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girl ironing her best skirtsmilessecretly ladin the deid kist
s face is wreathed insmilesand he clasps his hands
all wreathed in bells andsmilesno need to ask where
joke with his mother shesmilesor d ye prefer suspenders
s son six daughters samuelsmilesqueen victoria a minister at
score an twal mime samuelsmileswalks on and takes notes
10 a man caad samuelsmileswrote a book aboot him
boys sliding an old mansmilescranreuch the lest oor o
k muggie asks geordie muggiesmilesan says jist gran geordie
nevoy s aye that tentiesmilesthe prince as gao the
it in the bucket hesmilesencouragingly i contemplate his miniature
fingers each new bloom andsmilespouin snail frae ma door
quickly dries her eyes andsmileswe maun wurk wurk wurk
she opens and nods approvalsmilesbows and returns to thomas
silicon implants in its bumsmilesdemonically walks away on its
side of the stage andsmileswalks proudly up to her
lion goddess sekhmet s muzzlesmilesamun the ram s head
dwinin in a jar aabodysmilesan says the tamil tigers
poem factory and if hesmilesat nothing or a tear
throws on earth so doessmilesthe son and eldest daughter
aye the wyce like lassiesmilesan tends oor needs there
ton o rotten fish shesmilesat chrissie i ll tak
her hats were braw hersmileslike butter spreid for years
won t listen she justsmilesher silly little baby smile
nobody notices except morag shesmilesher silly smile at me
thomas all stand straight nosmilesif no chairs sit on
hinger o his frame hesmileswi twa mauve lips like
noo the lassies hae unrealsmilesthey wear layers o claes
m aff ma ordnar shesmilesgratefully at rintoul and turns
worst nightmare come true shesmilesnicely to him and turns
thits been stamped oan hesmilesbit his eyes ur flat
roond stengle up shelfs ansmilesan yet ageen press play
shocked he races away shesmilesto herself muriel peer loon
thegither aw for me hersmilesnane for ony ither but
or one of those superiorsmileswhich girls are good at
was waiting for her allsmilesbut he shut the door
pause i love you shesmilesnow she s going to
is the postie pause shesmileswickedly mind you he s
he doesn t take awaysmilesi know mimics agnes only
you think so georgie shesmilesregally and moves away dod
like the risin sun shesmilesthe bairn rins weel bit
behind the body with samualsmilesat his feet and the
t ever write that fionasmilesas if she knows a
out angelica s coupons shesmilesserenely at him settles her
force her oot o tsmileshitler never managed it can
doon at me an hesmilesan recks doon his haand
pass a speechless cripple hesmilesshows off his leg elephantiasis
green beans judias verdes hesmilesas i repeat hoodias berdee
a septic break up michaelsmilesat the guesswork i ve
yin o mah sugary sweetsmilesrobby della krista did yi
know katie s coo weesmilesin the in the group
down lt col sir waltersmilesalso travelling were a number
looking in check point noonsmilesand machine guns soldiers waving
mair whatna grouguss sicht banquosmilesand points to the kings
home made boat there aresmilesbetween palm trees and mud
short emotional seasons sulks frownssmilesdimple and glint on faces
cosies beaks split in eggysmilesfleets of them anchor on

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