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snake is that kaa thesnakefrae the jungle book m1092:
that f1091: that s asnakeis that kaa the snake
s for sugar f1097: orsnakem1098: snake [?]'x'[/?] s nine
sugar f1097: or snake m1098: snake[?]'x'[/?] s nine six eight
snake f1113: is that yoursnakeagain f1114: yes i f1113:
[inaudible] hidin the [inaudible] asnakef1113: a snake hidin in
f1113: okay f1114: there asnakef1113: a snake snake snake
f1114: that s a bigsnakef1113: is that your snake
f1113: snake f1114: a bigsnakef1113: mmhm that s his
mum look a big hugesnakef1113: snake f1114: a big
a big huge snake f1113: snakef1114: a big snake f1113:
snake f1113: a snake snakesnakef1114: a big snake look
big f1113: oh a bigsnakef1114: yes a big snake
[inaudible] a snake f1113: asnakehidin in the cupboard f1114:
snake is okay f1113: yoursnakeis bonny now well mum
okay f1113: eh f1114: mysnakeis okay f1113: your snake
snake f1114: yes a bigsnakelet s see what s
your snake where does yoursnakelive m1092: [inaudible] jungle f1091:
snake snake f1114: a bigsnakelook mum look a big
a snake f1113: a snakesnakesnake f1114: a big snake
there a snake f1113: asnakesnake snake f1114: a big
hey listen fitt aboot yoursnakewhere does your snake live
lizard s a deity thesnakes a deity it depends
jute mustard an nutmeg thesnakechermer s flute shanty toon
up the twisting road thatsnakein the grass of a
feedback loop winding up thatsnakelike bend and twisting over
potomac slips by a muddysnakegay boats like flashing scales
doric as easily as asnakesheds its skin mr morrison
winding up like an uncoilingsnakei depicted myself walking towards
as caused bi wild beastssnakebites droonin suicide or murder
british neebors hyne aff upsnakeinfestit roads far even elephants
horizon towards sa calobra thatsnakein the grass road the
huh would you like asnakein your cupboard uh huh
the zig zag o asnakepynt an coonterpynt first choleric
here s henry such asnakein the grass a slippery
airm and a lang langsnakethat gings a the wye
f1113: that s a hugesnakea big one f1114: mum
no f1114: and get thesnakeaway f1113: uh huh would
his oh look look asnakef1113: [cough] oh mum cannae
okay f1114: look a bigsnakef1113: oops [inaudible] f1114: my
could draw you draw thesnakef1113: you want me to
mouth is he a happysnakef1114: an the crown f1113:
f1113: that s a longsnakef1114: s- another block f1113:
f1114: yes a big bigsnake[inhale] some eyes mum f1113:
on it f1114: yes mysnakeis okay f1113: eh f1114:
the day [inaudible] f1114: asnakeoh no f1113: oh no
oh no f1113: oh nosnakes broken f1114: that s
project watching our funeral limosnakethe maze of pathways in
the brain stem sorry thesnakelike road hairpin bends like
oh that s a bigsnakem1098: fff f1097: i ll
s- i draw a bigsnakered red still red it
skin scalein off like asnaketess bit the bag the
duin is duin macbeth thesnakeis mittilt but we haena
wi feelin i houp asnakebit her wheesht his sister
for shuir an be asnakeagain an ryse ti gie
glass containing an equally enormoussnakethe guy on my right
m1092: him him got mysnakef1091: look he s got
they re caad sna- m1092: snakef1091: no nae snakes that
look he s got yoursnakem1092: no press that button
never ha e trusted asnakelike you dod angel angelica
sordid stair like a shedsnakeoh let it lie there
i offer tae ye osnakeforaye ma fier foriver the
the open road began tosnakesharply upwards until it finally
sector 8 ahin a langsnakeo japanee towrists they shauchled
doon e passage like asnakean raxed oot i micht
hands uh huh and thesnakeis a rattlesnake cause his
like a sword a steelysnakeemerges thought made word power
inside it coiled like asnakehe puts his hand in
his chest like a limpsnakenot unlike the halter that
i rediscovered awe passing throughsnakecharmers peddlers lip curled asian
the early 1970s through thesnakemechanism and other attempts to
witch fillet o a mershlandsnakein the caudron byle an
a part of it thesnakes acknowledged honour s in
peintit wid fur their ainsnakedaunce sae the scaley septiles
thenks for that the auldsnakes deid the yunkir that
habits water cacti and thesnakeat the centre of the
low salaam deep fried cricketsnakein thicket toilet squat buddhist
of natural light and queuessnakeout from the customs men

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