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ere s shoors o hailsleetan en sna wednesday 7th
time be midday shoors osleetan hail tae dislike this
day dis blaw shoors osleetan shoors o sna tuesday
twa shoors of coorse osleetan sna friday 10 temp
16 ere is shoors osleetan some o hail north
16 ere s shoors osleetan some o sna day
blaw ere s shoors osleetan some o sna sna
or twa aye shoors osleetbit maistly sna saturday 28
oot ata shoors o rainsleeten it dings on sna
wi win an shoors osleetlater on oot comes a
weather contrasts for at timessleetand snow showers reduced visibility
mr nicholson 30 sunday snowsleetshowers all day bitter cold
to bed 28 saturday rainsleetshowers don t get much
wild oot throo the nichtsleetan sna nae a gweed
win dis blaw intae ussleetan weet weet sna win
yer corn mang sna ansleetit wis the stert o
o sna an some osleetneed i say the day
sna aye an some osleettuesday 14th temp rainfall 3
denner time thunner plumps osleetan hail tae amaze me
there battlin wi hail ansleetan snaw all mind the
a howlin gale blawin throosleetan sometimes hail friday 2
o storms o hail orsleetor rain aw lee lang
and blizzard and hail andsleetsplittering splattering on the pane
sends driving forth the blindingsleetand snaw wild tumbling brown
wis weet sunday snaw ansleetmonday it wis wetter tuesday
cannae thole the snaw ansleetthat pit the skids aneath
17 16 affa rain ansleetoot throo the nicht same
and 5 days of snowsleetinstead of the average 2
steady rain fyles turnin taesleeten ir turns oot dry
doing fine 1 tuesday rainsleettoday i stay in with
with some others there wassleetand very cold in the
sullivan set them near thesleetdrove snell intilt their face
fearfae time o snaa ansleetan nae growth in e
an the r a pikkilsleetanaw it s byordnar cauld
and thickening flakes of wetsleetin the fastfood pizzeria no1

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