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nuns tae spikk english ansmertas a new preen on
she wis ay riggit ootsmerts a new preen three
an leanne feenished hers quicksmertan wis playin wi her
kittlin bad hir an assmertas ye lyke the littil
neb dinnae try tae getsmertwi me laddie if it
pride in yon a flooersmertan braa her reets ran
an is blesst wi asmertbrain as weel as desire
bluim the waddin wis quicksmertefter yon nae pynt hingin
could hae t daen quicksmertnae bother ava fin we
small printed smeddum n couragesmerta smart smird n smudge
ye that duncan wasnae thatsmertnor his wife nor his
no that big but cockysmertan unco trig aa dressed
mender wullie jackeson a geysmertmove that on the pairt
ah lyke aye ti besmertan here this bluidmerk aye
no ti gang intil assmertas ye lyke the auldest
wul be mair an mairsmertfowk lyke yeirsell or the
but wi be in owresmertah hae connacht ma haill
s wattirs thay war thatsmertan clivver thay soud shuirlie
no even guid lookin orsmertwhit dis it maitter ah
tell ye i stoppit geysmertmy een were gettin mair
guid ti git inti sumsmertclaes ah ve aye fancied
girzies wul aw see whitsmertwee fingirs thair new mistress
still hae time for asmertlike walk doon tae the
impidently ootside yin o thesmerthooses whan big john jyned
troot is baith skeich ansmertae splash o a fuit

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