See this word as a collocate cloud

will be lost to remindsmalland medium businesses that they
of businesses in scotland aresmalland medium enterprises they supply
third of businesses in thesmalland medium sector have an
unnecessary regulatory burdens particularly forsmalland medium sized businesses it
3148 water charges soaking upsmallborders businesses lodged on 24
businesses started up through thesmallbusiness gateway are still trading
pressure has been put onsmallbusinesses and a lot of
containing a high number ofsmallbusinesses and having a lack
of business rates away fromsmallbusinesses and new businesses on
and gates have had onsmallbusinesses and private hire cars
engage people from trade unionssmallbusinesses and so on rather
held by the federation ofsmallbusinesses and that held by
the need to a recognisesmallbusinesses as the engine of
the need to a recognisesmallbusinesses as the engine of
proposed by the federation ofsmallbusinesses danny carrigan proposed by
burns proposed by federation ofsmallbusinesses danny carrigan proposed by
over a third of suchsmallbusinesses have an identifiable risk
community john downie federation ofsmallbusinesses in scotland tracey white
chairman townhouse group federation ofsmallbusinesses john downie scottish parliamentary
information on the situation ofsmallbusinesses muir russell nothing that
grading system for great britainsmallbusinesses must be encouraged to
consideration to the views ofsmallbusinesses prior to the imposition
the survival rate for assistedsmallbusinesses should be 70 per
unit and the federation ofsmallbusinesses so that children who
will be extended to includesmallbusinesses such as fish vans
we have fewer or moresmallbusinesses than other member states
each of the federation ofsmallbusinesses the forum of private
is often difficult particularly forsmallbusinesses to make such leaps
and jane todd federation ofsmallbusinesses trisha mcauley scottish consumer
for years voluntary groups andsmallbusinesses would not have suffered
encourage scottish businesses large andsmallto accept the euro where
the parliament recognises that manysmallto medium sized businesses particularly
kill me given the relativelysmallamounts of ecstasy related fatalities
it cannot with its relativelysmallbudget of 20 million but
that might seem a relativelysmallchange it has massive implications
fox hunting is a relativelysmallcomponent of this 42 it
trio played to a relativelysmallcrowd of 2000 fans while
and therefore regrets the relativelysmalldesignation rate in scotland given
finnie the percentages are relativelysmallfor obvious reasons one of
the figures will remain relativelysmallin the future concerns have
economy of such a relativelysmallnumber of individuals gathering only
average or on the relativelysmallnumber of ms patients for
a relatively high number ofsmallprocessing outlets the structure of
government fund is a relativelysmallprogramme ministers are not necessarily
makes up only a relativelysmallproportion of europe s wealth
towards marriage by a relativelysmallsector of celebrants when we
we are talking about relativelysmallsums but your point is
for the employees of suchsmalland medium companies to be
of the steps that thesmalland medium enterprises have taken
have proactively gone to thesmalland medium firms that are
support awareness of disability insmalland medium sized enterprises cathy
talking about how to encouragesmalland medium sized enterprises to
planning function support collaboration betweensmalland medium sized enterprises to
use of the toolkit forsmalland medium sized enterprises to
seminars that were attended bysmalland medium sized ngos we
the medium of silence thissmallgroup united with a circle
lb leeks cleaned sliced 1smallonion peeled sliced 2 medium
develop a toolkit for thesmallto medium sized enterprise sector
and social exclusion this includessmallarea data rural poverty and
attention to the availability ofsmallarea income data from the
give that information the dsssmallarea income data inland revenue
of income data at thesmallarea level the spice document
lies in producing data forsmallareas that helps those who
economic and demographic data forsmallareas which is not available
households survey provide information onsmalldata areas at ward level
if the data gaps weresmallenough and we knew where
that the data gap wassmallenough ron tuck the remark
that the data gap wassmallenough turned out to be
if the data gap wassmallenough you would go ahead
not needed at that verysmallgeographical scale the required data
standard italian but with asmallamount of english and a
point in two directions thesmallamount of interest seems to
[censored: surname] asking if given thesmallamount of money 100 available
50 million which is asmallamount of money in the
whether by spending a comparativelysmallamount of money now we
but it provides only asmallamount of money that will
has been skewed to thesmallamount of otc sales rather
e mail the clerks asmallamount of pre training is
statistics as i have asmallamount of scientific training i
amount of english and asmallamount of their local dialect
farm on sunday toosht tooshtiesmallamount toozle dangling bit totum
apples cook very gently insmallamount water drain mix all
may i pass on asmallpiece of additional information we
to one side melt asmallpiece of butter on the
green chilli 1 egg yolksmallpiece of fresh parmesan 75g
for ye she takes asmallpiece of gray fluff from
oil 1 rasher of baconsmallpiece of green chilli 1
the bill is a verysmallpiece of proposed legislation implementation
a tin of cannellini beanssmallpiece of red onion two
the road by using asmallpiece of stick the trick
those days it was asmallpiece of this boiling fowl
onions 1 2 cloves garlicsmallpiece root ginger 3 fry
slate pencil and carried asmalltin with a piece of
a scottish town called greenocksmalland uncanny world indeed but
just before midday at asmallcold town called riihimäki sitting
edinburgh festival or in asmallcountry town very little is
