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put on the skis andslidand shuffled through the forest
dubbin on our skis andslidhappily along the narrow white
everytime ah cast oan itslidback aff maggie you scrubbed
wi glesses o beer thatsliddoon your thrapple juist like
juist richt then it sslidower her thrapple an doun
to the heel the burnsliddimpling with an amber glow
prejudice like a coffin lidslidone whole centimetre to the
carrying the inevitable bulging parcelsliddown the next opening and
the stars as the tearssliddown her face like rain
six seven an then youslidit along and then you
hud any decent swordplay moragslidthe door along its metallic
back to the jack youslidyour hand along my arm
sae much you couldnae huvslida razor blade between yeese
the hum o weldit steelslidup an doun oor bunks
aye i ventured his handslidup my leg knowingly ye
a suppose a wad haeslidaff itherwyse we stertit tae
final push and the newcomerslidinto the world amid its
as for you you dsliddown the slope a little
the minister mr peter dunnslidright up and down the
motor and half the roofslidback just in time for
witchery on her inhibitions sheslidher glass across the table
the round of oatcakes wasslidon to the girdle it
ata the twa taes jistslidthroo the peat brakin it
a wee new toy youslidthe envelope in at one
you were when it firstslidout of you mewling and

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