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houses which wend up theslopeon which the town is
plantin an slantin ower eslopecrossin e spot faar fin
whereas normally on the skislopeit s me being psycho
past a small busy skislopeon the edge of the
the members o the skislopeset wir hingin aboot in
black tongues crept down theslopethe leading edges of the
your face on a gentleslopeof grass half way to
you d slid down theslopea little and lay untidily
e grun lay on aslopean aa roon t wis
and up a scree coveredslopeto a simple stone house
i climbed further up theslopeto the town past groups
solid ice an up eslopeat ay got steeper an
tongue that sleeps on theslopei am a child of
service higgins lurched up theslopelike a thunderous bear towards
was zooming down a smallslopehugh decided to wipe out
of tyres down a largeslopethat in summer serves as
at e fit o aslopecovert wi trees es wis
eyes stepped back down theslopeand was just about to
bouncing tit tobaggans down aslopewater lilies glow like butter
disasters we walkit up eslopeaabody ain speed ower patches
lettin emsels roll doon eslopean scraichin an lachin an
throwe e close doon eslopetill e burn side an
now meallan buidhe though theslopeis still an cearcail pont
i think it was mrslopehe had the name that
up tae a steep sandyslopea braw platform fer launchin
it keeps him feelin cheeryslopeoff tracey s skis got
i d been lucky toslopeout with the sherry at
on i m on aslopeand a m608: [laugh] m642:
the leachkin an leacainn theslopecraig phadrig creag phàdraig peter

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