small town people can besmallminded just the same and
have happ- it was asmalltown and everybody knew everybody
town but it was asmalltown f963: mm mmhm f965:
even care about f1155: mmhmsmalltown gossip f1154: yeah f1155:
adults and children in asmalltown in it there are
i alight in a particularsmalltown in the almond orchards
further than a goodnight snogsmalltown people can be small
then took us to thesmalltown square where he persuaded
work while contributing countless articlessmalland large signed and unsigned
to walsingham r c placesmallc of e large but
a large coin a verysmallcoin at the bottom of
by a large number ofsmallcountries which would have a
large turnover of residents insmallflats in the area nominations
festival embraces galleries large andsmallfrom the tiny modern institute
of opinion among large andsmallmember states about the sort
all kinds bombs large andsmallmines sea and land shells
with a large or asmallp because it was the
the worry is that asmallpart can cause a large
might not have had anysmallproperties one large commercial residential
all the other large andsmallvoluntary bodies throughout scotland that
enter number twenty into asmallcourtyard with a stair leading
the range of services insmallgp practices increase the number
decline in the number ofsmallhmos once the scheme is
those organisations they are quitesmallin number and will be
in number and will besmallin number in each local
belong to because they weresmallin number when they came
reel an odd number ofsmallnails were tapped in round
in the oil industry asmallnumber are employed in forestry
use them because a verysmallnumber create problems as a
also states that a verysmallnumber of authorities provides an
some degree he housed asmallnumber of boarders in the
it will affect only asmallnumber of cases muir russell
each discipline address only asmallnumber of cases one wonders
re starting with a verysmallnumber of children it s
the old laws are thesmallnumber of extant manuscript digests
would restrict audiences to asmallnumber of people scots has
dennis canavan talking about asmallnumber of people trying to
very strong candidate from asmallnumber of possibilities the roman
there may yet be asmallnumber of tickets available mr
wednesday 26 to choir eveningsmallnumber present thursday 27 half
we only got through asmallnumber ricky sat with graeme
said there is only asmallnumber some 32 of registered
its membership would be verysmalland could comprise those involved
s hand and being verysmalland looking up and saying
dunf high school a verysmallaudience here but the choir
carnegie hall but a verysmallaudience monday 26 a good
they have a very verysmallbit of information about scots
ed res and break asmallbottle of very cheap champers
with he writes very verysmallbut that is tiring and
the rock would be verysmallcause most o them are
in the minch is verysmallcompared to that from the
f814: was penny the verysmalldo- oh what size f813:
clump there is a verysmallgreen creeping plant with a
that it s a verysmallgroup and that was so
see it s a verysmallgroup those are the ke-
em in a very verysmallhouse in the centre of
modernising government fund is verysmallin comparison with the total
hopeful than menacing and lookedsmallin every way she very
that very poem at asmallliterary gathering two weeks last
is beginning to become verysmallnow a days it is
pupils as well with verysmallnumbers at that time coming
children so it was verysmallnumbers in a very big
historically and politically with asmallp the very notion of
him to take a verysmallpacket of edinburgh rock to
often reduced to a verysmallpart of the training programme
for a percentage a verysmallpercentage of certain programmes the
of fuss about a verysmallpin the more the minister
tobacco advertising provides a verysmallproportion of newspaper revenues i
outdoor fuchia with a verysmallred flower it has taken
say when they were verysmallso the name stuck f1145:
lecture hall and a verysmallstudent room which apparently was
we re in is verysmallthe playground is minute we
to organic farming is verysmallthe total agricultural subsidy that
ginger wine and a verysmalltot glass i m awa
that the projects are verysmallwhich makes them unsuitable for
up rectangular 1lb pats orsmallballs big enough to spread
rooms in the university aresmallbut pleasant enough each lektor
in- interestingly enough just asmalldiversion [laugh] stop me when
enough people it was asmallenough group of children that
wrong the gaps were notsmallenough ron tuck that is
orange a penny and anythingsmallenough to fit into the
about it white window envelopesmallis not good enough he
really complain at the pricesmallroom but comfortable enough bed
small states will be representedsmalland developing states are represented
chopped 1 small red 1smallgreen pepper seeded chopped 4
a small smaw prentit asmallprinted smeddum n courage smert
2 oz peanuts chopped 1smallred 1 small green pepper
slounge v loiter smaw asmallsmaw a small smird v
slouth a slothful smaw asmallsmaw prentit a small printed
smaw a small smaw asmallsmird v smear smoor v
it is quite possible thatsmallstates will be represented small
to heaven i flew asmallwelsh hill a small welsh
a small welsh hill asmallwelsh hill which has never
pey v pay pikkil nsmallquantity pikmaw n black headed
pey v pay pikkil nsmallquantity pincil n pencil pitmirk
smird v smudge smirr nsmallrain smirtil n smirk smouder
smird n smudge smirr nsmallrain smoored v smothered snaw
v ensure under ros thatsmallscale hydroelectricity generation and refurbishment
slounge v loiter smaw asmallsmeddum n gumption smird v
peir n pear pikkil nsmallquantity pit aff n procrastinator
grey ferguson which looked quitesmallamazed farmers by its versatility
housing associations were generally quitesmalland specialised it was probably
language and culture and fromsmallbeginnings we have achieved quite
bands i like are quitesmallbut like even m959: mmhm
t know f745: quite asmallclass yeah i think [?]what is[/?]
