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ye used a um f638: sliderule f637: slide rule tae
um f638: slide rule f637: sliderule tae m608: mmhm f637:
here take the stool overslideslide the jug up there
take the stool over slideslidethe jug up there first
big chute like a bigslidechute f1125: like a big
chute f1125: like a bigslidechute f1126: aye f1125: oh
there you go right [?]and just[/?]slidedoon the chute f1114: [inaudible]
yes i ll i llslideon the big yellow chute
a ladder f1114: does itslidedo- where s the bairnies
yes the ladder does itslidef1113: a ladder f1114: does
i did erm just s-s-slidein like that f1111: okay
go- f1103: watch you dinnaslideon and [?]slip[/?] the floor
important to run a sustainabilitysliderule over any proposed new
up like a straw bubblesslideon the grave faces of
e craiterie on e windaeslidee lid shut takin care
one episode where wet sandsslidebetween pink toes where no
that it is the penultimateslidethe last one shows three
the go you couldn tslidethem onto the girdle as
and plummy accent which canslideinto a distinctive laugh or
oh f1111: you can onlyslidedown the s- that side
one f1111: but you llslideif you stand on the
darling f1112: [inaudible] sli- f1111: slideit over there first wash
uh huh f646: and thenslideback doon and drag yourself
clue they need cream toslideinto those lycra things they
side to break free andslidedown to the lower starboard
real yeh to sadie youslideinto the limbo how low
baby now get into yourslideto sadie we re gonna
with stovies which didna ayeslidedoon and you had to
nott tae gar the tattiesslidedoon but he never tried
matter for the board toslideover it as the year
london eats its breakfast weslideintae euston an the meenister
bittie first so you dinnaslide[?]run.[/?] oh up your feet
mechanical an they would justslideback an forward in between
this time checking the undertakersslidegrampa dan into the hearse
festered stumps of legs bumpslidedown to the pool on
move on to the lastslidean intergovernmental conference will open
get it cause you llslidecause there s nothing on
aneath the current he llslidedoun whaur the caddis beasties
properly nae because you llslideif you re if you
there and there was aslideand things like that f718:
polished you could you couldslideyou know you could you
covered with a blank ohtslidethe teacher can have the
a snowman or make aslidewe can ski or sledge
i have put up aslideon impact members will be
was too late a superbslidekick shunted the ball just
heavy waters then beginning toslideunder again ye unnerstaun said
wisna aafa aal it wisslideoot bit it it wis
they are slippery as aslidein vladivostok their chemical constitution
s culture class was aslideshow of stirling the king
shady neuks snaadrifts o cloudsslidesaft thegither in archetypal simmer

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