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feddreme that was schene andslippitout of it full clene
feddreme which was schene andslippitout of it full clene
tae da sun dan deyslippitaff magnus wi tanks an
power dey they is asslippitslipped tanks thanks peerie little
afore the kirk skailed heslippitoot tae an gruppit hir
hoose we d niver haeslippitback in wioot him kennin
d lowsed e pints anslippitem aff though ere wis
reivar opent the dure anslippitquaetlie doun inti the chaumer
daursay messenger an syne yeslippitawa oot o sicht thorfinn
till her bit far sheslippitaff till he cudna jalouse
but he gethert himsell anslippitdoun inby inti the knowe
forgie me yeir name haesslippitoot ma maimorie masha you
an doun the brae heslippitout ayont the blissit steid
the college in toun hidslippitback tae the auld spikk
this yit an the forenichtslippitawa inti nicht an the
hae kent hir syne sheslippitout the back yett o
maakin fir haum eftir heesslippitme aff d runkl o

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