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caesuras or sections after thesixthsyllable or third foot you
fifth century byzantines in thesixthand visigoths in the seventh
fourth year and fifth andsixthgulped jimmy holding the dripping
languages ranked fifth arabic andsixthhindi in relation to chinese
ma een a fifth andsixthpass by are the nae
the fifth with repetition thesixthwith originality the seventh with
[laugh] f1024: certainly fifth andsixthyear erm yeah a fair
with like the fifth andsixthyear girls and stuff m811:
and again f-f- fifth andsixthyear just to continue development
another one in like fifthsixthyear [laugh] m1048: oh we
to my fifth year andsixthyear pupils yesterday in preparation
kids in fifth year andsixthyear this year but on
all but certainly fifth andsixthyear we were f1027: but
of like the fifth andsixthyears i showed them respect
saw last week james thesixtheven thought eh rhyming couplets
a pronounced section after thesixthsyllable x x x x
way about her from hersixthfloor perch morag could see
pupils from from first tosixthyear some children sitting advanced
doing like sixth year orsixthyear studies or like advanced
time you were doing likesixthyear or sixth year studies
research in the certificate ofsixthyear studies although candidate numbers
moribund parents so highers andsixthyear studies and honours english
er kind of doing hissixthyear studies er as he
higher replacing the certificate insixthyear studies in the national
set at both higher andsixthyear studies level this has
household the relationship of thesixthand subsequent persons to the
household the relationship of thesixthand subsequent persons to the
household the relationship of thesixthand subsequent persons to the
wu ti 157 87 bcsixthemperor of the han dynasty
dinner dance of the fortysixthayrshire new cumnock scout group
lisett tae rin the fortysixthwi nodder jimmy findlay john
mmhm f1148: second year likesixthgrade and erm that would
be there until she finishessixthyear and then that s
you can stay for asixthyear f1148: mmhm f1149: so
primary seven monitor m811: insixthyear f812: is that when
was sort of in [inaudible]sixthyear just to kind of
are you talking about likesixthyear or like f813: [?]i know.[/?]
a profoundly deaf sign readingsixthyear pupil who was going
higher conference for pupils ersixthyear pupils in blantyre for
appeal from early primary tosixthyear secondary chaucer donne pope
time for reflection neil morrisonsixthyear student govan high school
you m811: we had insixthyear we had to be
year and erm particularly insixthyears heading in to university
imposes a limit of onesixthof a sentence with respect
extent that more than onesixthof their sentence should be
the time of james thesixthand first eh is nowhere
the period of james thesixthand first round about the
scottish court during james thesixths tenancy in scotland is
the period of james thesixththat seems to have gone
to the presiding officer thesixthquestion is that amendment s1m
3a the presiding officer thesixthquestion is that motion s1m
of weeks ago with thesixthyears er from edinburgh one
of them and wi thesixthyears that s quite an
get to like oh thesixthyears they re so cool
ll do a course asixthform course for your children
effect on the children themselvessixthkin link category having at
and consumed in small squaressixthweek in the soviet union
like to make regarding thesixthline we should remove the
interest i have a onesixthshare in a fishing syndicate
george sand s quill thesixtha salamander with sleight of
thirtieth an back on thesixthi think so uh huh
two bowls sit close thesixthis deep a pit of
miramar palma de mallorca thesixthof january 1989 the feste
anely heard aboot the waddinsixthhaun throwe a barmaid lassie

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