so it s quite asmallcompany m194: yes there were
used tae be quite asmallfishin village an with the
if i keep my writingsmallit ll last quite a
gettin a wee bit toosmalllike i quite fancy i
a handsome knuckly hand quitesmallof course its whiteness and
so is it quite asmallplace then f746: well there
pub it s quite asmallpub m815: [sniff] m816: so
of scotland they were quitesmallsay 5 feet round by
our living room was quitesmallso we only had individual
yeah it s quite asmallsort of area f745: mm
or 130 which is quitesmallthe convener i will recap
she was from quite asmallvillage outside aberdeen and then
bent that he looked quitesmallwhen walking he used a
term kate [censored: surname] instructs asmallbut enthusiastic group on monday
of need by individual orsmallgroup discussion as a background
co ownership hmos are asmallgroup in effect we are
and because it s asmallgroup it s absolutely essential
her active membership of asmallgroup of letter writing female
and treatment regime for thissmallgroup of offenders as an
been a member of asmallgroup of people who have
dealing here with only asmallgroup of words it is
that although it s asmallgroup there s a range
consist of a lecture asmallgroup tutorial and a computer
by itself or in asmallgroup with the heads bound
his mother believed in puttingsmallchildren into a darkened room
ladies now meet in thesmallcommittee room in the hall
behind it there was asmallroom at one end of
while the kids have asmallroom each we had another
s ellen secretly rents asmallroom where she can pursue
the ticket table beyond asmallside room whose blazing olive
watching the latter in asmallvideo room me wondering how
standing room only in thesmallvideo room the tv worked
up as being far toosmallalthough i believe that it
scottish market is far toosmalland as for those scottish
re in was getting toosmallas well so it was
i think he will besmallbuilt like her too but
shoes were indeed far toosmallbut it was either wear
shape and several sizes toosmalleither it had shrunk in
by himself geordie is toosmallfor the big boys game
cream seller wearing the toosmallhat on park patrol the
f122: aye mmhm f010: toosmalli think it s just
there they all received asmalllegacy too apparantly one of
is still too high asmallminority of offenders commit the
nursing work force is toosmallrecruitment and retention problems are
though it was far toosmallto accommodate everybody there were
envelope which is obviously toosmalluntil it rips and he
reaching our camp beside asmalladobe house and thatched shelter
house and is holding asmallbrown teapot in his hand
to palma he remembered asmallhouse on the edge of
for years here in thesmallhouse the cassita called the
jessie down 13 wednesday dosmalljobs in house 14 thursday
kept there would be asmallpig house [note: photo:'birdie knapp, catterline, in the 1920s. chae and christina smith.'] chapter 3
industrial apprentice chris bought asmallshare in a boarding house
stones mrs morrison led hersmallson back into the house
floor the house was asmalltwo roomed affair then used
like a house f813: deadsmalluh huh and she had
could have not only onsmalland fragile organisations but on
that hard we only hadsmallbackpacks because our porters were
practice is widespread but onlysmallfines have been imposed in
has only observer status othersmallnations in europe such as
studies although candidate numbers weresmallonly 6 1 of the
has extensive grounds only asmallpart of the site has
money germany puts only asmallpercentage more of public funding
diploma courses and only asmallproportion go on to degree
london area and only asmallproportion of those are produced
being published and only asmallselection can be given here
course we only got onesmalltoy whatever it was and
what a disappointment 18 fridaysmallturnout at scouts only 14
work we are only asmallvoluntary organisation ash was set
to only pay you thesmallwages m608: mmhm m194: once
like his big brother reallysmalland as neatly as fiona
professionalism of private landlords bothsmalland big as i said
students had big flats orsmallflats it was not going
of mercury he was asmallman with a big face
about international affairs is thatsmallnations that are not big
three jetties one s- twosmallones one big one and
how we don t havesmallrivers in the big cities
a big difference to asmallstate dermot scott ireland s
i m not big onsmalltalk at the best of
had a big garden f890: smallthings and let them grow
us to deal with somesmallanomalies such as driving disqualifications
in relation to such asmallbill did the executive consult
good to have such asmallclass you know it meant
to live in such asmallcommunity f746: yeah uh huh
was not necessary to includesmallcompanies such as loganair that
they seemed to think thissmallconsolation spurred on by such
it is imperative that asmallcountry such as britain should
s nice that such asmallgesture can be so appreciated
and addresses along with asmallgift such as soap chocolate
ask the scottish executive howsmallisland communities such as tiree
such as those affecting asmallisland such as the uk
of nets with such asmallmesh size whether by the
huge country with such asmallpopulation has its own disadvantages
because it was such asmallschool f963: mmhm yeah f965:
ken it s such asmallsmattering f1026: it s true
she make you feel sosmallsuch complicated systems my head
be exploited further by doingsmallthings such as using more
the round kind like asmalla it was something to
adventure might begin on howeversmalla scale the enormous frond
bath water when perhaps asmalladjustment could secure the parliament
strategic uncertainties there was asmalladvance in the area of
gardening barbers debating in asmallairplane garden jacob s ladder
with frosts and fogs asmalland humble village then it
was a bubble in asmallaquarium floating around them all
still a lot of thingssmallarticles that can be brought
of fairground amusements beside asmallartificial lake for 20 kopecks
s last song lassooing asmallback street now and again
and we now have asmallband of neighbours who work
pour the solution into asmallbasin georgie richt get on
garden martha enters carrying asmallbasket jack hello martha martha
gerbil power will generate asmallbattery a simple kit can
