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huh f1149: you can doskiing and all that sort
but half of them wentskiing and half of them
take all the children outskiing and things like that
would really like to goskiing but i ve never
to spend christmas out thereskiing f1038: erm i d
take us on like askiing holiday beforehand so we
but why it can goskiing honestly [laugh] f1154: [laugh]
uh huh erm we wentskiing in the last year
i ve i ve triedskiing in the past and
i needed even cross countryskiing isn t easy i
in place to go forskiing this year is america
m642: whereas normally on theskislope it s me being
also past a small busyskislope on the edge of
an the members o theskislope set wir hingin aboot
caerketton towering over the hillendskislopes was often mapped as
alison and chris and twoskihats for anthony and andrew
turned up to their acrylicskihats which say adidas activ
blond e people in brightskisuits and fluorescent hats they
ve bought myself some hugeskigloves to supplement my spanish
20 below wrapped in myskijacket and gloves boots scotland
out and bought myself askijacket ie an insulated anorak
school trip [laugh] f1149: toski[laugh] i think i was
is a lad in theskishop he tries on the
that tae me in askishop i wouldnae have cracked
tomba he was the frenchskichampion f643: okay m642: except
aye m608: was it dryskisloping or m642: er no
would already be able toskiand not break our necks
much better and she canskifar better than i can
make a slide we canskior sledge on it or
30km out of fredericton toskietc i borrowed a pair
there are two or threeskijumps one full scale anyone
i think some of theskiresorts in switzerland are in
my greenock telegraph days toskiin a wee resort in

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