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aw no was he justsittinon his bum watchin tv
efter this splore i wissittinthere disjaskit watchin a perfect
out er great expectations justsittinthere watchin that f807: yeah
war correspondent jonsar eck wissittinwatchin the news ae nicht
fuel crisis jonsar eck wissittinwatchin the news on the
goes down we re awsittinwatchin this match one time
mummy was sitti- i wassittinwatchin you wasn t i
steve back in the hoosesittinwi a can watchin the
weidae s saicont dochter wessittinthare wi hir shewin waitin
picture the twa o themsittinthere waitin to hear fae
onto the dumfries road againsittinwaitin for boats m608: mmhm
m no daen it agnessittinwaitin fur somethin tae happen
troops were in the lorriessittinwaitin tae be transported to
if they ve got thesittinand sittin rooms m1020: [inaudible]
it s a lo- asittinm1020: you had the livin
be a bedroom and asittinroom f1054: oh god m1020:
room m1022: sitting room m1020: sittinroom m1019: lounge m1021: aye
up in morningside m1020: asittinroom m1021: it does m1022:
ve got the sittin andsittinrooms m1020: [inaudible] you gone
things sae thare he wissittinat the table wi eddie
in anfisa nou they rsittindoun thare ablo the stair
laughs he looks that solemnsittinglowerin thare they all laugh
thare wes the littil kittlinsittinpurr purrin afore the ingil
o tottie caunils an tharesittinroun a burnist aik taibil
the heizin muin she wessittinthare hir lane thinkin on
anfisa mimics him anfisa huhsittinthare in his den goes
at him man ye rsittinthare lyke a craw in
of cognac ye r ayesittinthare yeir lane lyke a
ah think a see hirsittinthare yit she points to
hid entered the room wissittinaside the patient booed ower
we d much rather besittinin a room on our
whun thir wis anither bodysittinin the room doctor tate
shö wanted me ta besittinon a dinin room shair
a livin room an asittinroom but back in the
ve heard it called thesittinroom but we really just
in the door o thesittinroom damn thing winna gang
twa cheers went throo thesittinroom door a richt bit
hoose it d be thesittinroom f1001: the livin room
room and you had thesittinroom f1018: room was something
haad em oot o esittinroom fin i pat on
plankit hissell doun in thesittinroom he s cum again
great that was it wassittinroom livin room would be
used tae call it thesittinroom m1017: no no m1014:
somebody else s house normallysittinroom m999: aye if ye
the ither would be asittinroom m999: aye m1000: yes
but you ve got asittinroom no it s two
f1145: it was just thesittinroom now f1054: that s
all the time f1054: neversittinroom or anything m1015: we
house m1000: well m1002: thesittinroom was the the one
mmhm mmhm mmhm f1001: thesittinroom would probably often be
no m1015: go ben thesittinroom yeah m1014: i ve
says you must have asittinroom you must have somewhere
aedge at tynninghame aest lothiansittinapö mi shair tryin ta
areadies playin durty a msittinther tryin tae think trying
it wis auld bauldy broonsittinthere tryin tae tak oot
play it so he ssittinthere tryin to do it
eck tae himsel jonsar wissittinhaein a cup o tay
the wye jonsar eck wissittinin the aiberdeen hospital he
cases ere wis jonsar ecksittinin the car winnerin foo
o clock jonsar eck wissittinin the doctors surgery he
happy nippy jonsar eck wissittinin the e e clinic
extracted fae a drunk wummansittinoan a thistle misquoted is
play oan us nae mairsittinoan edge nae mair listenin
say coont dracula i msittinoan his chist the stake
as ye ll ever seesittinoan the bank huvin wur
wi nae price tag attachedsittinoan the shelf free merchandise
a guy in his thirtiessittinwi a doll oan his
ae cley pipe an whansittinay ae gey bit back
boom di ay ah msittinon a tomb aw day
boom di ay ah msittinon a tomb aw day
boom di ay ah msittinon a tomb aw day
boom di ay ah msittinon a tomb aw day
war ay catriona an hirsittinspinnin nettils for the ettin
cuttin doon the grain ahmsittinunder the shade ay a
hae been there ay lordsittinupby i the kinrik ti
hat gemm he fund hisselsittinat the same table wi
kitchen ma auntie pauline wissittinat the table havin a
geordie an his freends wissittinroond the table in the
thegither ae day thay warsittinroun the table in thair
the warld whit are yesittindoun afore the elder for