i ll hae a jobsmallbeer but later wally ll
i stiffly approached it asmallbent figure darted away down
sigh that escaped like asmallblue bubble he spotted her
her anatomy she had asmallblue butterfly tattooed on her
involves the use of asmallboat the coble from which
it originated f963: [laugh] asmallbomb yeah [laugh] f965: maybe
self i switched to asmallborder village where i saw
o this she pulls asmallbottle from a pocket teenie
my shoulder size of asmallboulder man i was outa
of tiree even as asmallboy erm before he went
declaimers of poetry and asmallbrass band which played in
walked miles indoors a surprisinglysmallbrick kitchen about a mile
along the planned route asmallbridge over the black stank
her tea he pulls asmallbrown paper parcel out of
webbed with a mesh ofsmallbucolic veins came up to
bureaucratic and there is asmallbudget an estimated 200 000
including one teachers buffet onesmallbuffet for students and a
burmese coo there is asmallburmese community living in the
stream a stream s asmallburn as well ye see
social economy is essentially asmallbusiness and a service sector
individual who was running asmallbusiness might be in a
how the discussion of asmallbusiness rates relief scheme would
commitments to burdensome legislation forsmallbusiness that was a particular
church and also past asmallbusy ski slope on the
name elements packed into asmallbut lovely range of hills
conservative estimate it is asmallc john there must be
we also came upon asmallcafe grill which was in
tuesday we escaped into asmallcafe near her institute run
to eat [censored: forename] knew asmallcafé on the main square
he used a pony andsmallcart in his later years
half a dozen mince piessmallcarton of cream goodwill to
the hosiery i had asmallcase f640: [laugh] m608: mmhm
was worrying about sharing asmallcell with a real sex
a lad bawbees are coinssmallchange gweed is good jaas
to the public at asmallcharge 8 8 see 14
swimming are available for asmallcharge on the main campus
in the notebook includes asmallchurch with living space attached
court fees when lodging asmallclaim and if so when
up to work in asmallcoal and limestone pit situated
of being a single figureheadsmallcomfort in being queen of
s that s like asmallcomfort that s horrible f1155:
place in 1999 but asmallcommercial fishery has resumed this
us it has been asmallcommittee it has been a
together with a loss ofsmallcommunities and their specialised knowledge
disadvantage of living in asmallcommunity f745: so is that
saying about you know asmallcommunity where everybody knows each
provides a good environment forsmallcompanies in that sector and
makes a fair point howeversmallcompensation might be does not
a privilege to make asmallcontribution to the work of
a disproportionate emphasis on asmallcost saving on over the
countries rights coming from asmallcountry which i hope in
entertaining us she drew asmallcrown of gawping children and
accomplishing well janice meikleweight asmalldark busy woman with a
follow a rottweiler up thatsmalldark tunnel to remonstrate with
go for a really reallysmalldo f631: mmhm f689: and
round the motte like asmalldog round its master s
plates and garnish with asmalldollop of sour cream and
asking people to give asmalldonation every month by direct
cantata when i open thesmalldoor within a door i
started thinking about forming asmalldrama club which i christened
would also have had asmalldressing table and in some
to stay there like asmalldude ranch set in barren
hand side did sample asmallevil smelling glass of the
just ye know as asmallexample what might come out
a necessary but limited andsmallexpertise in marriage births and
mm mmhm m762: to asmallextent perhaps in in london
ah okay it s asmallf806: towards yeah past paisley
live on or f823: asmallfarm m822: aye just a
s mother lived at asmallfarm on the hill of
outsized comedy accessory engulfing hissmallfeatures a salt and pepper
the first drawing shows asmallfigure me standing in a
other groups by lighting asmallfire to warm us as
and in some bedrooms asmallfireplace [note: photo: 'an unknown boy standing on a low chair - 1927.'] [note: photo: 'alpitty farmhouse in 1912.'] furniture was
explanation to membership of asmallfishing club somewhere in south
and lit a fag thesmallflame lit up the inside
nothing which are worth asmallfortune now the mallorcans did
referred to i detected asmallfrisson of excitement about that
by a fence with asmallgate beyond the fence is
it normal gauge or asmallgauge f010: oh i don
didn t feel like asmallgig at the time he
the beoch burn on asmallgirder bridge later leffnoll signal
is flavia flavia is asmallgirl however the second sentence
appeared on the scene asmallgirl mary oxley the present
1952 aitken had received asmallgrant of 100 from the
jigsaw a game for twosmallgroups of three or four
present a pastoral idyll ofsmallgroups working away on the
exhausted but happy while asmallhard core headed off to
top so it resembled asmallhat his suit was a
lori sits close by asmallheap of soil and spade
sled to whoosh down asmallhillside in temperatures hitting 20ºc
fire safety standards particularly forsmallhmos there should be a
of the thread then asmallhole was made with an
the sort of sound asmallhot toddler makes after its
of tourism not even asmallhotel or a taxi or
this if you are asmallhouseholder in scotland in the
in singing and carrying asmalliced cake with two burning
hopefully be accompanied by asmallinformative talk 9 tercentenary exhibition
would be a non criticalsmallinternal system to that extent
plain wrong mr macintosh asmallissue was raised by judith
i wish to raise asmallitem i was not at
to pick up a fewsmallitems she wouldn t do
a sword and has asmallknife with him jek has
made a liberal with asmalll speech expressing concern about
well er obviously not asmalllanguage but another language a
sma- m1055: mmhm m1008: asmall[laugh] discouraging pat on the
the allardice mortification was asmalllegacy received from the estate
with situations in which asmalllocal authority does not have
in public auction of asmalllot of ceylon tea from
for my golden blend coffeesmallluxuries in a harsh world
stick rage defeats servility thesmallmale screeches a war dance
m1090: yeah i need asmallmannie f1089: mmhm m1090: yeah
