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hurt ye she turns awayslowlyand goes teenie sings slowly
affa fule an weet slowlyslowlycountryside dis dreep en be
in the heavy range slowlyslowlyday begins tae change be
slowly and goes teenie singsslowlysadly unaccompanied i ve had
win dis blaw an slowlyslowlyshifts the sna then it
dis blaw again an slowlyslowlysits doon the sna bloomin
mornin affa fule an weetslowlyslowly countryside dis dreep en
rain in the heavy rangeslowlyslowly day begins tae change
sooth win dis blaw anslowlyslowly shifts the sna then
win dis blaw again anslowlyslowly sits doon the sna
win hale day dis blawslowlyslowly sna dis gaun awa
s a cauld blaw ayeslowlyslowly the sna dis melt
hale day dis blaw slowlyslowlysna dis gaun awa thursday
a cauld blaw aye slowlyslowlythe sna dis melt awa
micro second of sublime beautyslowlyvery slowly with the grace
of sublime beauty slowly veryslowlywith the grace of an
nae a bad day avaslowlythe sna dis begin tae
flakes melt marg sugar syrupslowlyadd cocoa do not boil
reduced by ¾ then moveslowlyuntil varnishy and thick melt
salt add to sauce reheatslowlyadd lemon juice pour over
together add egg yolks beatslowlyadd melted choc mix fold
salt pepper stir add vinegarslowlyto taste chill will thicken
she reads my scrawl ratherslowlymoving her lips she looks
black morris minor was movingslowlyso that the majestic panorama
to dry moving its eyelidsslowlyto catch the scene watching
to begin with we climbedslowlyout of the city to
i begin to ponder asslowlythrough the mists of time
day gigglers grey clouds crawlslowlyover racing trees a black
train journey grey clouds crawlslowlyover racing trees back yards
grey donkey cropped the grassslowlywith yellow teeth then lifting
he is fanfare they leaveslowlycurtain scene v macbeth s
skinkil v twinkle slaelie advslowlyslaik v drunkard slounge v
slauchtert v slaughtered slawlie advslowlyslounge v loiter slouth a
20 saturday we pack upslowlyagain beat rain 82nd ourselves
rain water began to trickleslowlydown his legs a wet
the painting s going soslowlyhope your spell of rain
testing their resolve as heslowlyand smugly turned away he
and turned the question overslowlylike an aged crofter cutting
and stability the years turnedslowlyupon their axle sadie macdonald
off a stand move awayslowlyf643: it s too big
people eh if they moveslowlyif they re gettin older
able to move about albeitslowlyno there s nae need
pages move through the rollersslowlythey assess them publisher and
fade to black out veryslowlyend of act one act
a black unmarked vehicle movedslowlyto meet it and this
goin please ensure you speakslowlyand clearly [laugh] f809: was
dark coloured card speak loudlyslowlyand expressively musicians play a
we tend to speak ratherslowlyf1009: mmhm m1008: yes yes
the narrators who should speakslowlyloudly clearly and expressively leaving
perhaps i should speak extremelyslowlythe deputy presiding officer there
attention to loretta who isslowlycoming to her feet staring
entries were coming in moreslowlythan usual but we assumed
entries were coming in moreslowlythan usual but we tried
words that rather than composingslowlyin writing with the word
then started to undress ratherslowlylike a toddler who has
city my time here isslowlydrawing to a close i
the city old ways dieslowlythese are religious people you
school children however change cameslowlybritish pupils at the end
grinning and shaking his headslowlygreg obeyed the request then
behind her head she turnsslowlyto look at it angelica
head peered at him noddedslowlywhen his mouth opened it
my first hangover she drinksslowlyand deliberately she lays down
now we are settling downslowlybut surely in our new
on her eyelashes and rollslowlydown her eye shadow he
gentle man the lights fadeslowlydown on her and up
utterly still one leaf spinsslowlydown owre embro at een
notes going down in scaleslowlyholding on to the last
my feelings died down veryslowlyto the point where i
them efter n a veryslowlysavouring every word because her
of income so er soslowlywo- word word you know
wee cell the sun sinkingslowlyover the tower blocks and
share the rest of itslowlypiece by piece over the
quiet and his breathing returnsslowlyto normal i look over
over her ears it diminuendoesslowlywail by wail into snuffles
ship went she went overslowlywith many people jumping onto
end salt and saltpetre beingslowlyadded then it was pressed
m815: opening the door soslowlyand then m816: oh yeah
and watched as the fireslowlyat first then greedily and
door being unlocked and thenslowlyopened my eyes were pretty
crouching position he then hopsslowlyround the well can a
seconds and then the puddokslowlysits up and starts to
