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find a juicy slug orsnailach said the fish jist
free o slug likewise osnailthe sky by day wis
new bloom and smiles pouinsnailfrae ma door his glisterin
door his glisterin fuit prisingsnailfrom my door his glistening
snail f1114: i made thesnailf1113: want to do the
oh look that s asnailf1114: i made the snail
awa thochts o a flyinsnailach here a am airborne
do next f1114: er asnailer a bird ne- a
to brush strokings spade scrapingssnailsmashings wrecked mid voyage crossing
has to be returned bysnailmail please note the special
this is slow motion sailingsnailtrailing over the tilting drunken
crunch a couldnae thole asnailfor lunch a ll tak
f1113: want to do thesnailright well roll out this
s- f1113: that s asnaillook that s his back
[inaudible] f1114: what s asnails- f1113: that s a
breathin wid slaw tae asnails rate an stop o
east sex life o asnailan there s cammy on
man an elephant and asnailf1114: i need to wash
beside your f1114: [inaudible] f1113: snailright which one will we
ye canna tell anely thesnailcan tell three craas an
you ll make a nicesnailwi that there you go
as i ay dee aesnailwis faar i d left
bubbly snoot i am thesnailfrae the watter spoot i
s a shell efter thesnails gaen ye dinna ken
beastie i wadna be asnailfa humfs his hoosie on

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