mait the mannie hissel wissittindoun ahint the counter forenent
that is the lord advocatesittindoun there afore ye but
fower o them wir aasittindoun wi glesses in their
maik o a houdie crawsittincockin up on hir claes
keep but his bonnie lassiesittingreitin at hir pinglin wark
een on the wee leddiesittininby hir nit cairdin woo
wyld flouers ferr better norsittinkempin at hir spinnin wheel
hir scholars daein thair lessonssittinliggin an mebbies yin or
hoose an stately hame orsittinby some meedow there sits
like one minute she ssittinin her ain hoose mindin
sit- [laugh] folk d besittinin their hoose an see
antecestors eftir aittin thair pecessittinon the auld stane style
tae bei haen thair piecesittinon the side o the
the day the twa wissittinabout i the study bletherin
fur she wis hippit wisittinan gey rheumaticky syne he
wis rale tiret an sweatysittinat e edge o e
strae weel yer grannie wissittinbi the fire wi me
sae there wis shi jinsittini the back gairden takin
o hou profunditas lu wissittini the simmer hous for
a thochtie aunt florence wissittinin a cheer aside the
walked in bit granda wissittinin a neuk o the
castle wis an impressive placesittinon a big rock richt
abeen her queat she wissittinon a cheer upo the
day e country scholars wissittinon a sinny bank tae
windae it wis jist rokasittinon eez bum wi eez
wis that butch wis stillsittinon the bankin sundance had
the kitchen ma mammy wissittinon the settee in the
polis same twa he wissittinright there by ma bed
all laugh loudly silence bernasittinroon the fire wis where
ana an she wis leftsittinthere april 1998 thusday 16
oor blissins here we irsittinhere oor twa sells warm
the twa paps o inchkeithsittinon its horizon afore the
twa o them were noosittinsippin coffee an a gless
and some o them aresittinafore me as i speak
dipthingham an his wife kirstysittinon ilky side o e
oof f637: well we weresittinon the side of the
forenenst the twae ferm cottagessittinyonder on the road side
licht irena they r awsittinthrou in the ballroom an
fowk in the hame warsittinin a circle slumpit ower
the war a wee burdsittinon a tree brainch an
frae whaur she haed beensittinthe war this byordnar gret
shadow boxing silence bj yousittinaw day at that checkoot
the hospital we re awsittingabbin an you mooth as
turn ootby or aw daysittininby wi steikit doors ah
scabby skin an noo yursittinup there aw high an
whan he spied lu dasittinat the bink bi the
plece an the deil wessittinbi hiz bed syde sawtan
i the touer whyte whytesittinbi the winnok bonnie bonnie
meanwhile auld duncan dungarroch wassittina wee bit reid faced
cried tae the auld wumminsittinin the back seat as
ither wee auld weimen ilkanesittinon a mukkil whyte colladie
an his hawk that wessittinon his shouther bumfilt up
wunner that mysie goaved forsittinon this stane wes the
lavvie fit i min issittinere hearkin till e soons
a lot o pleesher insittinin e airmcheer alangside e
e start i d besittinin e airmcheer readin a
spikkin aboot e d beensittinin e kitchen haein a
e same if ye resittinon a tractor bogey ower
ower pleased to see yousittinoot here like lady muck
sang bonnie mary o argylesittinstride legs ower a style
wi the wife i wassittinabout two o clock in
lot o time be daysittinat a desk ficherin wi
it s steady pey naesittinat hame wi your han
i peggy firmly no lorettasittindoon here wi youse if
picked up by the policesittinfell out wi the wife
yet fine naw he mutteredsittinhumphy backit wi his hauns
the cherr wi me stillsittinin it through a door
birds up on the treessittinon the frozen brainches wi
schools an bairns were aasittinwi their ye know hands
sizes i widna a likitsittindoon amon em ey fairly
his beer are ye naesittindoon peggy i ll just
doon some kids ye kensittinin the class that ye
ye look verra comfortable lykesittinhere chebutykin weill whit aboot
that s him an mesittinhere enjoying mysel she heads
s richt we soud besittinhere speakin lyke this an
i ken that noo ayesittinhere talkin tae ye it
wark we d no besittinhere we ll no argue
ken contermacious m1042: you resittinin a bar here s
here or we d besittinin each other s laps
ti each other naebody ssittinin judgement here dimps fuck
yi move faster lee dadsittinin that chair day efter