a wander we found asmallmarket near the metro entrance
a military transport park asmallmarshalling yard was constructed and
i have worked in asmallmember state for the past
let s be thankful forsmallmercies there were even a
maintain the backcourts for asmallmonthly fee from each flat
oorie swamp flop belly deidsmallmovements on the shore a
we also popped into asmallmuseum dedicated to a ceramics
a life support machine hissmallnaked body swathed in white
objections to making even asmallnon recurrent grant to an
school attended there was asmallnote to the teacher at
in scotland i keep asmallnotebook covered in black leather
now have a fridge freezersmallone a gas cooker a
no it was a littlesmallone [?]because it was small[/?] yeah m1070: was
was it just a littlesmallone tiny [inhale] anything else
it was and a asmallorange and a coin not
viral pattern there was asmalloutbreak of the hong kong
as the politically with asmallp motivated role of instigating
understand the politics with asmallp of their own committee
pencil the final article asmallpacket encased in foil toppled
gladys here she fishes asmallpacket out of a pocket
the opportunity to submit asmallpaper on that to elucidate
i ve just negotiated asmallparcel a beret and some
the speaker it is asmallparliament but that practice works
producing a tapestry of asmallpart of the mural likewise
introduction upper deeside is asmallpart of the north east
story and after read asmallpart of the story themselves
the ship that took asmallparty of the salvador set
there may be a furthersmallpeak at the end of
favour of option a asmallpercentage favoured option b or
that we will find asmallpercentage for administration somewhere initially
been approved which is asmallpercentage what is the best
us as we ate asmallpicnic the forest areas are
paper she hands her asmallpile of paper napkins and
out this particular place asmallpirouetting terrier at my heels
a humane killer usually asmallpistol fired at point blank
telt me aboot on asmallplace the hay was cut
wedge and replaced by asmallplanted bed at the right
face came out of asmallplastic bag that reeked of
the box a handful ofsmallplastic birds chukkens cried david
lurk narcissisticly in front ofsmallplastic mirrors a goldfinch in
which you had a gazillionsmallplates of things whether it
who carried a briefcase asmallplump englishwoman blond and earnest
i want to raise asmallpoint from last monday s
terriers 19 mink mink aresmallpredators which kill a wide
as they say its asmallprice to pay for life
the day there was asmallprinting industry in edinburgh but
at this time underwriting asmallpublishing loss and wished to
against the effect of anysmallquarry companies closing as a
others bystanders waited in asmallqueue ignoring the fracas it
half mile when suddenly asmallred squirrel appeared on the
reserve in the budget asmallreserve is being created not
this was composed of asmallrise of 4 in spending
libation on the terrace asmallrock to hand allowed me
bacon exhibition in moscow asmallrotund man of certain breeding
however was the drummer asmallround and toothy chap who
which led up to asmallruined watchtower the portal of
deliver a strategy for sustainingsmallrural and community hospitals not
[note: graph here in original] west greenland fishery asmallsalmon fishery has been conducted
said that this was asmallsample for the record could
hector currie we took asmallsample of tenants but the
a parametric statistical test forsmallsamples which measures whether or
excellent indication to undertake asmallscale look at population movement
if they are on asmallscale we deal with them
previously there was also asmallschool at boghall and a
19th century children attended asmallschool at migvie in the
off uphill again past asmallsemi circular ruin called oh
bottles of wine in asmallshop so the detour wasn
to be sited on asmallsiding off the main line
remember receiving beads or asmallsilk purse santa was jack
a punt here is asmallsingle rowing boat a punt
s hush people provider sosmallsize of a peach four
had suggested acting out asmallsketch one of her colleagues
stood accused of assault asmallslight terrified figure rather like
and was zooming down asmallslope hugh decided to wipe
a is a is asmallsmaller than my fist sized
occasion reassuring thomson that asmallsprinkling of scoticisms is no
the community which is asmallstep although i would be
outside local authority offices asmallstep represents a welcome extension
of the sun is asmallstone temple set at the
degree of pressure from asmallstone there is an almanderia
for a princess and asmallstringed instrument like a lute
bushes were boxed into asmallstrip of grass that bounded
served with hibiscus mint teasmallsweet cakes a plump veiled
flees up itae d carsmalltalk ran oot a whiil
panel recommend continued scrutiny asmallteam of assessors are appointed
fact that they are asmallteam that gretna have my
the best situation in asmalltent sheltered from the wind
and went first to thesmallthatched guardian s hut a
above the city was asmallthatched watch tower nearby llamas
it s a t- asmallthing but that s a
present it was just asmallthing you know maybe a
a cat ripping up asmalltoad heich i the corries
you also to accept asmalltoken of our esteem mr
hope you will accept asmalltoken of the appreciation of
outdoor coats deana carrying asmalltravelling bag come in from
here i ve got asmalltumble dryer which dries them
memory was as a asmallunder five child being taken
thought of her as asmallunknowable being still to grow
van but ma- mm asmallvan right m1078: well it
older more charming district asmallvegetable shop was open and
a glass dome lots ofsmallvessels and near eastern blue
it because in a asmallvillage everybody knew what everybody
present i am just onesmallvoice in a vast wilderness
three people are running asmallvoluntary organisation one of them
is being signed in asmallway it shows to more
into policy making in asmallway we have seen that
a pin it is thatsmallwe are dancing on the
the bellows with air asmallweight called a mouse hung
fish on a tree asmallwelsh hill lullaby of the
of cacti and crosses asmallwhite donkey wearing a red
owner ralph there was asmallwoman hunkered down afore the
