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to that time in sixtysixand that what happened was
guid a hunder an sixtysixcod dey wir gotten a
this is nineteen sixty mmsixf963: mm because i mean
it was number ten sixtysixfor if in front o
m608: sixty six m1163: sixtysixjuly sixty six scotland got
the world cup m608: sixtysixm1163: sixty six july sixty
sixty six you put sixsixnine that s the telephone
m1163: sixty six july sixtysixscotland got my wife my-
ten sixty six you putsixsix nine that s the
nineteen thirty and nineteen sixtysixthe covers were designed by
i m retired now sixtysixyear old and enjoying it
life for sixty si- seventysixyears f1054: what s a
and ruled egypt for sixtysixyears he is traditionally believed
in front o ten sixtysixyou put six six nine
eight nine six eight sixsixand three g g mm
s nine six eight ninesixeight nine six eight nine
m1098: snake [?]'x'[/?] s ninesixeight nine six eight nine
eight nine six eight ninesixeight nine six eight nine
eight nine six eight ninesixeight nine six eight six
eight nine six eight ninesixeight six six and three
eight f1091: six m1092: ayesixf1091: six birdies m1092: aye
more oh four four eightsixf1097: right we ll leave
four f1101: four f1102: fivesixf1101: six f1102: seven eight
four f1102: five six f1101: sixf1102: seven eight f1101: eight
three four f1114: five f1113: sixf1114: seven f1113: eight f1114:
two three four five f1117: sixf1118: seven eight nine f1117:
fifteen one eight an onesixi think an there s
three four five eight f1091: sixm1092: aye six f1091: six
worth noting that bord andsixof the eight occurrences of
yin twae threi fower fivesixseeven eight nine ten eleeven
eight f1095: four five si-sixseven eight eight jigsaws m1096:
one two three four fivesixseven eight f1095: cards [tut]
one two three four fivesixseven eight f1095: four five
one two three four fivesixseven eight m1096: mm f1095:
one two three four fivesixseven eight m1096: one two
a double one four fivesixseven eight nine and then
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine f1114: bi-
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine f1121: nine
me slicin them f1130: whysixseven eight nine f1129: whoa
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten coont
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten eleven
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten eleven
two three four five o-sixseven eight nine ten eleven
ll count mummy s f1113: sixseven eight nine ten eleven
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten eleven
f1122: two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten eleven
m1128: two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten eleven
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten eleven
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten eleven
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten eleven
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten eleven
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten eleven
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten f1109:
i caught a fish alivesixseven eight nine ten f1116:
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten f1121:
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten f1121:
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten f1121:
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten f1121:
one two three four fivesixseven eight nine ten pieces
are not prepared if asixseven or eight month timetable
six eight nine six eightsixsix and three g g
an eighteen inch layer ofsixto eight inch stone a
months and in the nextsixto eight weeks we need
probably erm over about s-s-sixto to eight years bits
like eight weeks m815: aboutsixweeks or something now m816:
nine in the mornin taesixat night m608: mm what
yer bairns m1004: nine andsixeh i couldnae actually i
great speed nine sevens 63sixeights 48 five sixes 30
implants which was conducted bysixmale doctors and nine male
than a three months bsixmonths c nine months and
to ninety nine f963: eightysixor something and then it
yin twae three fower fivesixseeven echt nine ten eleeven
yin twae three fower fivesixseeven eicht nine ten f1054:
i got thirty seven andsixa ton f643: aye m642:
fae hevn that starts atsixan stops at seven eneuch
cakes number four and numbersixand number ehm number seven
tackling stereotype images with primarysixand seven children s1w 9142
two three four five andsixand seven f1125: oh f1126:
left kensaleyre towards perhaps primarysixcertainly primary seven [inhale] we
