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difference ye r a richtskunnerwhitever ye ir nance now
scope skraich screech skreive letterskunnerdisgust slaiger smear slairge smear
n letter skreive v writeskunnern v disgust slokken v
she haed taen an awfieskunnerat the slaiverie keing an
nou ma rouge an creamsskunnerme ae mair year at
see the past nou wiskunneran scorn oor ain tymes
moustache awa wi ye yeskunnerwhit a gliff ye gien
whitever it s a richtskunnerlies down koolyghin weill we
ugsum ah fair taen askunnerat him the verra sicht
juist a bit o askunnerwhyles macbeth to the ghost
vext eftir nanse awa yeskunnernanse turns for home and
she haed taen a fairskunnerat this man an raither
ah m no sic askunneras ye micht think ah

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