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pooey f1107: fitt it justsmellso syrup [censored: forename] m1108: pooey
that noh jist the pickturssmellsan tastes unaw bluebells honey
tastes unaw bluebells honey bernasmellstastes ya slaverin bissim babby
nae jist the fine bakinsmellsbit the yoam o het
such a horrible place itsmellsso bad the car- well
fa s tint her bairnsmellsthe kent yoam o the
deal in concrete elements tastessmellssounds and textures its true
jingle bells jingle bells festivesmellsturkey s on the way
there are disappointments and nastysmellsand chauvinist pigs and other
rather depressing also smelly nastysmellsare beginning to become an
haze an the air thatsmellslike honey in the lang
the radiator says swift itsmellsof petrol and oil and
a pencil the note booksmellsdelicious like nothing else on
f1111: mmhm [sniff] oh thatsmellsjust fine okay scrub in
it f1089: [sniff] oh thatsmellslovely m1090: [sniff] mmhm mm
the people and places sightssmellsand sounds from this time
jersey andy takes it itsmellsnice and vinegary he manages
factory chimney geordie sighs hesmellsof vinegar andy lifts his
if they did wee andysmellsokay missing his bath can
mair the gairden here thatsmellssae sweet gies on tae
fo fum i sme- m1108: smellsf1107: the m1108: blood f1107:
dead when he meets thesmellsof fresh pee and disinfectant
it it look it itsmellslike my room f1089: it
like my room f1089: itsmellslike your room m1090: yeah
and down the hall shesmellsnice and she talks to
going to do and hesmellsnice don t mess about
fact f1111: oh it justsmellslike a big strawberry [inhale]
snowflakes the knobbled beech treesmellsof mushroom mould withered meadow
up close to him shesmellsas she always does clean
she says no wonder hesmellsshe giggles again clype go
a big black moustache hesmellsof pennies and pound notes
it f1122: oh f1121: itsmellsaafu good f1122: can i
wi beauteous blooms an glorioussmellsnae weeds wir iver seen
think she sniffs the winesmellsa richt it wouldna ging
that it masks all othersmellsthink on that next time
very epitome of trust hesmellsof her milk and of
hame tae teas snuff thesmellsaa roon hairy tatties wyte

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