in glasgow in nineteen eightysixeighty seven when the first
three fo- f1121: four fivesixf1122: five s- f1121: seven
seven number four and numbersixf1125: that s right we
i i think there wassixgirls and seven boys f631:
seven boys f631: mmhm f634: sixgirls and seven boys twins
the rate of inflation forsixof the past seven years
nae seven o clock bitsixon the dot i hope
late nineties maybe about ninetysixor ninety seven the guy
er make make it aboutsixor seven and and one
re only f643: [laugh] m642: sixor seven feet away from
english now fan he wassixor seven he was knocked
to go by train forsixor seven hours so erm
of the classes all girlssixor seven in number was
come back at five orsixor seven in the morning
[laugh] f1148: started from aboutsixor seven [laugh] f1149: okay
making could be delegated aftersixor seven months the point
you want as a ersixor seven year old er
i can remember from firstsixor seven years of my
you d f1023: four fivesixseven an then you slid
chil- an people had whatsixseven bairns and m1020: youse
one two three four fivesixseven cars m1098: [exhale] f1097:
one two three four fivesixseven chickens f1116: look look
one two three four fivesixseven f1121: okay next f1122:
you re maybe talkin aboutsixseven hours withoot a stop
m642: kenny did about fivesixseven marathons got down to
street before at sort ofsixseven o clock once everybody
it s like the twosixseven or something like that
gien ye thirty seven andsixtae cut the trees doon
give me thirty seven andsixwould ye john f643: say
ten times thirty seven andsixye give me thirty seven
six eh papers in scotssixacademic papers so i made
it was like five tosixand he finished at six
f1091: six birdies m1092: ayesixbirdies [inaudible] f1091: aw no
six m1092: aye six f1091: sixbirdies m1092: aye six birdies
open somethin like six tillsixcause m818: aye m819: it
five five five six f1097: sixcomes after five we only
august this this volume containssixeh papers in scots six
two f1091: then six m1092: sixf1091: then no m1092: two
five m1098: five five fivesixf1097: six comes after five
[inaudible] f1103: three four fivesixf1104: six it s nae
m1110: where six where issixf1109: six is there on
block with number six f1122: sixf1121: good girl and five
s a hard one f1122: sixf1121: oh six oh that
two three four five sixsixf1121: right six okay who
f1122: okay this apple issixf1121: six what si- six
find the block with numbersixf1122: six f1121: good girl
and swish slubber and swishsixfeet down and dropping six
six feet down and droppingsixfeet down dissolving shards of
the lorry ken it wassixfeet there and six feet
was six feet there andsixfeet there so the middle
bottom for um six m804: sixfor his botty [laugh] m805:
thirty six hours m194: thirtysixhours a time [?]they'd tae go oot[/?] reconnaissin
flyin re- reconnaissance m608: thirtysixhours m194: thirty six hours
six where is six f1109: sixis there on the clock
three four five six f1104: sixit s nae bones f1103:
from about six something maybesixit was all english speaking
m1092: five two f1091: thensixm1092: six f1091: then no
um the bottom for umsixm804: six for his botty
six months would it pausesixmonths fa would have thocht
it wouldna ging aff insixmonths would it pause six
lasted until about nineteen fiftysixnineteen fifty six so m608:
f1135: six o clock f1136: sixo clock f1135: big blow
[inhale] [blow] then what f1135: sixo clock f1136: six o
the temple o saint clairesixoh six that s the
one f1122: six f1121: ohsixoh that s good f1122:
five six six f1121: rightsixokay who s the next
you spin the wheel againsixone with six spots one
a little corpus of thesesixpapers six very talented gifted
six pence f1122: si- mmhmsixpence f1121: that s very
six f1121: six what si-sixpence f1122: si- mmhm six
this morning there was likesixpeople on f809: six people
like six people on f809: sixpeople why f810: uh huh
one two three four fivesixsix f1121: right six okay
no number six that ssixsmelly socks look one two
six and he finished atsixso i m like well
nineteen fifty six nineteen fiftysixso m608: right m194: [inaudible]
of the evening from aboutsixsomething maybe six it was
six you want one wisixspots do you think this
wheel again six one withsixspots one two three four
number three f1113: no numbersixthat s six smelly socks
o saint claire six ohsixthat s the end bill
ll be open somethin likesixtill six cause m818: aye
corpus of these six paperssixvery talented gifted writers eh
this apple is six f1121: sixwhat si- six pence f1122:
correct well done m1110: wheresixwhere is six f1109: six
