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kaff folk would say youslepton a kaff and put
then went to sleep wesleptfitfully but reasonably well until
it upstairs with him hesleptfitfully dad dad there s
to change position [censored: forename] howeversleptbadly and worse we woke
last night harry no isleptvery badly i was feeling
thirty but whenever i vesleptin he s he s
unconscious maybe you hadn tsleptthe night before last i
served them right hadn tslepttogether oh aye sleeping would
him being drunk drunk hesleptno clamping of octopus tentacles
in their bedroom ma mammysleptin the bed settee in
laddies f643: aye aye m642: sleptin the wee bedroom so
[laugh] f1001: well my fathersleptin the chaumer even though
he worked at hame hesleptin the chaumer wi somebody
and the room the parentssleptin a box bed in
grunny s because they aasleptin one bed an we
bed five o us f643: sleptin the the double bed
bed and she must veslepton it ye see m608:
in one bed they allsleptrolled tight a bandage on
van where the mill mensleptif need be as it
of his hands again wesleptfairly well and were back
halifax and home and isleptfairly well from 9pm till
the inca trail i certainlysleptbetter last night only waking
another late night and wesleptin again on sunday we
and forward m642: so isleptin the caravan monday night
m sure neither of ussleptlast night i sat up
said naw well if isleptwith the best man or
for three weeks jennifer hardlysleptat all when everyone went
to everyone that he oncesleptwith forty nine of helen
ma an her brither hidsleptthegither dis da dis neil
aw richt an geordie niversleptin yince efter that he
roon see efter he ettsleptlike a wean sadie right
her teacher please miss asleptin ma mither is in
o nicht gif she ssleptin mither s basket tho
been a good day wesleptin this morning and at
said oor wee prayer andslepttill the morning comming forth
to wait till she ssleptaway the effects of that
colic aince her da hidnasleptatween sheets for fower days
an yer da they ayesleptin the well the kitchen
about 7 30am and wesleptuntil about one later in
collapsed into my chair andsleptuntil the next dawn more
gay and straight i vesleptwith men and women my
in one room an isleptin a a big sized
tae hersel eh and wesleptin the livin room an
me down and i vesleptfor a few nights writing
few miles away but theysleptin and one of the
toozenbach ah never got richtsleptaw nicht it s no
was good when the bairnsleptso well but at least
the chopin prelude again fiddlesleptone ear cocked in a
too for i haven tsleptat all i ve been
at my watch i dsleptfor three hours but you
i remembered the one isleptthrough in edinburgh it s
and the the the airforcemensleptthere m608: [click] right m194:
the inquisition and i hadsleptthrough it buenos dias some
plane to moscow as isleptin and was only wakened
lad in dreamless depths isleptwi my heid ablow the
personal possessions my mother practicallysleptwith her bag paranoid i
got going very modern coachslepta bit then stood in
back for a week heslepton the floor suffering the
along with the loon whosleptin the house aabody ate
the closet the two girlssleptin the recess made by
turn at the hyow andsleptin the straw in a
bath washed clothes hair andsleptmore truth than usual in
ti rest neist mornin theysleptti the day hed dawed

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