in the toon woulda beensittingoin fit fit s fit
and ehm we were justsittinand like we d finished
yon mealie mou d gitsittinaside me flasher eh ye
suppose because they d besittinat riverbanks an loads o
giant bubble he left hersittinreadin magazines sayin he d
it was aye i wassittinyou know i d found
roun the blinds we resittinat carlisle coach jerks on
gut fish if we resittinin a air raid shelter
behind you you re naesittinon her no f1118: i
what s that they resittinon m1090: [inaudible] f1089: what
sot f1054: [inaudible] you resittinon my leads [inaudible] m1019:
[censored: forename] and [censored: forename] you resittinon pudsey right the next
course an you re allsittinoot in the sitootery havin
a shilliny piece just forsittinkeepin his horse at peace
just it was fascinatin causesittinlike i m actually just
like i m actually justsittinlistenin to him thinkin what
just shattered and i wassittinon the couch and mum
but if you were justsittinthere as a faimly an
while loretta he s justsittinthere staring at the tele
the present moment i msittinin the house i was
o is cheer i msittinon an i winner t
says [click] willie he wassittincradlin the wee soul while
thole a puddok cockin upsittinasyde me on the throne
s myn on the tyauvesittinat the piano as bairns
ah coudna thole a puddoksittincockin up asyde me on
on friday an i wassittinf823: was there m822: drivin
front o a this folksittinfine s you like on
on an ashet that wassittinfu o dreepin an he
beat the italian billies bitsittinin ma cheer on setterday
f1089: right now are yousittinon a bit m1090: mmhm
[laugh] babies f638: wallace beerysittinon his bumbaleery eatin jelly
f640: i spied wallace beerysittinon his bumbaleery eatin jelly
jelly babies f637: wallace beerysittinon his bumbaleery eatin [laugh]
count more than five biddiessittinon [laugh] benches [laugh] m608:
canna remember cause [censored: forename] wassittinon my knee and i
she had a sheep heidsittinon the bunker oh it
it that night efter schoolsittinon the chair beside his
jist as weel she wassittinon the chunty onywye she
at the wrang time weresittinon the heid o yin
the cat an dog weresittinon the passengers seat fin
pale blue wilton as forsittinon the pearl grey leather
was rainin so we weresittinon the stairs inside and
shud be oor allies aresittinon their erses and twiddlin
[inaudible] f1089: what are theysittinon what s this a
her case she would besittinthere on her own and
let on it was raresittinup there awa up in
o is nichts fin babysittinhid tae be deen at
seat the state o yonsittinin an art gallery some
that was my two grandchildrensittinin the back o the
ceili band an i mynsittinin the front raa o
craitur the colour o tripesittinoppysit me lukt lik he
mind o pinchin aiples orsittinshellin green peas an playin
classes she laes him babysittinwhit s the uise o
no even thinking really jistsittinah felt that his goin
the fire he s juistsittinin his chaumer ignorin awthing
was there where john ssittinbecause we had tae go
[cough] m194: the troops weresittinin there the troops were
s ripened there are twentysittinsoor niver coddlit nur encouraged
it davina when she wassittinthere f631: uh huh [laugh]
a pseudonym so i wassittinthere in a little farmhouse
sheriff s chambers laein mesittinup there in the witness
m942: ehm an we weresittinan what was it did
were eighteen and i remembersittinin the works canteen cursin
sikkin fa he micht devoursittinatween matty an her ma
cash ma dowp is dottledsittingrip skyte flash aathin s
f1141: he ll be upsittinnext to you f1142: ah
for christmas and i wassittincuttin oot cardboard soles and
nursery school and she wassittinat her desk writing and
i hope she s nosittintwo seats in front did
fuck guy s a weirdosittincuddlin cammy well he ll
we ve been the onessittinin the nationalist corner you
at every opportunity by bysittinan readin the paper and
an exam forces whaivur issittinit t cunsyoom ur possess
yer seturday penny see waltersittinthonder at the fore en
f823: [laugh] m824: no m822: sittinready to pounce eh f606:
the picts this kirk yersittinin s near echt hunner
think i could retire butsittinbirds are sune gey stawin
stair the kolotilin quynes irsittinablo the stair gie it

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