go again f1104: hm f1103: sixyou want one wi six
the common grazings 3 ifsixmonths after making an application
to him would be theresixmonths ago he had sacked
within a one month bsixmonths and c one year
so i went back insixmonths and i i was
those cases disposed of withinsixmonths and some of them
lot of designs in mysixmonths and some of were
wrote to each other forsixmonths and syd barrett s
proof should be shortened tosixmonths and that a judge
that work over the nextsixmonths and that fixed time
me two days sick insixmonths and that only counts
4ft high leave it forsixmonths and you will then
those courts for four tosixmonths before they move graduate
we ll give you anothersixmonths before we re comfortable
of the 59 recommendations withinsixmonths believes that for homelessness
be a report in anothersixmonths conveniently after a general
farm servants were paid everysixmonths domestics were paid monthly
practice makes perfect and aboutsixmonths down the road they
hinna been idle this lastsixmonths have i toots i
s two and the babysixmonths he d put them
on shortening the timetable tosixmonths he has taken our
so much could change insixmonths if you had said
a miracle she wisnae splatteredsixmonths in the western wae
one died he was whatsixmonths it was a beautiful
have changed but it issixmonths later the birthday card
ve been going out forsixmonths [laugh] [laugh] f832: [laugh]
life except for two yearssixmonths [laugh] yeah m865: okay
did eh childrenswear clothing forsixmonths m608: oh right f643:
provider should give at leastsixmonths notice of its intention
in mines during the firstsixmonths of 2000 calls upon
the matter there have beensixmonths of intensive work to
aideen and crow i spentsixmonths of my life writing
will come into force aftersixmonths of the date of
ones that can get yousixmonths off so i m
f834: [laugh] f835: [censored: forename] f832: sixmonths oh god f835: eh
not want to wait anothersixmonths or another year we
people to get prescriptions forsixmonths or more from their
wish to take you backsixmonths or so when you
f634: you know went everysixmonths or whatever it was
in each of the lastsixmonths s1w 34387 miss annabel
has gone over the pastsixmonths that the labour scottish
me twice in the pastsixmonths that there are 2
to us over the pastsixmonths the committee referred the
of even over the pastsixmonths the lead female vocals
was slow in the pastsixmonths the pace at which
about only there for aboutsixmonths they re like a
f810: mm [exhale] f809: insixmonths time now f810: no
implementation of any contracts bysixmonths to allow proper discussion
world heritage committee meets everysixmonths to consider possible new
for failure to register fromsixmonths to five years imprisonment
is especially liked by parentssixmonths trial rental with the
of edinburgh for the pastsixmonths we have participated in
forward work over the nextsixmonths we must audit how
i ll manage for anithersixmonths well if you re
do everything in five orsixmonths which is regrettable perhaps
obtain data for the nextsixmonths which were technically outside
sooth in scotland for abootsixmonths wi lipton s i
oh ma she says justsixmonths will i come up
i did ladieswear clothing forsixmonths with a company that
before then only five orsixacres were grown for the
until half five quarter tosixat night and then of
morning till twenty five tosixat night that was my
the age of five orsixbecause of a forgotten gas
one two three four fivesixclocks f1114: that s purple
o clock at night fivesixdays a week m608: aye
speaking scots about five orsixdo you like to speak
more cars m1098: five fivesixf1097: five m1098: five five
three four five it ssixf1109: mm one two three
goin- f1113: three four fivesixf1114: i no wantin to
one two three four fivesixf1121: very good right you
five [tut] [tut] and [inhale]sixf1125: mmhm f1126: [tut] s-
one two three four fivesixf1127: how about that ain
then there s five orsixgood ones come on every
m1110: maybe five hundred maybesixhundred maybe k- it s
one two three four fivesixm1110: i see me here
three four five f1114: fivesixmake another one f1113: what
that point about five orsixmembers have indicated that they
it probably about five orsixminutes away m608: mmhm m636:
bha e twenty five tosixno rudeigin dìreach air an
there s another five orsixof them that i just
came about er when fivesixof us were just sitting
lobby company and five orsixother organisations that would not
yeah f1151: see five orsixpeople from orkney and they
table and five out ofsixpeople tell them that they
