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the forehan o the skreichmakkersskyscraperhooses farrer doon in americay
the leaves view from askyscraperthe potomac slips by a
an ithers at yer feetskyscraperfaimily dis yer washin dry
on the meen skyscraper faimilyskyscraperfaimily it maun be a
wi the meen fur lichtskyscraperfaimily it s aff heich
phone box on the meenskyscraperfaimily skyscraper faimily it maun
syne hame fur tea againskyscraperfaimily ye ve affa far
the sheriff court the justiceskyscrapersits in the laptop o
we actually got them singingskyscraperwean in vaguely west coast
hid tae be in askyscraper20 stories heich or mair
i look around at theseskyscraperblocks of which moscow is
in a tent or askyscraperten miles high i want

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