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n gumption smird v smudgesmirrn small rain smirtil n
a smart smird n smudgesmirrn small rain smoored v
mochie ben misty brae weetysmirrfyaachie day fire i electric
fur a shooer o weetysmirrif ghaists creep back tae
ootside to rain lightly m1012: smirra smirr [inaudible] m1013: drizzle
a drizzle uh huh m999: smirraye m1002: how about a
had that doon as weelsmirrdrizzle just a smirr f1001:
weel smirr drizzle just asmirrf1001: often in the springtime
rain lightly m1012: smirr asmirr[inaudible] m1013: drizzle f1011: liddesdale
drizzle a slight drizzle asmirro rain an if it
[inaudible] rains really lightly m1146: smirri think just smirring f1054:
silken veil is the sleetysmirrthe doon scud i the
wit an virr throw kirkyairdsmirrare nocht bit stoor an
aye m1002: how about asmirrbut that tends tends tae
two jets scream i thesmirrheich abune the hotchin toun
m1012: an same wi asmirri was gaun tae read
climb the bowden brae asmirro rain was fallin that
faw on the pagoda thesmirro rain gethers inti draps
it s m999: aye f1001: smirrs nae a word i
smaar a mixter maxter osmirran haar thon purple smog
a reet tizz fur thesmirrs aboot aw naw the
here m1042: not up heresmirris not a word used
ye know f1054: what abootsmirris that a word f1040:
the riggs is cauld thesmirrhaes liftit the culors o
a european thing actually asmirroh [laugh] f1054: oh yes
high street whaur nowt butsmirrcroons a castlehill nae burnin
i really like it asmirror smirl m1020: mm i
frae the east dreich murkysmirrit lichts the yerdstick o
frills o his caimb snaasmirron dings mochy an oorie
muinlicht in the wilderness thesmirrdwynes til a fyne flim

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