rent out five person andsixperson hmos hector currie this
night it was f- nearlysixquid five pound fifty or
i have had five possiblysixrelapses this year some have
property consisting of five orsixrented apartments in bervie to
to the river five orsixsoldiers march through quickly chebutykin
every three and five orsixtrains m642: we came in
one two three four fivesixtwo bones f1104: ah yeah
tried about four five orsixways of trying to make
it wis mebbe five orsixweeks efter jonsar eck s
for the past five tosixweeks the scottish ministers have
stage 2 and now proposessixwhat if five people were
it as a five orsixyear old the vehemence with
eh f606: mmhm m845: fivesixyears ago now f606: right
been fixed for five orsixyears cannot absorb the extra
over four five and sometimessixyears in a variety of
over the next five orsixyears the split involving education
out in eh nineteen fiftysixand eh it had a
war correspondents in nineteen fiftysixas he made his wye
eh this is nineteen fiftysixby the by the value
nineteen ninety and nineteen ninetysixerm and so for a
representatives i met last fridaysixhundred and nineteen groups from
things in eh nineteen fiftysixoh yes sorry oliver brown
in france for erm ersixyears er between nineteen [inhale]
and they went on thirtysixhour missions flyin re- reconnaissance
we have talked for thirtysixminutes m944: but we just
no we have done thirtysixminutes worth m944: what f943:
f943: we ve done thirtysixminutes worth of talkin m944:
how many lessons like thirtysixor something right and she
shivered the alarm clock saidsixthirty aye you go back
mmhm m845: now it ssixhundred and s- fifty four
to get at least fiftysixmiles if you can get
if you can get fiftysixmiles you get a gold
m1163: but erm at fiftysixyears of age it s
ll no get up atsixo clock a ll no
a flittin it wis abootsixo clock ae nicht as
supposed tae be in forsixo clock an they were
houses done a show atsixo clock and then a
service f639: yeah f640: atsixo clock but i was
get up this morning f1104: sixo clock f1103: no you
you didna get up atsixo clock f1104: what time
i apparently passed oot aboutsixo clock i passed oot
oot m815: [laugh] m816: abootsixo clock in the mornin
you re walking home atsixo clock in the morning
sayin you ken damned finesixo clock is fan we
clootie dumplins for supper atsixo clock it wis back
for the broadcast of asixo clock national and international
tea time to hear thesixo clock news and was
jamie mcgrigor s1m 918 scottishsixo clock news lodged on
s1m 918 michael russell scottishsixo clock news that the
fin ey arrived hame atsixo clock on sunday mornin
came in at the thesixo clock one he s
was called off just beforesixo clock that wild winter
it was coming up forsixo clock when archie got
and nocht odde as foursixaucht or ten and nocht
of seventeen he was aboutsixfeet four and aboot seventeen
imagination a fully formed monstersixfoot four and a rapist
english got by ramming foursixinch nails into cheek jaw
the form big g forsixor four rowed barley from
head of each of thesixregions and the four units
beside her the girl hadsixrings through one ear four
chap i call wee drewsixroot four and a rapist
is a hardy four orsixrow variety of barley the
away two clogs four bootssixsandals sit at the shrine
for only four years notsixyears in the past four
head miller staying there forsixyears this mill had four
couple of weeks ago mysixand a half year old
in a few weeks timesixfeet above contradiction though we
said a word it wissixweeks afore jonsar eck landed
from australia aboot a mon-sixweeks ago m865: uh huh
on her deathbed for aboutsixweeks and really really miserable
there was the hairst playsixweeks at harvest time when
judge should preside over proceedingssixweeks before proof members will
s another one due insixweeks f606: kiddin f889: so
past weeks it has beensixweeks has it not mr
society scotland during the pastsixweeks in excess of 44
lie on his back forsixweeks in hospital an fan
that are as short assixweeks in many cases such
for they were home forsixweeks [inaudible] and it f829:
period obviously is better thansixweeks it is slightly shorter
first van to visit insixweeks peter jennings from greenden
up for a month tosixweeks tilll it was wun
started as well up tosixweeks to be born smaller
been in nhs units forsixweeks yesterday the labour led
working f1049: ten till halfsixm1048: that s not bad
crowd partit back a goodsixfeet an sister josephine wis
i seated myself very properlysixfeet away and with my
tae get it loaded m642: sixfeet f643: mmhm m608: [?]that's some height![/?]
