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red transistor radio close bysitsa stool nearby lies a
a door enter pat patsitson a stool facing the
to the screen shadow boxessitson a stool silence jilly
enter bj jilly stops boxingsitson stool bj sure yi
sarah and gary spar leesitson stool boxers leave the
next move lee gets upsitson the stool folds her
on the ledge he thensitson the stool he opens
sit on their cushions edsitson the stool takes the
stew sits close by edsitson the stool with doll
a day or or edsitson the stool with doll
it hen beth exits agnessitsback knitting gordon enters agnes
can t get to yousitsbeside beth and holds her
wid you go hen bethsitsbottle down and exits agnes
up beth s shoes andsitslooking at them carolanne gets
to beth beth sit bethsitsmaggie to sadie what are
have a seat beth bethsitsmaggie to sadie you could
walks over as beth swallowssitsopposite and interrupts before beth
to beth beth sit bethsitssadie picks up the ironing
chair sadie beth sit bethsitssadie to gordon that s
tae shut ye up bethsitssadie tries to assess the
and on and on agnessitswatching beth walk agnes she
doll from under his armsitsit on his knee ed
out her arms and moulasitson her knee they embrace
here moula moves to eilidhsitson her knee where she
a ventriloquist s doll hesitsthe doll on his knee
exit malcolm and shona eilidhsitsdown again at her spinning
exit malcolm and shona moulasitsdown and sobs she continues
exit she breaks down criessitsheavily crying and rocking shh
an some o sna snasitsdoon it winna gang awa
blaw again an slowly slowlysitsdoon the sna bloomin stuff
day ata ahin the dykesitsdoon the sna saturday 6th
other holds the iron stewsitsclose by ed sits on
energy jilly sits down bjsitsdown beside her enter gary
channel the negative energy jillysitsdown bj sits down beside
here right and this onesitshere that one sits there
one sits here that onesitsthere that one there and
weeeeeeeee pat twirls around bjsitsdown jilly shadow boxes pat
bj throws his arms upsitsdown pat awright beej awright
bj walks away goes andsitson the edge of the
steve crawls on his kneessitsbeside dimps dimps so steady
the weather s improved shesitsbeside her it s the
steve crawls from the cornersitsbeside stew holds him stew
guy seats ok empty fuckinsitsright beside me smell like
we no masha ay irenasitsdown ah m that gled
it is oniething happenin mashasitsdown na naething a pause
masha carrying a pillow shesitsdown vershinin continues an whan
left without saying anything mashasitsup she gangs aboot lookin
the wheelie bin so shesitsat the easy chair i
up a chair purposefully andsitsdown by the queen mither
tea they have gone gladyssitsin neil s chair gladys
bearable even enjoyable sometimes jimmysitson a chair he brings
gang back moula moves andsitson a chair moula ah
returns to his chair butsitson the very edge of
hir moula wakes up andsitsup in bed she is
s lee 50 s jillysitscrossed leg in front of
ed ed say something edsitswith his head bowed cammy
be the heat maybe shesitsagain neil settles down with
back of the stage andsitsdown ah m fair guttit
set ahaud bi yon wundsitsdown ah tell ye whit
makes for his desk hesitsdown and opens his reading
stoondin ai ma puir heidsitsdown andrey lost twa hunder
s aw yin ti mesitsdown andrey passes across the
nice almost english voice shesitsdown arranges her kilt neatly
doun for a meinit moragsitsdown at the edge of
queerlyke stick that soliony issitsdown at the piano and
goes over to him andsitsdown at the table ah
he combs his beard thensitsdown at the table and
bows to the company andsitsdown at the table vershinin
walcum til ye aw everybodysitsdown but macbeth lords oor
by a twittering gladys peggysitsdown by loretta who has
book in his hand andsitsdown by the candle toozenbach
ti see ye the daysitsdown by the piano olga
in her hair she thensitsdown by the well to
buss tak yeir meinits pompitiesitsdown exhausted by the curly
his hoarse bellow as geordiesitsdown he gives andy a
into the drawing room andsitsdown in a corner natasha
died peggy breaks away andsitsdown in tears herself loretta
out the precious tin hesitsdown lays the tin on
back of the stage andsitsdown on a swing enter
smacked hand to his mouthsitsdown on his nappy clad
face sobs shake me fionasitsdown on the bed close
them irena they r gaensitsdown on the bottom step
there meekly embroidering it fionasitsdown on the floor and
magic wal at lest shesitsdown on the large stone
copy cat whispers fiona andysitsdown that s guid says
bag nearer to tess hesitsdown then motions for tess
don t want any shesitsdown to sew mrs beaumont
ah maun hae a saetsitsdown vershinin sae nou ma
ear and obviously the editorsitsdown with erm the chief
shoudders hen sit doon maggiesitsagnes i ll be back
hand into her bag andsitsto continue reading agnes there
coffee and juice while mothersitsandy firmly on the floor
brings on two chairs thensitson floor to play mary
well versed pat stops boxingsitson the floor removes the
silence dimps so cammy hesitshunched ower wi yin leg
razor teeth kin hide dimpssitsup dimps fuck sake aw
sharing sharing an listenin dimpssitsup this guy new guy
his cushion nearer stew thensitsfacing the wall steve face
lights fade lights up stevesitsin the corner his coat
aff eh whit a wastesitsbeer on the table sadie
carolanne stops tidying up andsitssadie what did ye dae