here i sat at asmallwooden desk near the back
of a skip beside asmallworkshop husking was a ritual
by a double track thesmallyard was named school sidings
processed a flashback of asmallyellow ford fiesta tumbling over
round and round giving asmallyelp every so often i
me ever since we weresmallyou were wearing a sweat
egg coffee essence roll intosmallball 6 gas melting
ticket down into an infinitelysmallball of barely visible pocket
bourbon chill and make intosmallballs leave in icebox to
t they he thrust somesmallchange into my hand that
chicken and spring onions intosmallchunks and add these to
in colour cut meat intosmallcubes and add to the
coffee essence 2 ozs currantssmallegg rub marg into flour
are turning into pinkish whitesmallflowers which smell absolutely gorgeous
bus and tram into thesmallindigenous community off season most
water till tender cut intosmalljoints of slices keep hot
fry it ready chopped intosmallpieces drain potatoes once they
fox is quickly destroyed lacssmallterrier dogs are entered into
and fragmentation of habitat intosmallunsustainable areas could lead to
amber eyes from the threesmallcanine heads each suckling mouth
it throughout the winter thesmalllight pods are 115 each
the mist encircled sierras eachsmallsquare represented the interior of
slightly with each step takesmallsteps in for 8 and
of the voluntary sector fromsmallcommunity groups to scotland wide
profoundly influential life in thissmallrural community shaped leslie mitchell
farmin community they have theirsmallvillage ehm primaries an then
mixed herbs 2 tomatoes 1smallapple 1 lemon 1 egg
style 1 lb castor sugarsmallcan condensed milk 2 jiggers
serves 6 old fashioned 1smallcan evap milk 2 4
2 oz chopped almonds 1smallchopped apple 1 dess sp
water 2 thick slices breadsmallonion 1 lb mince 1
game 1 oz butter 1smallonion chopped 8oz button mushroons
chopped herbs red cabbage 1smallred cabbage lge handful stoned
announced by the minister forsmallbusiness and ecommerce at the
give less comfort about thesmallbusiness end of the supply
being caused for voluntary andsmallbusiness environmental projects by changes
it will introduce to assistsmallbusiness in scotland and whether
package of measures to promotesmallbusiness in scotland s1o 289
as the survey shows thesmallbusiness sector still needs to
much furniture she herself issmalland wiry with iron grey
that are before us somesmallanomalies are also dealt with
church redbrick and turretted withsmallblack domes among the graffiti
me she sighs and hersmallbody trembles with emotion i
girls were chaps with presumablysmallbreasts janet raden had been
is gone apart from somesmalldependencies and islands with an
sensitive chaps really chaps withsmalldiscreet breasts no and he
annie and with but onesmalldoubt how to share the
above the port became thesmallfort you see today with
[tut] i m with thesmallginger guy f1155: so i
the clang of dinner gongssmallgods with their almighty dollar
carried out on foot withsmallhounds beagles like coursing beagling
i absorbed the star filledsmallhours and grappled with my
the far gable with sixsmallpanes and the lower third
s coffin strangely shrunk andsmallroofed in chrysanthemums with one
von robert burns this admittedlysmallsample when taken together with
being dealt with now ifsmallscale statistical packages stopped working
with its line up ofsmallshops selling everything from wine
with honey and yeast hooicksmallstack howp to sip hummlie
hour with ira going oversmalltalk in russian she s
containers in the shop withsmalltaps in them mr bannerman
who did not deal withsmalltwo person and three person
an interesting contrast with thesmallvillage of logie coldstone where
of which is lined withsmallwooden houses painted in bright
warm pan across her twosmallbuttocks the firmament continues to
an andean village plus twosmallmuseums one of local culture
dod the latter carries twosmallpackets less than a5 size
please still clutching his twosmallparcels he juggled them round
mr monteith i have twosmallpoints i think that paragraphs
distance between the two wassmallthe barriers vast when the
but nevertheless the tools weresmalland fine and so easy
of them were just reallysmallas well so i was
aladdin and killy lamps weresmallbedside lamps shaped to make
stood in windows were oftensmallbut no one seems to
even cinemas showing films forsmallchildren people were allowed to
neighbours the words in thesmalldictionary were still in current
that initially there were somesmalldifficulties in getting the system
just startin up all mostsmallfirms were just startin up
we thought when we weresmallfunny words we used to
the corners just as thesmallgrey eyes were plugged at
breath on my beard weresmalllumps of ice by the
europe on their merit thesmallmember states were suspicious of
the kids when they weresmallnot redundancy money i could
be used for decorative purposessmallpieces were cut out of
fields were like patchwork andsmallpyramidal haystacks testified to the
unworried about any of thesmallsystems even if they were
mean when my kids weresmallthey used to come down
of the world which thesmallchild experiences so intensely is
h eagaig stone of thesmallcleft an ancient stone which
leaves and now there aresmallclusters of white flowers which
is composed almost entirely ofsmallgolden tips which are the
on the floor others formingsmallhighly animated groups which would
the senses indeed the lovelysmallhouses which wend up the
my suggestion is about thesmallissue on which we have
oed has nothing but thesmallprominence in which the ducts
grilse these fish are typicallysmallsalmon which typically weigh between
which criss cross the darksmallskiffs beached on the shingle
in england would be onesmallaction that could be adopted
the bottle unenthusiastically forcing threesmallbubbles and one larger one
and that head tossing onesmallhand punctuating the guitar beats
mid morning until the weesmallhours the fingers of one
8 care not that onesmalllively sperm its freedom might
i recently heard of onesmallorganisation in cambuslang in my
pointing at one of thesmalloutbuildings at the side of
the paper richard lochhead onesmallpoint to make is that
its called another one hadsmallred berries on it all