cruise ship s less thansixfeet from the bank a
certain a wire mesh fencesixfeet high was erected from
for viewing the port thesixfeet high wire fence is
rising and falling at leastsixfeet in the rough seas
f643: mmhm m608: [?]that's some height![/?] m642: sixfeet like ye re loadin
long stick john they weresixfeet long we used tae
m642: right ye pit thesixfeet on the lorry go
a young man had beensixfeet tall but a healthy
aye an she ll besixfeet twelve an armed tae
in danger then it leaptsixfeet up the ladder and
mmhm f1039: they run abootsixfeet up the wa an
aye m642: so that bitsixfeet was where you re
wis breath takin three thoosansixhunner feet up loch morlich
we used tae cut themsixm608: aye m642: feet long
he landed on his feetsixsnippets fae ither fowk one
he s just bocht itsixmonth ago m608: aye m642:
postpone the decision for asixmonth deferment period to ensure
alasdair drapped him aeftir abootsixmonth either got bored aff
thay saw eachither fir abootsixmonth even his ma an
or terrified you out ofsixmonth s growth and even
happy birthday evie and insixmonth s time your whole
there john maybe say abootsixmonth they we had a
for the possibility of asixmonth timetable although where it
be possible to achieve asixmonth timetable and were told
to our recommendation for asixmonth timetable i should make
pause weel we ve hadsixmonth to get used to
my fastest was three twentysixand erm f643: [laugh] for
6 line 29 leave outsixand insert three mr jim
aye there was three ayesixaye f902: uh huh uh
was attached to the threesixgurka rifles m635: uh huh
then it had one thousandsixhundred inhabitants and three hundred
of the entrance one sleepingsixin three storey bunkbeds the
the equivalent of three andsixm608: uh huh f643: but
in the day to havesixthree course meals i would
densities to be three tosixtimes higher in the absence
over the next three tosixyears is likely to be
since that promise was madesixyears ago how many drug
that idea is admirable butsixyears ago in labour s
inaccurate is an example fromsixyears ago it was included
a number of years agosixyears ago [laugh] [sniff] er
leg m608: mm m642: aboutsixyears ago made a comeback
been in service for almostsixyears and her two design
serving my time it wassixyears and you had to
pension package for less thansixyears as permanent secretary is
has been saying that forsixyears but it seems to
for use for more thansixyears but most scots who
retirement of stevenson he hadsixyears experience of lexicography having
ve lived here for seventysixyears f1054: sorry just a
long did the war lastsixyears f637: mmhm m608: mm
been the same price forsixyears he decided tae ask
s decision in the pastsixyears i am not clear
of increase in roll oversixyears i think we ll
all my life first twentysixyears in rutherglen and since
ma sins i was twentysixyears in teaching so f1005:
was organising secretary for aboutsixyears m608: mmhm m642: and
not licensed for children undersixyears of age a medicine
for other ends sama issixyears old and lame a
[inaudible] an i m seventysixyears old mm m1013: bert
current p1 and raising tosixyears old the entry to
loss the princess victoria wassixyears old the fourth vessel
march 1940 each person oversixyears old was entitled to
was erm f606: mm m1036: sixyears or age or so
by the king s benchsixyears syne noo the defender
programme had been running forsixyears the schools were more
tax rises in the pastsixyears there is not a
in august two thousand andsixand interestingly enough they were
in august two thousand andsixerm when the children went
two hundred people attended thesixevents held across scotland to
yur auld kin frighten asixfit two bricki there ah
muslin in 1710 to makesixgravats for himself and two
before august two thousand andsixhopefully working on courses and
for two days well havingsixin the family including my
in august two thousand andsix[inhale] but i ll also
scotland and about one insixis over 65 two thirds
beam two bowed handles andsixlong wooden tines made by
minutes not bad going forsixmiles with two halts first
work complement from two tosixone per local office by
had ye got two andsixpocket money a week john
and her husband and hersixsons and her two daughters
they had a family ofsixsons and two daughters all
is a teachin or ehsixteachers there s only two
in at eh half pastsixat night for his tea
brief resumé of the pastsixdays on friday last i
on the [chris robinson in audience clarifies 'twenty-past six!'] twenty pastsixon wednesday morning which we
get up at half pastsixwas it on the [chris robinson in audience clarifies 'twenty-past six!']
