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stane sclimmin it cannie asmaakailworm ancient standing stone climbing
been roon noss in asmaaboat tee an it s
o noss we landit insmaaboaties usin an arrangement o
the leddies ride jimp ansmaajimp an smaa the bundle
jimp an smaa jimp ansmaathe bundle s screams tail
s thrie hardmen on thesmaaglore hill an that they
gaed awa out frae thesmaaglore hill an tuik the
ti the strenth o thesmaaglore hill at he drew
the thrie capitanes o thesmaaglore hill bade their smaafowk
horse chen da o thesmaaglore hill cam skelpin doun
in gloresheddae county wi thesmaaglore hill forenent them the
hills sae muckle as thesmaaglore hill that lang an
da an yang chun thesmaaglore hill there wis monie
ti the strenth o thesmaaglore hill whaur the thrie
sent out aforehaun ti thesmaaglore hill wi a letter
till ye cd see twasmaapucklies an a big een
e mochs meevet e twasmaapucklies geed for ma nose
it s ti be mincedsmaaan he s no ti
it s ti be mincedsmaatae but creish itslane says
lance o skinklin steel thesmaafuit fowk wis rowtin awa
nae winner for it wassmaaan aafa fykie tae wirk
doon broony grey ingin asmaabaaie wi wasps wirkin awa
is a gate or doorsmaabit bleeze is a blink
e kitchen alang wi asmaaroomie at hid a biler
ll ever seek be ssmaas yer minds ___ leet
disturbance an shortly i noticetsmaabirdies bluetits an ither eens
e rashes wi a fyowsmaabirdies here an ere an
the meen until the weesmaaoors animals dance to music
hert oot in the weesmaaoors during a night call
clattered oot intae the weesmaaoors o a cauld november
him flirt throw the weesmaaoors wi a chaip like
an aa baith big ansmaawis chitterin wi the cauld
ere wis e odd mochiesmaaeens wi licht broon wings
the thrie stentit age forsmaafowk thae years wis blythe
hunder an fifty o thesmaafuit fowk an syne wi
in wi ane o thesmaafuit fowk at hed aye
stang atween them whan thesmaafuit fowk there hed speirit
toun wi twae o thesmaafuit fowk undernicht they chappit
up an get them ussmaafowk daurna tak the hill
shafes an ere wis asmaabroon oolet wi its cat
funny minnie jeloused piously asmaavoice wis nae eese ava
mandment an aa gin oniesmaafowk like us sells drink
wis gaun on syne thesmaafowk they d sent doun
ere e cruise ship wisnasmaabit she bobbit aboot like
in e shade o asmaatree we sat ere aitin
biggin up wreaths big ansmaaahin ony obstruction fither a
ye ve hed s asmaathing a d niver think
nicht he seen the weesmaalicht o the mune sheinin
aul m baith great ansmaahe kens the gweed things
gin a man o couragesmaataks drink an turns ram
the wye tae her ainsmaabed in the laft she
wye o livin in essmaavillage magdy wi er wide
i saa masel as asmaabairn lyin amon girse ma
i wis a bairn geysmaai doot nae even walkin
aside krieglach aften clusterin insmaacloodies on an roon fit
for aa craiters great ansmaagot him intae bother wi
heater glowed in my weesmaaattic bedroom heich abune great
the chief brithers great ansmaacam forrit ti hansel profunditas
an sooth waas an asmaaeen in e east gale
troots an fishes big ansmaai m shuir tae rise
tae snib the door thesmaafell ben the nicht in
fun wi little thocht asmaamaitter at brook e eggshall
yuan an xiang watters aysmaabe yir waves lang watter
the on steid wis asmaabungalow kent is the coachman
hearing aboot aal mannies insmaacrafties aboot echty ear seen
hooses the couples were jistsmaatrees split in half an

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