street in front of itsitsa table with two chairs
is not the one whositsat the table over the
laughter koolyghin whan therteen fowksitsdoun at the yae table
sit wi him is shösitsapö da altar noo her
it georgie sit doon chrissiesitson one of the barrels
steady slobbering of it andysitsand glowers at her again
mother andy goes upstairs andsitson his bed for a
so he turns away andysitsup as properly as he
today the heavy stone thatsitsa little way behind my
say what they mean whatsitsin another s mind behind
lies behind the word whatsitsin another s mind is
well where a waiting bucketsitswhat lies behind the word
a bundle of letters lorisitsclose by a small heap
haes stown the bairn malcolmsitsup in bed malcolm mercie
the bottom f1121: that dollysitson your bed though does
for several seconds she thensitsup abruptly in bed shona
in the middle of parklandsitsa square black marble platform
black yes sir the classsitsand the two boys do
drink free a black dogsitson the bank like a
echt black legs a wyversitswi a smirk on its
echt black legs a wyversitswi a smirk on its
of conscious unconsciousness sometimes isitsand thinks as the saying
goes and sometimes i justsitsor in other words in
he shrugs and goes shesitsstill peggy off hello neil
is subdued and withdrawn shesitsupright not relaxing neil looks
high above his favourite rodsitsby his side beloved more
a beaut the noo tanksitsright along side the iron
poet s attentions an humoursitsside by side wi daith
dis begin tae melt awasitsdoon ahin the dyke nae
gurgelling hillside stream a fishermansitsdoon tae dream summers fragrant
wis doon sooth foo everybodysitswaaks wi een o dem
the teaspoon again pause shesitsand takes a sip of
speak but words fail himsitson his high bench again
his left thumb again hesitsthere for a long time
emerges thought made word powersitshissing in its slits of
sittin by some meedow theresitsa wumman aa her lane
there to greet it grandmothersitsby the fireside swivels her
the bluid kimberley anne shesitsher leen wauked wi the
back into the lobby andsitsletting her stick drop to
the sky far starnies bidesitsthe meen in her siller
pipes in her dream shesitsup and sees the image
the crayon off her pinkiesitsup properly and gazes at
rows of smokeless chimneys hesitsin his bubble now getting
his big sister giggles hesitsnext geordie macmillan and he
a large medical book hesitson a cushion curling his
for sums horrible sums hesitsproperly and puts his left
man ti see ye queensitsup a man wha wha
courtyard below the window shesitsup a voice shouting offstage
m that bored bored boredsitsup ah canna git it
and then the puddok slowlysitsup and starts to sing
cum in cum in hesitsup eilidh enters carrying a
yestrein she juist sleeps ansitsaboot daein naething olga aweill
the less o you shesitscomfortably and starts to peel
carriage f1103: the carriage shesitsin here look [inaudible] f1104:
my birthday wi it shesitssuddenly very near tears the
other si- the back hesitsat the back m1096: [inaudible]
s perspective soft small rainsitslightly on my back like
bridge of falling sound cloudsitsa nest of white on
swims against the stream cloudsitsa nest of white on
an kirkwud skerend hoose atsitsablow the schuil on the
such as david mcletchie whositsand preaches on help for
braw blek hat the hatsitsaye on ma heid but
ahint the knockin stane ansitsdoun on t hirsell syne
leaf drapt on the wavessitsglentin green on broon as
of grass somebody s pussycatsitslike a gibbet tries on
a shameless hedonist a seagullsitson a branch pretending to
fitbae shape right an itsitson a wee m942: yes
mail an invisible magpie ssitson anyman s shoulder called
gunlöd no juist yit ormsitson bench hurry gin ye
what is its remit whositson it when did it
what is its remit whositson it when did it
what is its remit whositson it when did it
same commitment to it whoeversitson the successor health and
on there no er whatsitson there f1114: no that
my dixons travelling clock whichsitson top of a pamphlet
the bridge look this onesitshere right and this one
ll break it f1104: fasitsin here f1103: barbie f1104:
the house like an eagletsitsin its stone eyrie a
languages there is someone whositsin the chamber and asks
town and even today itsitsin a prominent situation by
this story while the heroinesitsmodestly by ready to intervene
by the aurora borealis valgerdsitsspinning by the fire which
looks typically moody as hesitsin a kensington hotel room
s the tree where knowledgesitsand sings in the windy
however proportionality where this offencesitsin relation to what the
and the speedboat s- [splashing sounds]sitsin the water look it
me speak ti ye gunnarsitsye say naething gunlöd ye
with it f1127: the babysitsin there and it canna
of the royal mile thatsitswell with the spectacular backdrop
the the pillion pass- passengersitsabove the driver and you
ghost of banquo enters andsitsin macbeth s place macbeth
the ram s head godsitsstrange and silent daily it
and a mate as itsitstails a waggin fur you
the brainches caw a wummansitshir lane an weaves hir
a plump women of sixtysitsknitting in the armchair carolanne
sheriff court the justice skyscrapersitsin the laptop o the
far aboot yon slave shipsitsin the watter they tell
if you d raither sleepsitsyou ll need to waken

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