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term mmhm f1054: catnap orsnoozeor f1143: aye thought they
be a snooze m1000: asnoozeaye m999: if ye were
aye f1041: or a [inaudible]snoozejust m1042: doze snooze kip
[inaudible] snooze just m1042: dozesnoozekip no there s nothing
winks that might be asnoozem1000: a snooze aye m999:
f1144: i ve got m1146: snoozemaybe yeah snooze or doze
got m1146: snooze maybe yeahsnoozeor doze f1143: words no
it s no got asnoozebutton nuh [laugh] m941: do
tasted fine hae a weesnoozean ye ll feel better
[laugh] m939: you need asnoozebutton come on [laugh] f940:
really f1143: aye i wouldsnoozethen f1054: can i just
scots scots origin m1007: yessnoozewith yer between sleeping and
her great grandfather used tosnoozetoo lying on his face
before and it s justsnoozematerial [laugh] m642: somewhere in
just goin for a weesnoozef1024: mm i suppose it
just it like that gotsnoozebut that s nae that

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