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click with the stapler deirdresmiledweakly and nodded there were
of pawky scottish humour ismiledweakly but not for long
threatened in his throat fionasmiledfondly at him and soon
you you wee clip hesmiledfondly then frowned have you
t tho he noddit ansmiledaa the fyle they warna
gow himsel the japanee pairtysmiledan noddit betimes neist brian
he rumbled that girl whosmiledat you the bridesmaid who
fifty stamped envelopes later deirdresmiledtriumphantly there were some jobs
figure afore me and ahsmiledsubtle daddy aye hen subtle
the aisle actually nodded andsmiledwith that the man must
morag observed to bethia bethiasmiledat that but morag couldn
all the right people everyonesmiledand waved and said thank
metters worse timmer tam jistsmiledan started aitin the plate
door bell rung timmer tamsmiledhe kent fine that he
wee trails a light hesmileda wavery wee smile aye
you looked at me andsmiledyour angelic shifty smile and
on the bench joseph knightsmiledbriefly john wedderburn did not
true an fest jonsar ecksmiledtae himsel he cood see
sudden illumination of cage wesmiledat one another the bird
that sounds horrible daddy hesmiledat me it disny mean
katie morag and grannie islandsmiledat each other they knew
auld kate the neist geordiesmiledat the wumman an baith
to the doctor knickers hesmiledat her approach as well
ve moved on since thensmiledthe good doctor but tact
that served me and shesmiledas she pit them in
frightened me like dolls thatsmiledalthough you knew they weren
noodle soup days an hesmiledlike it wis jist naethin
are fer rotten jonsar ecksmiledan said you telt me
meg looked at jonsar ansmiledyou come up this dance
her hair och away mumsmiledprimping at the attention bingo
his mither s airm ansmiledat her ye pick yer
yourself forthwith donna turned andsmiledcoquettishly at calum weatherly good
us a little and wesmiledat each other almost shyly
up an aipple the twasmiledtae each ither an leuch
many verbally lazy passengers havesmileda slut at me as
a at eence the bobbysmiledan said i could ask
tonight for christmas eve shesmiledat her father going into
see her next morning shesmiledat him ruefully i thought
didny like tae she stillsmiledat me but it wis
were a few chuckles cullensmiledat the lord president as
at any rate until hesmiledhe was pretty intimidating and
back in his seat andsmiledwanly at the house of
every noo an again hesmiledan said this is affa
again you neither spoke norsmiledmy irritation swelled to anger
became a hum and hesmiledjingling his left foot in
shone as she blushed andsmiledher neatly combed shoulder length
s bone she might havesmiledif joy had kept in
worked oot son his faithersmiledbut whit dae ye need
a serious lowered face ismiledback sympathetically then the two
the sheriff and mr jonessmiledand quite how did mr
on the bedside table andsmiledfair brightens up this room

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