you ve got a numbersixa green ain m1110: it
and that is percy numbersixand who s that m1092:
prison and the number fortysixbus he wrote all those
no it s number f1118: sixf1117: that s right will
the number is down tosixit should be remembered that
define a large number assixor more that was based
erm f643: [laugh] for twentysixmiles m642: yeah and eh
of man er tt aboutsixtimes and m608: mmhm m642:
what one s that f1122: sixf1121: mm good girl f1122:
re right f1122: mum bitsixgoes on it f1121: oh
eh one pound seventeen andsixa ton m608: mmhm f643:
my pay was seventeen andsixa week m608: mmhm f638:
m sure there were abootsixboats doon that way m608:
m1163: you know humdrum orsixdays a week and m608:
there were m608: aye f643: sixfolk interested in that even
you re away you knowsixhours m608: aye that s
i used tae start atsixin the mornin m608: uh
the ironic m608: did thesixof you have much media
weekly story for like asixweek block m608: mm m1174:
it was numbered one taesixand that s how f637:
served the bottom catchment areasixboys school 2 served one
drivers oh aye at leastsixbut i ken every one
ma husband is one ofsixf1024: no well that s
turn starting with the tallestsixgirls and one take up
round disc of wood withsixholes bored in it one
history distilled into a singlesixhour period in one man
one time there were alsosixindoor staff the pay for
her in one of thesixlanguages she has picked up
give one lucky beggar 20psixlords a leaping through the
ninety ninety one tae ninetysixm865: eh well john corbett
secondary one up tae secondarysixm865: okay i see yeah
similarly only one of thesixrond compounds is isolated from
funding council scotlang has generatedsixspecific projects one of which
think this one s gotsixspots count them f1104: one
prowling leopard rescued now thesixweek old is bottle fed
to the breakdown of asixyear old relationship do you
let thaim in aboot haufsixan yin steyed wi his
yeah f902: there was abootsixhooses there at that time
come judgin time there wissixmuckle cabbage that jist aboot
yes there were only abootsixof us altogether the [inaudible]
posts noo the posts weresixpoun each jonsar minded aboot
we used tae tie abootsixsledges together it was called
my priority however over asixweek period last year i
to the area over asixyear period that deal is
to be sustained over thesixyear period to 2000 previously
was only on a pointsixcontract or something like that
urquhart out does rabelais usingsixdescriptive words where rabelais only
there s there s onlysixof them left and they
literature there was only likesixpeople in the whole entire
[censored: surname] died when i wassixso i ve only got
there being 14 applications onlysixwere successful the average grant
i was eh in primarysixi went wi my mum
had s- brought up wisixo a family and eh
i think eh that thesixpapers in eh in in
eh i mean pour ecossaisesixty cents ann helen leigh
the boat tuesday woke aboutsixand had a lovely view
they took them out aboutsixin the morning and they
roof would have been aboutsixinches deep in new broom
the whole length set aboutsixinches up from the bottom
charge that should take aboutsixlines of legislation my legal
distances of more than aboutsixmiles er f718: mmhm [laugh]
air and space museum aboutsixof my childhood dreams came
camp profit may be aboutsixpounds august 1 friday to
when she was well twentysixshe would be about twenty
service user has lost aboutsixstones as he no longer
you go there from likesixto about twelve f1149: okay
and norwegian wood until aboutsixwhen we staggered to the
was in the army forsixyear came out in about
wisn t there i wissixyear auld afore i left
fiction genre for instance severalsixyear olds brainstormed what waste
lot m1078: mmhm even assixyear olds [laugh] i don
the non fiction writing ofsixyear olds linc paper 4
precious than pencils or thesixinch square coloured paper drawing
or annuls ssis we havesixof them i think on
a large group consists ofsixor more individuals several members
is operating an hmo ofsixor more people logically it
that no houses occupied bysixor more persons fell within
sea wis nae mair norsixor seeven fit awa fae
in english preparing to invadesixor so are hardened troopers
a monitor i think primarysixor something i used to
it was you had ersixhouses aw that s in
er f718: mmhm m734: nicesixhundred thousand pound house er
f1151: yeah i m twentysixf1150: right f1151: erm i
school uh huh [laugh] ermsixso you go there from
i ll give them asixweek course erm prepare a
came in pretty panickin periodsixand then f831: mmhm m842:
that house well there wassixbut then my dad died
project the event then heardsixdeeply moving and powerful personal
texts are then guillotined intosixparts preferably at paragraph endings
