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well beeching fan was thatsixtyeight f606: beeching yeah yeah
was shut by the beechingsixtytwo beeching act erm f963:
the majority is not f947: sixtypercent at least don t
explaining to some people aboutsixtypercent of the children who
of english we went forsixtypercent speech forty percent writing
counting or research it wassixtyto seventy percent it s
ve got the sixty sevensixtyeight triumph tiger 100 and
about sixty eight years m608: sixtyeight years m194: yes m608:
mmhm m194: oh for aboutsixtyeight years m608: sixty eight
z- f643: sixty five m642: sixtyfive june f643: uh huh
here in nineteen z- f643: sixtyfive m642: sixty five june
sixties [inaudible] nineteen sixty threesixtyfour he goes up to
bsa i ve got thesixtyseven sixty eight triumph tiger
cup m608: sixty six m1163: sixtysix july sixty six scotland
got the world cup m608: sixtysix m1163: sixty six july
six m1163: sixty six julysixtysix scotland got my wife
the nineteen sixties [inaudible] nineteensixtythree sixty four he goes
twin i had a nineteensixtyeight triumph tiger 100 ss
like that m822: nine- nineteensixtyeight f606: uh huh m822:
revolutions going on in nineteensixtyeight in france f963: mmhm
so that was in nineteensixtyeight so there s no
f643: uh huh m642: nineteensixtyfive f643: no it was
had it for fae nineteensixtyfive tae nineteen seventy f643:
years la- that was nineteensixtyfour i wrote til her
well f965: this is nineteensixtymm six f963: mm because
it would be january nineteensixtynine er oh no it
in scotland for since nineteensixtynine off and on erm
between nineteen thirty and nineteensixtysix the covers were designed
tiger cub from about nineteensixtythree and i went ye
we got married in nineteensixtythree and till then well
at them there s beensixtyor seventy flats that have
here aw my life forsixtysi- seventy six years f1054:
hopeless we re talking whatsixtyfive years and counting all
she s f826: mmhm f902: sixtyeight m903: cause immigration must
back to that time insixtysix and that what happened
i guid a hunder ansixtysix cod dey wir gotten
gods it was number tensixtysix for if in front
life i m retired nowsixtysix year old and enjoying
twenties and ruled egypt forsixtysix years he is traditionally
if in front o tensixtysix you put six six
pound fifty or five poundsixtyfor two gin and tonics
under fifty no now undersixtym818: seriously m819: aye erm
s done about fifty orsixtymarathons f643: mmhm m642: he
lot twenty five bags forsixtytwa pouns fifty pence for
to about a hundred andsixtyf643: hm m642: and it
a week three hundred andsixtyfive days a year station
finished around a hundred andsixtyspaniards attacked it but despite
characters agnes working class aboutsixtyfive carolanne middle class about
stick around till they resixtyfive f606: [audience laugh] that s
m642: we came in insixtyfive john so f643: at
know chris lived for anothersixtyfive years until her recent
fancy dod i peyed forsixtyangelica they could see richt
s fit i got yousixtycoupons angelica no dod look
60 coupons for my suitsixtyget it dod aggrieved i
boddam nine mile aff insixtyfaddom o watter an we
i m still here eftersixtyodd years [laugh] f1041: billie
as i was born insixtyone years ago f1006: ann
humane society er i msixtyone years of age and
two years old he wassixtyyears as a removal man
guthrie has for more thansixtyyears been regarded as gibbon
garden she has known forsixtyyears ever since she was
she s been here forsixtyyears hasn t she f1144:
and natural green patch oversixtyyears later after coming into
town creeping in like thesixtyyears of my life sidling
time on the underground forsixtyyears sharing a seat appreciated
himsel ata fin he wissixtyhe hid a operation on
a car number plate atsixtyyards awa afore the operation
front page of the scotsmansixtyexperts from all over the
s position as an employersixtyis the standard retirement age
the end o my lifesixtythe aul age pension folk
in real time rebus hitssixtyand f606: mmhm m954: you
with rebus when he hitssixtyf606: yeah i was quite
women it s well oversixtyi mean the general life
agnes a plump women ofsixtysits knitting in the armchair
end of the residency aroundsixtykilos of fleece had been
there s a corpus thesixtyodd bibli- pages of three
until he got married insixtythree he hadn t had
mr beaumont i m nearhaunsixtyyear auld and since i
ve got to retire atsixtyif you re in the
mean there you ve gotsixtythousand punters comin in every
i ve had that bigsixtybirthday i could retire [laugh]
m1017: kenny [censored: surname] i msixtyyin retired an i stay
cause they re apparently allowedsixtyquid to have a budget
than me tae smile nearsixtyfillins mair he d need
come itsel an me naesixtyyet she looks at her
in the village of craigellachiesixtymiles away during the train

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