handful of meal sprinkled inslowlystirring all the time then
he s oot there turnsslowlythen whips the curtains shut
patches by your nostrils thenslowlyto an overall putty with
all your freckles showed thenslowlyto scarlet with white patches
wey it is stretches andslowlygoes to his room singing
flat he is walking veryslowlyand stiffly to the foot
watched himself doing it veryslowlyhe raised his hand his
he tries to walk veryslowlyhe should have reins and
september entries came in prettyslowlyand my recollection is that
bothered askin her name anslowlyhis body it came back
steve ah m fadin againslowlymeltin cammy naw hawd oan
mind he struggles up againslowlythey start to go off
her slatie in scratty haunwritinslowlyan sadly we laid him
note he draws one outslowlyand lays it before her
stray as she ever saeslowlycreeps up on her prey
he will slay her affectionslowlyhe will turn her fire
the ward was stormy beingslowlyfried from inside out burning
before the scheme was introducedslowlythe scheme is being used
measured out his words soslowlyand moved his mouth so
he blew oot d reekslowlyas if t calm his
his lap while he sippedslowlyfrom a half bottle staring
woman at his side drivingslowlyin first gear and using
his bubble whistles waltzing matildaslowlylast look must ve speeded
lookin mr eejit sat thereslowlysookin his beer the faem
his dream game killing himselfslowlywith nicotine and alcohol but
last rites she is escortedslowlyto scaffold with the lady
i would be looked afterslowlyand carefully he drove me
dressed he watches as sheslowlyfastens a few of the
scotland shirt collar he proceedsslowlyhome gently patting my back
faster he is walking soslowlyi know that he doesn
he takes all this inslowlythinking it through long pause
from the bed and hobblesslowlyto a chair he inspects
she puts on the nylonslowlyand sexily dod enjoys the
a letter she reads itslowlyfit ll we dee wi
she takes it and munchesslowlysavouring it nae bad chrissie
for something that moves soslowlyshe should be home by
hand the shetlandic vocabulary isslowlydisappearing so that what remains
after all so i mslowlyre acquiring an interest in
to bolt it but soslowlythat gunnar is able to
which a gorgeous full moonslowlyrose after a light lunch
weakness in my legs andslowlyapproached the bathroom where the
my identity i guided myselfslowlyback to the sanctuary of
folk of yester years islowlyraise my glass for we
climbs the first few stepsslowlyswallowing the spit that the
now f1111: mmhm oh nowslowlynow give me time to
more police that is happeningslowlybut there is safety in
into driving a bit moreslowly[laugh] f122: aye well alice
the big wheel which inchedslowlyand creakily up affording us
venetian blind a militia ladaslowlydrawing up to the main
not register sadie and continuesslowlypicking up the pill sadie
have liked to lead upslowlyto the purpose of margaret
taen in dan löt ootslowlyon an openwark o gengs
with sick silent stealth areslowlyand surely destroying our health
as our destination and labouredslowlyuphill feeling the effects of
waving orange is marmalade toastslowlymelting into bread while roasted
t really becoming involved andslowlyserved customers when people were
ll go put it inslowlyit ll go in f1126:
a house the boy noddedslowlypaper and pencil were duly
s even you could understandslowlyand carefully i need 60
miss mcfadyn wis spikkin poetryslowlyand sadly we laid him
and er i type reallyslowlybut it s fast enough
hot bothered and anxious feelingsslowlydissipating in the large draughty
for each other in turnslowlyloudly and expressively strong mime
needed to demonstrate this andslowlythe rest of the crowd
the maroon an white tornadoslowlyby them trundles make way
norm fur communication quhile scotsslowlyfell intae disuse an social
laughed an they joked anslowlygot pleasantly fu phone us
glasgow kiss alec toppled backwardsslowlylike a cartoon character aw
days agnes ah like lumbagoslowlylumbago soonds better like dirty
climbing started we took itslowlysilvio the guide insisting on
ken they laugh enter lorettaslowlymiserably peggy loretta fit s
stir in cream seasonings bringslowlyto just under the boil
a rotten harp rust isslowlyeating the spars of the
as the minister comes onslowlyholds a crown above the
pepper cook onions in butterslowlyc 20 mins boil pots
here fowk can easy seeslowlychanges the colour o the
rode unfalteringly along the roadslowlycuthbert s compressed lips parted
e a l l yslowlyfor maximum effect the lid
the campsite the line climbedslowlyfrom the hwm the embankment
variations i hear unsteady footstepsslowlymounting the stairs which of
right ma drunkin fist sailedslowlyroond lek somethin at didna

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