whole texts is necessary thesixtexts are then guillotined into
and you ended up havingsixa day but we were
mornin we were up atsixgot water tae hae a
fishing for shellfish within thesixmile limit were boarded by
class in tarland there weresixnationalities of pupils coming from
by the fact that althoughsixquestions were lodged and in
meat a week children undersixwere entitled to 11d worth
in june 2003 working groupssixworking groups were initially set
f606: mmhm m691: aye bigsixhundredweight carpets ye had tae
in it goes [long period of silence] rightsix[long period of silence] hiya managing aye f1134:
i ll declare he wassixpun wecht aye maybe mair
d have to get likesixboxes to get a mug
wyd this example would getsixof the tawse and the
uh huh cause you resixwhen you get into primary
born into luxury there wassixhouses in admirality street as
a hostel because they hadsixland girls there was a
jugs and cans there wassixmaids at the big house
almonds around 1765 there aresixmillion trees in production today
you there we have anothersixminutes for this question and
twa lassies neil in theresixof them there s hardly
fiscal office first there aresixregional offices at aberdeen dundee
choose from there are anothersixto be finished which i
kissed sand and read asixhundred page thriller which had
o them an they weighedsixhundredweight an you had tae
the dons had beaten celticsixnil at parkhead he d
the guidance for hmos forsixpeople and under set a
a household of up tosixpeople quite simply we cannot
because apparently it takes likesixpeople to do the funeral
my own firm i employsixpeople whose lives are affected
problem as crime itself fortysixper cent of people who
they like he breaks likesixbits of wood in a
i i live with likesixgirls from ayrshire an i
punctures the artist s pretensionssixhours like this for a
it s open till likesixin the mornin it ll
we drew f637: no f638: sixlike that f637: uh huh
quite cover that do yousixlines began to ring like
mile run what s asixmile run like and we
hae been up at haufsixno on a holiday like
ceiling like hangman s ropesixslender lines of steel dropped
ve told him categorically likesixtimes just to fuck off
foal doon shalt thou faasixwhite feathers curl like questionmarks
because i was in primarysixan rather young at the
of the top catchment areassixboys school 3 was a
and taught in this landscapesixcenturies earlier llull was the
as llull might have donesixcenturies earlier where she was
volume i a c insixfascicles was completed in 1937
way shore leave was grantedsixhundred sailors swarmed ashore demanding
scotland he also gave mesixpills that i was to
brose was the standard breakfastsixtimes a week with an
that s them up tosixbut the bad news is
if you turn up atsixcommittee meetings to lodge a
up from the age ofsixin england it might be
them to have up tosixminutes each 10 10 mr
allow latitude for up tosixminutes for closing speakers 10
speeded up 42 should thesixmonthly rotation of the presidency
up at the mother adoringlysixpear shaped amber eyes from
bid to build up tosixroll on roll off ferries
an up for wark atsixsae mark this weel aa
committee papers the convener itemsixconcerns a positive response from
m1078: i thought from fortysixonwards baby boom time f1077:
pink flamenco view from asixpane window foxglove sweeps the
lines of steel dropped downsixplain lit globes dangling from
regions that correspond to thesixsheriffdoms apart from glasgow each
has grown from the originalsixto the current 15 and
remit as programmes for younkerssixa jynt bodie for scots
to kilwinning what for halfsixit will be closed [laugh]
ideal for a group ofsixmember states but not arguably
let s go for asixmile run what s a
use of public resources forsixministerial cars to remain parked
strength score nss yielding asixpoint scale 0 for a
hae bocht fir sticks forsixpoun noo yon strainers are
strategic rail authority and thesixpre qualified bidders for the
shop here an ask forsixteabread the bakers wouldnae hae
smoothing out her pile ofsixtissue sheets lovingly for the
hey f1103: need ain wisixah i ve got aa
start into service tomorrow atsixand i m ever so
twelve at the top asixat the bottom m1110: twelve
loud noises around him atsixin the morning he reached
next feed is due atsixin the morning suddenly i
last november and at thesixlocal conventions that we have
scullery after dinner finish atsixout at night contact youngsters
whether it will detail thesixprojects aimed at supporting children
m762: i wanted all thissixdays of history distilled into
the service is organised intosixregions that correspond to the
when we come into primarysixwe also do german as
come on now your turnsixpotato se- potato more f1116:
if you go to pagesixand if you re goin
