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s a fer coverin osnafin i rise mair shoors
ere s a coverin osnafin we div rise canna
ere s a coverin osnafor us tae see frost
tae a fyte coverin osnagless his teen a fer
2 16 a coverin osnathis mornin eence mair cauld
o a surprise shoors osnaan some o sleet need
soot wast wi shoors osnaand a icy blast tuesday
i rise mair shoors osnaat s nae surprise wednesday
sna weet sleety shoors pitssnaawa sna begins tae fa
easy get weet shoors osnaaye an some o sleet
sleety shoors pits sna awasnabegins tae fa yon sleekit
shoors o sleet bit maistlysnasaturday 28 temp 2 1
is gey sair it ssnashoors for the day eence
fit deep mair shoors osnaso inside i keep monday
the mornin tae a pucklesnaspleetry shoors nae a bad
o sleet an shoors osnatuesday 20 1 5 rainfall
a surprise grun covered wisnaweet sleety shoors pits sna
ll shear yer corn mangsnaan sleet it wis the
o sleet an some osnaday is coorse nae it
of coorse o sleet ansnafriday 10 temp 2 6
throo the nicht sleet ansnanae a gweed sicht it
sleet an some o snasnasits doon it winna gang
o sleet an some osnasna sits doon it winna
sleet en it dings onsnathursday 8th temp 0 8
o hail sleet an ensnawednesday 7th temp 0 10
us sleet an weet weetsnawin of coorse blaws oot
for the new year bitsnadings on later i div
in for it dings onsnamonday 13 temp 1 3
the mornin it dings onsnaon comes the rain melts
on comes the rain meltssnaawa friday 10th temp 0
in the mornin followed besnabare win melts the sna
sna bare win melts thesnain nae time ata en
0 3 grun fyte likesnafrost dis persist a winter
is hard an fyte likesnafrost sticks in nae bad
fyte wi frost jist likesnagran day later on wither
fer fyte wi frost likesnaricht cauld wi a bit
is hard an fyte likesnasin comes oot an shines
in the mornin fyte likesnasin is weak day fine
is covered wi fer pucklesnaan a cauld north win
ere s a puckle mairsnabonny sky up abeen as
m mair than teen pucklesnabonny sky up abeen monday
ere s a puckle mairsnais it fresh frost i
richt ere s a pucklesnanae a welcome sicht win
expect tae see a pucklesnarain of coorse sees sna
ere s a fer pucklesnaroch north win the hale
day my forecast maun besnasaturday 3 temp 2 5
forecast i doot wid besnathursday 27th temp 3 8
forecast of coorse maun besnatuesday 10 temp 1 3
dry day my forecast issnatuesday 25th temp 2 5
sharp day forecast wid besnatuesday 4 temp 1 6
easy wye afore ere ssnaaye come nicht the sna
sna aye come nicht thesnadis fa sunday 18 temp
2 1 echt inch osnafin we div rise sna
sna fin we div risesnafor the day at s
sna rain of coorse seessnawashed awa stronger an stonger
the frost it glistens likesnadry foreneen strong win dis
days amangst the frost ansnaower at the ferm hoose
slowly slowly sits doon thesnabloomin stuff is swear tae
bad day ava slowly thesnadis begin tae melt awa
day dis blaw slowly slowlysnadis gaun awa thursday 22
blaw aye slowly slowly thesnadis melt awa wednesday 4
an slowly slowly shifts thesnathen it rains in the
1 parks an dykes wisnaare fer foo stan an
the nicht fer shifts thesnadry bit later on rain
em fer enjoyed the scenerysnastill on the hills up
day fine tae see thesnaawa wednesday 9 temp 0
hiv nae ice or onysnafriday 24th temp 0 5
doot wid hae tae besnafriday 27 temp 0 10
ere s a flurry osnasaturday 5 temp 2 0
ere s a flurry osnasunday 20 temp 0 2
jist as i rise thesnabegins tae fa fine an
ere s twa inch osnafin we div rise canna
sicht it s frosty wisnafin we div rise day
nicht ere s some mairsnafriday 6 temp 5 1
there is a shoor osnamonday 31 temp 3 1
i feel cood easy besnasaturday 25th temp 1 5
the dyke sits doon thesnasaturday 6th temp 5 11
doot wid hae tae besnasunday 12 temp 1 6
oot my shovel ere ssnatae cast tuesday 20 temp
day lang mair flurries osnatuesday 14 temp 2 4
doot wid hae tae besnatuesday 24 temp 2 16
v says it wull besnadoot yon mannie cood be
div say cauld eneuch forsnafowk div pit on some
i div heap win ansnathe day turns oot a
north win starts tae blawsnaas the day wears in
sooth win his shifted thesnabraw day fine tae see
mormond hill is covered insnacomes oot fine north win
believe it dis start taesnaaye bit at least the
s jist aboot dry taesnaor rain wither dis try
lang it dis ding onsnawinter a a at eence
rainfall 2 16 ere ssnain the mornin fin we
sin shine ere wis stillsnaon tap o the mountains
the mornin grun covered insnabit the day turns oot
the mornin bit fine abeensnalies aboot tae melt it
the gloamin fitpreints in thesnameltit bi the mornin in
tae fa yon sleekit wyesnais affa damp an it
past the zero mark thensnastarts tae fa efter it
war shmoodery wi skiffins osnathe dry girse the colour
think o rain an osnai m ferrly wrang the
fin yon fite mounth fraesnabe clear the day o
an misty bens in yonsnacled countrie the erne s
i wid say for somesnahale day lang is affa
doon but that s mairsnam1002: ye ye get the
5 been a suppie mairsnathroo the nicht roads affa
christmas it canna be naesnafor sunties sledge you see
canna tell ata aye thesnais jist aboot ae fit
day wi a flurry osnawinter his it s say
rainfall 2 16 flurries osnaan hailsteens as weel hale
that her buits war leakinsnahid bin dingin doon in
brither matty doon in thesnarubbin his snoot in it
oot o the north eastsnadays nae fit for man
1 1 howlin gale wisnaaboot twa fit deep aye
a shoor o twa osnabit it wisnae iyin as
twa or three inch osnatae be seen thaw in
cause ye can smoor wisnabut nae maybe f1001: well
catched the wattery treelips osnabree garrin them shine in
nagarr weirin its hanky osnain its bosie that niver
roch wooed amang the secretsnao love s a bigsie
up the weary wastes osnasoughed ben each limb unseen
warssled her wye throw thesnaback tae the fermhoose usually
new fowk s shieled thesnamynd foo we eesed tae
scartit wi ruts far thesnabree rinnin in the spring
s that stottin ower thesnarobin reidbreist roon an sma
s that stottin ower thesnarobin reidbreist roon an sma
broon paper powked through thesnalike horse hair through the
there s quite a fewsnawords i was thinkin blindrift
uill droch àite a thasnabarraichean co dhiù f980: chan
tha thu a dèanamhsnabuchanan galleries ma tha f980:
a bhith air a dheanamhsnatri bliadhna a dh fhalbh
in ma een the driftinsnain the deid thraa blew
promised laist langer than thesnaflirt he was as beautiful

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