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reevor plug that he ayesmokedtho whiles when he cuidnae
haddock m1078: aye y- yessmokeddyed it could have been
cooked prawns 4 oz cookedsmokedhaddock 8 oz cooked cod
but her mother preferred yellowsmokedhaddock kippers and siclike she
smoking one in five cigarettessmokedin the uk is smuggled
yokit in tae chicken mincesmokedsaumon cheese than tae dug
cauld f1018: whenever my husbandsmokedand you opened the windae
stubbing out her cigarette halfsmokedanother unusual happening if it
lum so that the firesmokedoften couples had to live
to smoking i have neversmokedit is clear that the
that they read the paperssmokeda pipe listened to the
whiting split and dried orsmokedspen spean to wean spice
tae be honest fir hesmokedaa his life bit at
the opposite sex if yousmokedthem the advertisers were allowed
of it is british railsmokedgrey the effect was impressive
cat in the high pyreneessmokedcannabis weed if you please
brands in question are notsmokedin andorra which has a

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