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the paper about somerset theslavein england and how the
read of somerset the englishslavein the newspaper and began
be sold abroad therefore theslavejames somerset must go free
controlled thur ayewis confined aslavethi thur faithir until thur
controlled thur ayewis confined aslaveti thur faithir until thur
they re ayewis confined aslaveti thur faithir until thur
controlled thur ayewis confined aslaveti thur faithir until thur
until thur a wife aslaveti thur husband the rest
until thur a wife aslaveti thur husband the rest
until thur a wife aslaveti thur husband the rest
until thur a wife aslaveti thur husband the rest
i 772 846 lossin aslavequyne aroun ma howf the
tzu do 40 lossin aslavequyne do 41 the reid
tapmaist spars o the auldslaveship raise eildtrich like frae
s the spars o aslaveship that cam up fyles
in the days of theslavetrade fraudulent traders had yanked
uproar that arose amang theslavetraders planters and their agents
one thing that maks aslavea slave in the plantations
that maks a slave aslavein the plantations his colour
frae the wrack o theslaveship noo he kent fine
a richt documentary aboot theslavetimes an yon ship wrack
syne cam hame wi hisslavean noo the slave has
his slave an noo theslavehas decided tae seek his
slave ti the drug pauseslaveti chaos an disorder silence
lee s world yur aslaveti the drug pause slave
so far removed from theslaveauction however nowadays there were
be selt at auction bislavemaisters yonner they war kidnapped
wedderburn s cronies and fellowslavedrivers justices their notion o
mr wedderburn has brought theslavehere in the first place
wedderburn since it was hisslavethat had put her into
re jist aboot there thisslaveship cairriet aff hunners o
tae the beach far theslaveship lay jed began tae
taken from africa in theslaveship she had heard of
jed kens far aboot yonslaveship sits in the watter
ship she had heard ofslaveships but nothing prepared her
up and spak for theslaveafore the sheriff maclaurin looked
haud on said maclaurin thisslavemust hae haen some assistance
is tae say when theslaveabsented himsel frae the maister
between a maister and aslaveby comparison wi the negroes
the maister and noo theslavehas petitioned against their judgment
he would be considered aslavethat had deserted his maister
cab his shift for ourslavedriving mill owner was over
s graft for modern dayslavedriving mill owners in the
the burden of the wholeslavetrade and the institution of
i winna dwell on theslavetrade as the written arguments
in the 1740s aberdeen sslavetrade was at its height
hame frae jamaica and theslavehas got mairrit on a
feel he ll be herslaveuntil his death obey her
colour a negro is aslavebecause he is black the
pensive i wonder whit theslaves like he ll need
whether he was aince aslavein anither country therefore nae
ti oor eyes in debtslavelabour wages ah wis gittin
yield is ti becum aslaveti fecht is but ti
dirk fowk we will captureslavefowk in ilkie knowe an
sae i ve been yourslaveever since addy wanted to
an african and formerly aslavethat was included in oor
a judge issued against theslavefor desertion withoot expressing his
that his style was hisslave34 that same year 1876
hypocrisy and treachery of hisslaveand refused to countenance the
over the possession of hisslaveand then the bairn came
his legal work for theslaveowning fife doctor that poem
be able tae work aslavehas nae incentive tae work
the way many had toslavein all weathers which crippled
year or so earlier aslavewoman had run away from
a toast to the nextslaveinsurrection in the west indies
domes once salvador bought aslaveto entertain the travelling companion
erm it s not aslaveto the beat you know
love and devotion being yourslavewhat should i do but

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