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taste it when- i msmellingit f1121: is it time
against the denim the sweetsmellingmotherly tenderness of the denim
me on a fitness programmesmellingsalts please he s going
did sample a small evilsmellingglass of the clear fluid
despite a generous and foulsmellinglayer of cockroach powder on
the huts were the foulsmellingmale and female changing rooms
is arriving at his desksmellingof peppermints and leather shoes
den a fir branch wigwamsmellingof pine and green the
your nose for [sniff] [sniff]smellingm1094: [sniff] [sniff] [sniff] f1093:
which unaccountably dropped its nestsmellingof four star petrol assorted
the bubble but the soapysmellinghaar he had expected just
by too many people manysmellingstrongly of vodka others just
is safe why are yousmellingso horrid asks mother you
she ll be warm andsmellingnice in the house maybe
the chili con carne issmellingnice but when we look
he sort of came homesmellingof it as well it
m942: an you were likesmellingcarbon monoxide an m941: [inaudible]

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