from telephone interviews based onsmallsamples so one could argue
whitewashed church the houses aresmalland dark and most have
are represented and sports howsmallbirds are trapped in mountain
jim and ronnie are makingsmallchanges to the set mostly
what words are chosen forsmallchildren f010: mm f122: from
around 30 per cent ofsmallcompanies in aberdeen are solely
mountain there are traces ofsmallcultivated terraces since it seems
of them bear the symptomaticallysmallelement tor and are clustered
f813: like f812: you aresmallf814: do you know what
gaelic these are as followssmalllandholders scotland act 1911 requires
time showed just how powerfulsmallmember states are in holding
are employed sometimes in fairlysmallnumbers by local authorities we
those measures can impose onsmalloperators how important are those
implications for priority need aresmallor nil the issue is
difficulties that are faced bysmallorganisations when the expected funding
is made up of manysmallregional governments that are all
the people who are rathersmallthough making up for it
down gorky street some insmallgroups waved banners and drunkenly
his scabbard and draws hissmallknife he kneels down and
to rub until mixture formssmalllumps 4 press down over
real issues for real peoplesmallprojects also receive funding for
also decreases the disadvantages ofsmallvolumes in the distribution chain
acted on it did himsmallacts of kindness without seeming
in electing of ane sosmalland fectless subiect as als
keep longer if you freezesmallblocks of it in clingfilm
the noiseless collapse of bubblessmallboats sprout begging arms like
sugar 2 ozs tartaric acidsmallbottle lemon juice white of
on the face of thesmallboy mary however returned from
to play trees sheds outbuildingssmallbridges parts of the family
others be dazzled by thesmallchange of my wit he
can get rid of mysmallchange usually i just hand
limit of 750 applying tosmallclaims actions in scotland s1w
of cheap commercial accommodation forsmallcompanies that is because the
of new markets mean thatsmallcountries must develop the skills
take the case of mysmallcousin hortense aged nine her
easain duibh burn of thesmalldark waterfall known to us
harem like corridors to thesmalldoors of modest rooms that
yachts where the port ssmallfleet of motorised fishing vessels
of principally waterside animals includingsmallfrogs fish water voles and
funding in the form ofsmallgrants typically around 10 000
scattering of tallow candles whatsmallgreasy light these gave out
their highest pitch in thesmallhours of the night i
eyes the piling up ofsmallhouses resembles some early cubist
open and many boxes ofsmallitems breaking open and spilling
due to the closure ofsmalllocal quarries following the introduction
lenin rather waxy looking corpsesmallman masses of flowers outside
in the land o burnssmallmonochrome prints of ayrshire paintings
dozens of mobile phones theirsmallmouths stopped doomed to be
on chair an the sweetsmallof bakin is nae in
bound tight in their ownsmallpain like the feet of
is an important point thesmallpart of the trunk road
lower turnover or throughput ofsmallpetrol stations s1o 3294 25
toppled out to join thesmallpile of possessions littered across
new economic mechanism in thesmallpool of light thrown by
the destruction of britain ssmallrailway lines the soller to
logie coldstone due to thesmallsample of primary 7 pupils
appearance it contains its ownsmallsample of texts and produces
power of elemental archetypes againstsmallscale domestic details willie s
of the pupils in thesmallschool of logie coldstone in
their english speaking friends thesmallschool of logie coldstone was
the last age of thesmallsemitic states when men and
s point about newsagents andsmallshops point of sale advertising
in scotland especially given thesmallsize of most of our
the extreme ends of thesmallsucculent shoots of the plant
gamit of paedophilia fondled thesmallthigh child abuse is not
of police cover in thesmalltowns and villages of rural
today he probably approached thesmalltowns of fornalutx and binniaraix
social and economic regeneration ofsmalltowns similar to the association
on 25 october 2002 coveringsmallunits of location independent work
his boat waves froth likesmallvolcanoes the noiseless collapse of
more or less intact thesmallwreck north of the jetty
confided that the budget wassmalland he didn t see
to the grove this wassmallbacon compared to the accident
daz beside the bacon wassmallbeer in comparison to the
native tongue the gesture wassmallbut valuable we should make
total was raised from manysmalldonations and mr [censored: surname] commended
my my school was sosmallf963: mm f965: that we
probably said when i wassmalli d have said my
attended church and amongst thatsmallpercentage attendance was irregular it
where the barn space wassmallthe straw as it was
most farms had their ownsmallthreshing mill that was used
your dram was served insmalltoddy glass the first person
rescue ships but the foursmallmerchant vessels that had been
locks had been useful thesmallmetal safe up in the
their envelopes and as oursmallpost office had obtained special
how i had forgotten howsmallscotland is cause you like
lass i ve had nosmallshare in raising and who
him that he had somesmalltalent for writing it wasn
wasn t they all hadsmalltime jobs made easy money
sewerage rates has had onsmallvoluntary organisations s1w 10850 mr
crow spun from sight thesmallbirds blew past like leaves
back ome britain seems sosmallfrom here when you think
my experience from talking tosmallgroups is that it is
the united nations come fromsmallnations the secretary general could
judges will be appointed fromsmallor non aligned states indeed
distance her mother usually boughtsmallthings from him pairs o
the motion might go somesmallway to preventing anyone from
baby bear f1121: so issmallbear and baby bear not
like specks they seem sosmallmoon in the city hanging
cockroach whiffs its helicopter wingssmallsycamores so hot their leaves
produced in scots is sosmallthat there is no prospect
when the figure is assmallas that how confident can
2 3 hours chicken fricaseesmallboiling fowl pint white sauce
2001 justice 2 the draftsmallclaims scotland amendment order 2001
6 fl oz sour creamsmallclove garlic crushed 2 tspns
