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trek nae jist plungin throwesnaabit plungin throwe past time
runk resounding rhythm apo onsnaasnow spindrifts sea spray smookin
runk o iron apo icesnaaspindrifts smookin i da face
a lang wye plungin throwesnaawi a rale hard crust
ither sea birds driftin likesnaaflakes aboot e face o
the cauld oot fur thesnaawis driftin roon the waas
the turnin wirm the smoodrachsnaaan the tummelt cairn whummlin
frae a corp in thesnaatastes best ava wirm quo
wad freeze us an thesnaablaa cruelly we re thirled
fite a as in blaasnaawaa craa staa ʌi as
atween the drifts o icysnaaa craa on a gean
aye cairriet a wee puckliesnaaat his bosie an that
thaa aifter hard frost ansnaafairly howkit e roads an
iver yon bosie tint itssnaathe warld wid cam tae
smother smytlich to hang aboutsnaabree melted snow snaa ploo
about snaa bree melted snowsnaaploo snow plough snaavy snowy
wis aa superstitious styte thesnaawis dingin on rale faist
cotton tae haad oot esnaabree in fact one of
if ey did at amonsnaafit did ey dee at
e same spot amon esnaaye d a thocht if
birds cairriet on wings osnaathe shocks an whorls o
path atween waas o glimmerinsnaatibby sherpened hooves tho held
think it s gaun taesnaaoh rob rob rob rob
jockie drappit a hanfae osnaadoon e lum dyod umman
on the tap o thesnaaricht up till e lum
ower the washin green thesnaahid laid a saft fite
are aa fite there ssnaaon the hills grannie fin
its fite hairtless wauchts osnaayon slabs an blocks noo
ye iver seen parks osnaasmokin as e win sent
on the skyty ice thesnaahid stoppit the kirk wis
ice ay freithin t intisnaapou the bindwuid see out
frosts though even fin esnaawis like ice wi half
kinna halla ringie in esnaaabeen e shaas o ilky
his maister s buits duntsnaaabeen the rug the fermer
hid been made in esnaaa gweed half fit deep
be seen inoo anaith esnaaeence a gweed cairt track
gweed fire es holiday esnaaniver liftit a fresh niver
1902 died aboyne 2001 thesnaafaas saftly ower the kirk
sure tae win throw thesnaain time fur the kirk
whylie minnie wyded throw thesnaaatween twa graves makkin fur
a holiday a lot osnaahid faan an it wisna
than risk a mishanter onsnaaplooed roads wi the bare
aye roadmen handy tae shovelsnaaand since there wisna much
very welcomin half full osnaaan e deep pot at
heaved doon an airmfae osnaabit fin e heard e
up e road for esnaabit it his a graan
let e caal rain ansnaacome we re ready for
surface hid been sookit wisnaae wis im leen drivin
new ear cam an esnaafell an meltit an froze
e queeriorums o shapes esnaahid been made intill be
dinna ken bit maybe esnaahid made em excitet for
e hill an wi esnaaon e grun ere wis
for a communal lavvie esnaascrapit oot wis bankit up
a drift in places esnaawis heicher n e sides
ti play mune on thesnaaor flouers i the wind
and the dark sangs osnaarain cauld the wind and
snifter dichter in the sheughsnaall be wi us seen
wis aye like the drivensnaaan her sheen shone like
fur miles wis thackit wisnaaan the tail o ilkie
nicht the weather wis waursnaablawin ben the bywyes like
tae the social wha wissnaad unner wi cases an
tae plyter aboot in thesnaait wis the sabbath an
there s steps in thesnaathis nicht mebbe ye traivelled
jist a fearfae time osnaaan sleet an nae growth
weety an stervin wi thesnaaan bi the time she
hail shooers he s cominsnaaschöl closes wi a murmur
in thick as flauchts osnaaaweill baith in an ayont
the frills o his caimbsnaasmirr on dings mochy an
chance o a fluffer osnaaye d get some queer
shovels or hame made widdensnaaploos before this they would
vanish fae shops like aprilsnaathe birsslin sun nailed tae
there was a superstition ifsnaacomes on at a funeral

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