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up its bed and gosnailsnuptuals coitus interruptus spittle split
they sna- snails m1092: ayesnailsf1091: snails you get them
snakes what are they sna-snailsm1092: aye snails f1091: snails
re sna- m1092: turtles f1091: snailsm1092: snails f1091: you said
m1092: turtles f1091: snails m1092: snailsf1091: you said turtles they
snails m1092: aye snails f1091: snailsyou get them in the
re nae turtles they resnailsfitt s that m1092: these
ferr owre damp the rsnailsan mukkil slugs an speiders
bugs an eaten doon wisnailsan slugs a winder is
an bugs wi slaiters greenflysnailsan slugs wi leather jeckets
the siller trails o slidderysnailsfin nicht brocht oot the
tae connach a new edgesnailsan puddocks an aa kins
of worms an ooze ofsnailswith rising damp in the
an there begod wis twasnailswi eir bonny strippit shallies
i jist minet on esnailsfin i geed tae tak
wi the doonpish garrin thesnailsin the gairdens draa in
had his feasties o wattersnailsan caddis beasties gin gurly
its essence conference of thesnailsafter a conversation with angus
there were lots of blacksnailson the road we used

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