½ tsp salt juice 2smalllemons carton plain yog lemons
tanker threatened to crush thesmallboat against its terrible wall
any way no matter howsmallto making glasgow 2000 the
paper hat i made itsmall[child noises] f1113: oops sorry just
sometimes huddled in clusters orsmallvillages we changed trains just
festival there will be somesmallfairground attractions and stalls on
here but strange birds ansmalldragon like beasts that bathe
watch slow snowflakes fall likesmalldumb griefs they wet my
waste recycled compared to othersmalleuropean countries like switzerland who
before steering homewards again likesmallheavily laden coasters after that
representation in the eu forsmallnations like scotland is gained
as fish vans shops andsmallscale processors in areas like
s that there f1122: mmsmallbear f1121: and who s
and terror robertson smith physicallysmallfiercely pugnacious and who knows
is more difficult for thesmalloperator who for example has
or plans to give tosmalltowns who have established or
certain breeding he made innocuoussmalltalk about soviet inflexibility as
9 where they operate insmallgroups and larger groupings explaining
well although the place issmalland all that it s
land system here is stillsmalland beautiful and has worked
s friday and all thesmallchange you ve got is
risk that is assumed forsmallhmos overall the scheme has
that is happening already insmalllocal authorities that buy in
t know it s reallysmallm959: yeah it is f958:
curriculum that is in nosmallmeasure due to the commitment
paisley f807: right is itsmallmmhm f806: yeah tiny f807:
assisted in locating obscure andsmallplantations dedication this book is
is required to dance hersmallrhythmic body sways this way
sale advertising in newsagents andsmallshops is exactly the advertising
blue biro ink write wordssmalltroubles to retell writing is
pin if it is thatsmallwhy will the executive not
might refer to their oftensmallcouncil areas however the committee
insects earthworms poultry birds andsmalllambs evidence suggests that their
share in the credit thesmallsavers played their part magnificently
cultivatable lands in exchange forsmalltax payments and assured their
the situation can be insmallcommunities i mentioned the islay
i have never found thesmallcountries in the european union
m ploughing through it insmalldoses but it s worth
uk they might work insmallgrocers shops in forecourt stores
1972 sociolinguistics and communication insmallgroups in pride j and
burgeon more naturally in thesmallhours and the tortuous amours
obvious that she has nosmallinfluence on british literature in
winged in the musty airsmallinsects dance attending august s
these differences specifically in thissmallregion as the general history
packets sold in british supermarketssmallshiny purple aubergines artichokes costing
in the window caressing hersmallson bobik bobik irna you
the fridge and consumed insmallsquares sixth week in the
16 then reform starting circlesmallsteps in and out again
steps in for 8 andsmallsteps out for 8 then
significant showing that in thissmallupper deeside sample amongst 11
region in stirling all thesmallworld clichés came tumbling out
rain in the mushroom woodssmallworms poked in and out
young to help at harvestsmalland slow we set off
hers tools skills and feelingsmallandy tries to copy the
authoritative and comparable statistics atsmallarea level at the level
sea and land shells grenadessmallarms ammunition and fuses poured
f1122: but baby bear andsmallbear haven t got f1121:
lavender rosemary parsley and thymesmallbirds budgerigars and goldfinches mostly
we watched falcons vultures andsmallbirds including finches and warblers
order to strengthen this nowsmallbut vitally important industry and
after the second world warsmallfarms and crofts began to
gathering place except for thesesmallforeign currency bars and it
tractor and plough through thesmallgarden gate maybe they hitched
crime introduce security grants forsmallshops to install cctv and
silvio the guide insisting onsmallsteps and frequent rest breaks
negligible and largely confined tosmallsums for the scottish national
food and tea on thesmalltable beside the armchair sadie
chicken numerous questions answers andsmalltalk bandy back and forth
torches leap saddu they crysmallfireflies wing my glory over
balquidder blackie s perspective softsmallrain sits lightly on my
do sorry i missed thesmallparty but i ll bet
have to be thankful forsmallmercies [laugh] f122: [inhale] aye
you think it s reallysmallor whatever have you seen
the a77 as can thesmallgirder bridge over the leffnoll
cairnryan bowling green by thesmalladvance party at the north
drama placket apron petticoat modicumsmallperson more or less disparagingly
whether it s great orsmallat least i dae caird
blurred or skewed enlarged orsmallmicroscopic ten feet tall through
that f1122: baby ps- p-smallbear ba- baby bear f1121:
bi robert lovie an thesmallbourachie o s that sat
the city lights come onsmallchinese lanterns wobbling on the
work crö sheep fold crubsmallcircular dry stone enclosure for
25 october 2001 the draftsmallclaims scotland amendment order 2001
cause order 2001 draft thesmallclaims scotland amendment order 2001
cock at tank open thesmallcock on the bottom water
cost the boatman pushes thesmallcraft off the mooring we
on his cuddy major thesmallcurly head bowed over the
real high f1114: really reallysmallf1113: oh look what s
labels the committee agreed thatsmallletter size labels would suffice
the programme could be consideredsmallminority languages will be bidding
cave temple at dambulla hanumansmallmonkey king adopts the perfect
crowd swallowed twelve grapes twelvesmallmoons symbolising the year gone
sprouting blue wings great angelssmallones got to arrange five
plans to expand the essentialsmallpharmacies scheme s1w 33737 mr
the first trip to thesmallpost office downstairs the wifie
campaign to save scotland ssmallpost offices recognising that many
oh probably you would saysmallwe say peedy m865: uh
reason than to show thesesmallwidely dispersed communities that the
communities to purchase land forsmallwind generators the money made
that spikes would crown thesmallwooden compartment an image he

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