raud isitback itae d saet an
scorchin heat an he dsitby the sulphur lochs an
he says i d tosither dou- she says all
was a humbling experience tositat the back of the
joan [censored: surname] who had tositat the back we also
that situation or will shesitback and wring her hands
and e mail if isitquietly at the back of
to be burnt now isitin the dining tent writing
but now they don tsitquietly f963: mmhm f965: now
jamon good dog stay nowsitstill i consider the power
is to do now issittight and cross my fingers
climb over the side andsitin it he remembers mother
be a good girl f1126: sitover f1125: be a good
aw she could dae wissitan greet pat rushes at
ushered in and told tositbefore i could speak and
swingers pilots and pingers tositat the coals warming my
the land of flamenco tositlike a lemon my soul
of an evening when isitand knit and him wi
wi an open serk ahsitin a green wuid ah
we dae wi oot jobssitin oor hooses an smoke
micht a tippit in tasitwi him is shö sits
ceased it s good tositawhile apart from time to
event it s good tositin the grass of an
i didn t sort ofsitand mope and say oh
an wynds an lanes isitamang the traffic birr far
elly s kitchie the moosiessitan greet monday mornin brakkfast
an staun an pech ansitas yer auld hert taks
an kep black lumps ositat wid itherwise hae broken
an the twa chackies widsitby the roadside an hae
when it s reporting oorsitin an laughin keeps us
they are gorblins when theysitin their nests an if
toadies imps an goblins cannaesitoan thum fairies cannae mak
o excavators an giant bulldozerssitor raither crouch like muckle
drying mermaid i pay andsitstare at an empty nail
the kailyaird an ah wulsitthare spinnin aw day that
an ordeal for them tositthrough the previous lengthy discussion
they finally rowsed him tosithe stared at them blearily
brethren would have got tositand be quite however it
we got new places tositat in the class the
olive and i got tositin a in a car
huge excitement i got tositin her car and she
o clock i got tositin her car that was
confidence every morning i wouldsitin the olive groves lost
that he would have tositnext to me f1155: mmhm
household book but they wouldsittogether at night for a
quite daunting for me tositin front of a committee
savoire faire disciples willing tositat the feet of her
of burnt sienna tiles isitand face two candles cupped
elder bade the lord clerksiti the guesten seat lu
for a nursing mother tositi walk across the bare
a loner i used tositin a corner all day
heard o the lulu lingeriesitin aye weel i m
lost a stone since thesitin sterted bit i loss
sitting room or even tositin the kitchen so i
and john jones senior tositalone awaiting the sheriff s
is a pleasant place tositand chat two informal suppers
time for the kids tositand play cards or to
playtime because he refused tositand pledge the allegiance and
site massage chairs and peoplesitand put m608: yeah f643:
running away from responsibility tositand snipe from the comfort
picture in a book andsitand think and wonder why
huh but we had tositand wait until they were
the borders aw the midgiessitaroon water [laugh] m942: and
crossroads ladies in red capssitat metro entrances and again
to the floor make themsitcross legged stew and ed
executive how many pupils willsitexams in a latin and
and anonymity of a bedsitfor living out the type
each other cammy and dimpssitin front of stew and
had and he used tositin the cart and he
have electronic voting and wesitin the classic european hemicycle
herself and the lulu lingeriesitin the hi fi has
dish with cold water andsitit in to keep f641:
only like some programmes wesitquietly and hope that one
happenin again ed and stewsitwith head s bowed silence
is no weill l macbethsitdour guid freins himsell is
occupations that they seem tositbadly with the world denying
their seats or else theysitbolt upright as if full
the problems while we maysitin our ivory towers they
them they didn t obliginglysitintriguingly before the fireplace like
clive ramsay s they actuallysitout in november they ve
usual for the men tositat one side of the
need a work permit tositat the desk for a
big pieces of computing thatsitat the heart of many
clogs four boots six sandalssitat the shrine door vessels
she tries the two womensitstaring at each other finally
enters in the ring boxerssitin their corners referee enters
bayonet their own bellies thansitout a war as some
forgethert incommunicado the nicht trevellerssitpoe faced keppin their baggage
get into stand so wesitin cafè watching t v
explain the dialectic o thesitin sae we were fechtin
s command felucca ride wesitin the hold like fish
that we are discussing willsitin the overall profile of
with friends or simply tositalone like simon in pleasant
to the chair sadie bethsitbeth sits sadie to gordon
our publisher likes to si-sitin leith with a big
a really comfy position tositin m608: mmhm f641: hm
might even be prepared tositin silence in the corner
were passing strangers pause tositin the garden refreshed by
why does he have tositin the row next the
60 years ago used tositin while miss oxley was
people with guide dogs tositproviding water for the dog
in the courtroom brian tositwith weatherly who looked as
naething olga aweill lat hirsitaboot natasha in surprise whit
the main focus two youthssitin front of a pile
decoration bit [?]it moves[/?] [sniff] dinnasitin it f1104: it s
the way of sinners orsitin the seat of mockers
paragraphs after the introductory partsitmore in line with the
of view it might wellsitquite low in the level
in a room next doorsitrem s bass player mike
of flexibility that might notsitso well in legislation bill
sweet sucking crisp crunching visitorssitthrough the clockwork evening in
della krista lori robby allsithuddled togther tess yin day
cryed staun kiz he winnasitay toved maistres stein the
favour of the appellant maysitas a member of the
wise the last two bowlssitclose the sixth is deep
uppie ither fowks das biggitsitooteries or bred futterats some
cammy same as stew baithesitthe same wae dimps classic
snaw may ilk hen birdsitticht or the corbies wad
described by fiag did notsitwell with the timing of

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