know if you re buyingsixbottles of vodka they might
children under the age ofsixhaving said that in my
loom letters friend always hassixletters not to me my
can save to take mysixmachinists out i haven t
the great height o nearlysixfit a bonny sight in
ootside a the shop wissixhalf barrels fer foo o
train an boat an mealsixhunner wecht o tatties an
fur she hid chairge osixmilkin coos a lang business
the watter wi a weesixpun baur o siller flappin
the issue of the scottishsixhas not been adequately addressed
children under the age ofsixhave been prescribed the drug
social justice hugh henry thesixreplies that have been received
so it came to passsixdays before he died i
f965: i thought you boughtsixpork chops [?]this morning?[/?] f963: [laugh]
to around s- just undersixseventy we think f606: [laugh]
out to a depth ofsixinches and the soil heaped
radcliffe s1m 3555 the scottishsixand the prime minister lodged
on relative stability maintenance ofsixand twelve mile limits the
lines and callers keeping allsixballs in the air and
and glass dining table withsixblack mackintosh style chairs dominates
and that same night aftersixcans of tennants spewing spectacularly
5 a m and milksixcows by hand before going
the teacher selects and photocopiessixdifferent short texts if possible
blond and earnest as asixformer a serious german woman
ov- they overpaid him bysixhundred quid and he did
mean imagine ye take asixin a shoe and ye
red hot and jammed withsixincoming very irate lines she
of social exclusion we takesixindicators relating to place and
expanding the m8 to asixlane highway between edinburgh and
through the national and thesixlocal nurse recruitment conventions we
will bring fruit loaf andsixpints of milk mrs s
in the far gable withsixsmall panes and the lower
and pray to the statuessixtimes a day it will
and worse we woke beforesixto hear the light patter
and jeopardising the lives ofsixunwary cats hortense soon began
in in in their publicationsixacademic papers in scots totally
an appropriate motion in thesixcases bruce crawford you are
in the west of scotlandsixclubs promoted competitions on the
major murphy relates that insixdays in the third week
will cover the sight ofsixdead flowers in a pot
the following bar scene carneysixgun in hand has just
tae bide in the tapsixin the league is great
day but i do asixmile walk with meri in
ages yet it is spokensixmiles west in glengairn the
which is that of thesixpolitical parties represented in the
it is i am eightysixshe says modestly in almost
provided in the appendix thesixworking groups are expected to
bride i wisna bön asixmont wed when i hears
have lunch with you wednesdaysixp m fiona robb speaking
clings just as intensely downsixcenturies to the world of
the convener we along withsixpetitioners gave evidence on the
agreed with some of thesixpoints that we raised with
crazy ed micky oor weesixan half yur auld brother
le français au lycée pendantsixans et pendant un an
s wife thomas s sonsixdaughters samuel smiles queen victoria
agreed to reduce emissions ofsixgreenhouse gases by 5 2
telling the story together thesixgroups can pair off reading
these can be grouped undersixheadings 1 education 2 environment
on friday al s birthdaysixhours through picturesque new brunswick
say i am sure thatsixis an arbitrary figure but
wood on a flapjack daysixjade jewels clustered round a
an me tipplin it agesixmind della gittin us well
not as bad as thesixmonthly flitting of unmarried servants
the possibility of a scottishsixnational news programme s1w 32346
the possibility of a scottishsixnational news programme s1w 32347
duncan hamilton s1m 2690 scottishsixnews bulletin lodged on 1
as a new tin whistlesixowersetts frae cien sonetos de
folk not listening mostly tuesdaysixp m ah mrs robb
phrases each hexagonal block containingsixpermutations of the same element
to the stones before thesixperuvian indian traditional musicians arrived
convener agenda item 2 concernssixpieces of subordinate legislation to
pain of having run twentysixpoint whatever it is miles
the national parks they outlinesixpossible types of governing structure
twa pair he wid savesixpoun jonsar eck thocht fit
bankin wis a fresh cleansixpun grilse wi big heuk
announced the immediate funding ofsixreturn to practice schemes which
is taking a group ofsixschools it is an ambitious
saul n soul sax asixseik a sick sell n
saul n soul sax asixseik n sick serr v
fundin cooncil scotlang has generatitsixspecific projects ane bein mappin
s wildest dream a sizesixthunner an lichtnin flee the
visit to a spanish barbersixvirile young men with clipped
cream goodwill to some mensixxmas crackers a bottle of

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